Album: American Dream (2017)
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  • This acid house infused dancefloor filler finds James Murphy detecting existential crisis in the current radio hits beaming out on the airwaves.

    Everybody's singing the same song
    It goes "tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight"
    I never realized these artists thought so much about dying

    Mojo asked James Murphy how his lyrics about pop music's obsession with the immediate connect to the line "I never realized that these artists thought so much about dying." He replied:

    "When I take a taxi in New York is about the only time that I hear the radio. There was a proliferation of songs that would like, 'We've only got one night,' and everyone's answer to that is, 'We should drink a bunch of vodka and Red Bull! If you only have one night, should you sleep with this creepy guy who wants to get you loaded? If I only had one night, there's a lot of s--t that I would like to get done that is not being in in some giant superclub drinking champagne with a sparkle in it. It seems like a really sad use of the awareness of your mortality. Like, 'Let's do the most inane, mundane s--t that you should only do if you would definitely not dying tonight."
  • This won the Grammy for Best Dance Recording at the 2018 ceremony.
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