In The Evening

Album: In Through The Out Door (1979)
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  • Robert Plant's lyrics are about how the rich and famous are still exposed to pain and suffering, just in different ways.
  • Jimmy Page used a drone effect on his guitar similar to create a sound similar to what he did on the song "In The Light," but instead of using a cello bow on his guitar, he used a Gizmotron to create the effect. The Gizmotron is a guitar processing device invented by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley from the band 10cc to get a strange distorted sound.
  • When they were recording this album, Jimmy Page and John Bonham were spending a lot of time together and would usually show up at the studio very late and work through the night. This started out with just drums and keyboards created by John Paul Jones, who had a new drum machine to work with.
  • Robert Plant called this song, "A great one, a real stomper."
  • The intro was apparently taken from a soundtrack Jimmy Page was working on for fellow Aleister Crowley admirer Kenneth Anger's film Lucifer Rising. The soundtrack for the film ended up being provided by Bobby Beausoleil, a member of the Manson family. >>
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  • Pete Couch from TexasFreshman year 1979. Hearing loss from this. Worth it.
  • Surfcrab from NyScott North Carolina. You are absolutely correct this was Robert Plant's way of warning Jimmy Page about his increasing dependency on heroin. They were not seeing eye-to-eye and were frequently going at each other in their final days. Jimmy Page was starting to lose his luster in his playing and personality
  • Laura from DenverThis music is for and about and is moving all around devil worshipping. Love me some Zep AND keeping it in perspective. Don't completely let it carry me away
  • Scott from North CarolinaThis song is obviously about heroin use and addiction.
  • Expobill from Montreal, QcThe pictures all depicted the same scene in a bar (in which a man burns a Dear John letter),
  • Martin from Sofia, BulgariaHey Alina from Karlstad, Sweden - I was always relating the solo to Pink Floyd!! It's just an unique combination!!!Great band
  • Heather from Los Angeles, CaTammy from Princeton, get a grip. "How can you say ANY Zep song is garbage?" Quite easily....some Zep to some people is not at all likable. And so...what is your issue? He's got as much right to blog about what he feels as you do. In fact it's really tiresome to read the intolerant behavior that a lot of these Zep bloggers show to those who don't think like them. It's music people...if it changed the way you view life..great. But it doesn't for everyone and that goes without saying. BTW I like "Carouselambra" too. And I like "In the Evening." I loathe "Living Loving, (She's just a woman). Matter of opinion.
  • Daniel from Montreal, QcFirst time I heard this riff , I instantly identified it as the sound of Rock n Roll
  • Chris from Cincinnati, OhThat riff is just the greatest thing I've ever heard It is one of those things that you can't use words to explain
  • Nick from Arlington Heights, IlA great song to blast in the car if you have to get up and go to work before the sun comes up..takes on a cool added dimension listening to it as night changes to day
  • Chris from Nj, Njfor the comment about only using the violin bow three times, he also used it in "How Many More Times"
  • Mike from Tampa, Flon the Led Zeppelin dvd, Page does not use a bow during the performance at knebworth 1979, it is one of the few songs where Page plays a fender stratocaster, he uses the tremelo arm or "whammy bar" to make the distorted riff in the beginning of the song
  • Chad from Bath, PaThank you for that Paul. ITTOD is probably my least favorite Zep album. Very underrated song though.
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiLucifer Rising? (talking about the last Songfact) Page was a Satanist? Oh my.
  • Alina from Karlstad, SwedenI love this song (like any other from zep), however, does anyone else think of floyd when they here the melancholic guitar solo towards the end? Makes me think of Marooned...
  • Melanie from Seattle, WaWhen Robert sings the words "In the evening" the first time it gives me chills, especially after the creepy sounding first minute or so of the song. Soooo cool.
  • Juliet from Oakton, VaElyssa, I couldn?t agree with you more. He really was a beautiful man. And in interviews he seemed to have such a sweet personality. Couldn?t ask for more. Not to mention that voice of his, I could listen to it all day, and do.
  • Elyssa from Ny, NyRobert Plant looked like The Golden God he proclaimed himself to be when he sang this at Knebworth in 1979. He was in his prime, as a sexy hunk of a man with a blistering thunderous voice and commanded a presence on stage that still, to this day, has no match.
  • Bill from Topeka, Ksgood song the only hard rocker off of i through the out door but very complex in its own right synthesizer is buried in their
  • Mark from Worcester, MiTammy why would you discourage negative comments? I find it boring when everyone types in "this song is awesome," over and over. Just my opinion, but you want honest feedback from people. I like this song like most of us and I love Zep. Probably my favorite band, but it's hard to like everything they did. Especially since they recorded a lot of different sounds. Cripes the band doesn't even like every song. JPJ and Bonham didn't like D'yer Maker for instance. Jimmy didn't like some of ITTOD.
  • Paul from Muskegon, MiThis is an awesome song on the Led Zeppelin DVD "Live at Knebworth 1979." It gives me a boner.
  • Elie from Londonime in love with this song
  • Pj from Okc, OkThis song has such a hypnotic feel to it. Plant's is so seriously sexy on the live Knebworth version...."Oh, I need your love, I just got to have".... oh yea, a great wonderful Zeppelin song!

  • Chris from Milford, Ctthis song he uses a device called an E-Bow to make the bowing effect.

    john bonham also had some phasing or flanging effect on his snare drum to make that helicopter sound around 33 seconds in over jimmys guitar drone. on the dvd he also has this effect live.
  • Mischa from Winnipegthis is a general zeppelin remark. II III and IV were nothing compared to I and houses of the holy. Those were friggin masterpieces. This was the only good song from ITTOD. But its my fave. Communication breakdown is the teenage anthem!!
  • Csanad from Budapest, HungaryJust a correction: the other two songs in which Jimmy used the violin bow (which, in fact, was a cello bow) are Dazed and Confused and HOW MANY MORE TIMES (and not In The Light, as stated above).
  • Trisha from Okc, Oki lovvve this song! Page is amazing. listen to this in a car at night when everything is quiet, play it really loud, and you'll know what i mean. This works to almost every led z song, helps you to appreciate and understand the lyrics more. plus the music sounds more awesome.
  • Matt from Chicago, IlThis is going for the Bow on In the Evening and all that.. i have the Dvd and no where when i watched it and i watched it closely i didnt see Jimmy Page pull it out at all i might be wrong though.. but yes he doesnt use it on white summer.. and ohh yea In the Evieng is great swith the wammy in the beggining just genious
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cayeah at knebworth its like the awesomest thing i've ever seen. god i wish i was actually there.
  • Jordan from Shokan, Nyim proud to say that i own the same exact model guitar that he used to play this.fender stratocaster.
  • Taylor from Redondo, CaKNEBWORTH=EPIC
  • David from Orlando, FlThe live Knebworth performance is beyond words. Just friggin' awesome is all I can say.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScYeah, there is a discrepancy there. They wrote the lyrics from "How Many More Times", the "I was a young man and I couldn't resist" part, and I couldn't understand why they were there. I guess that song included some guitar playing with the bow? Why would they be mentioned otherwise.
  • Matt from Miltown, Withis is one hell of a song.... the whammy bar effect sounds soo good live... esp on the dvd. jpj also does a good job on keyboard. its a great tune.
  • Scott from Charlotte, NcDoes anybody else think Peter's just a little too angry? How about a comment about the music, dude? Great song!
  • Peter from Everett, MaJimmy Page used the bow on "How Many More Times" as well. Please change that to "four other songs".
  • Nelson from Durham, Ncthis might be a dumb question, but i heard from somewhere that this song was somehow connected to in the light
  • Taylor from Austin, TxTo Josh from Henrietta NY: Dude, jimmy Page NEVER used a bow on White Summer. I have the dvd and he never pulls it out, but, the guitar work with the bow on Dazed and Confused is awesome.
    Oh by the way, In The Evening rocks.
  • Nick from Baton Rouge, Lathis is a great song, very hyper, but the latter days of zeppelin are depressing for me, its kinda hard to listen to the latter cd's, but there still great, every-last-one
  • Josh from Henrietta, NyJimmy played with a bow on White Summer
    If you buy the Led Zeppelin DVD you can tell
  • George from No. Hampton, Nhanyone who isn't a major zeppelin fan hasn't listened to enough zeppelin.
  • Ian from New York, NyYou don't have to like EVERY song by an artist to like them. I like some LZ but not enough to call myself a major fan. I found that this song went on to long for it's own good but was pretty cool other wise.
  • Tammy from Princeton, NjOkay Harry from seaville nj, how can you can say ANY Zep song is garbage? Then why do you bother to type any comments on their songs in the first place? Not true as to the rest are garbage on the album, have you really, really gave "Carouselambra" a good listening to????
    This song is heavenly. It's twists and turns and does so much though that you probably just got lost while listening and gave up.
  • Mike from Santa Cruz, CaThe guy in the white suit is burning a "dear John" letter. That whole album was recorded mostley with John Paul Jones calling the shots. Jimmy and Bonzo where recovering from heroin and Robert had Just Lost his son Karak to a viral infection.
  • Ben from Hilversum, NetherlandsThe beginning of this song is from a song called "Lucifer Rising", which was a movie produced by Kenneth Anger for which Jimmy Page would make the soundtrack. I believe Page didn't quite finish the complete soundtrack, but has a cameo role in the movie.
  • Don from Philadelphia, PaThis is a great song Jimmy Page is brilliant on this song.
  • Harry from Seaville, NjThis song and fool in the rain are the only decent songs on In Through The Out Door. The rest is garage
  • Paulo from New York, NyIsn't "How Many More Times" the song that the lyrics "I was a young man, I couldn't resist..." are from and not "Dazed and Confused"?
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeYeah Josh, Jimmy does bow on "How Many More Times."
  • Ross from El Paso, TxReally dumb question here, but I'm curious...Does anyone know what the gentleman in the white suit is burning/looking at on the cover of "In through the out door" ?
  • Chris from Hull, MaOr so it sounds - differntly than I KNOW how the real lyrics are written.
  • Chris from Hull, MaGod I love this tune. Oh oh I need your love...just got to don't you run - mumble mumble mumble...WOW! Rock on Robert!
  • Josh Tapio from Omaha, NeJimmy also used a bow during "How Many More Times," if i'm not mistaken
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