Anything For You

Album: Wild Card (2020)
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  • If God took me away today
    I pray I did everything I could to honor you
    And when I open my eyes, there's joy each day
    What a blessing, I'm waking up next to you

    When Ledisi wrote this uplifting R&B anthem, she tapped into the strong emotions she was feeling about how powerful love is. As her friend's father was passing away, he told his family that he hoped he did everything he could for his family. This moved Ledisi to embrace the need to express love and how she would do anything to protect the people she loves. Having got the lyrical inspiration, the words came together in one 90-minute sitting.
  • Ledisi explained to American Songwriter the song is an old fashioned, soulful tune. "It's about loving and the strength of love, going to every extreme to show how much I love you, even past this time," she said.
  • The plan was always to release the song in early April 2020 as the lead single from Ledisi's Wild Card album. The date coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, with many making huge sacrifices around the globe. Ledisi said in the face of the corona crisis, the scheduling couldn't be more perfect. Quoting Nina Simone, she said: "Artists should represent the times."

    "I think it's a perfect time for this song," she added. "Just remembering that I love you always, I love you and you'll get through this and we're going to get through this."
  • Ledisi dropped a duet version of the song with Maroon 5's PJ Morton on July 30, 2020.
  • Ledisi notched her first #1 when this song topped the Adult R&B Songs chart. It was her first leader after over 15 years of appearing on the survey; her previous best was the #2 ranking of "Pieces of Me" in 2011.
  • This won the Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance in 2021.

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  • Mimi P. from Dallas, TxThis is so beautiful, Ledisi! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of song! Bravo!
  • Turk from Washington DcMan what a song,she TEARS THIS JOINT UP
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