Don't Let Me Fall


  • This was the third single released by Australian singer-songwriter Lenka from her self-titled debut album.
  • This song was inspired by No One Belongs Here More Than You, a collection of short stories by the writer, director and performance artist Miranda July. Lenka explained to Spectrum Culture: "It is a collection of short stories and she has this very unique, amazing warts-and-all way of accessing the human psyche and all its flaws and putting it out there. All your fears and all the things that are so weird about being a human with emotions. So, I was fully absorbed in this book and that day when I was writing - I was writing a song with a friend - I guess it was like, it didn't turn out like this, but it was intended to be, lyrically a very wounded, scared person falling in love, hoping that the person's not going to trample on their heart. But it sort of musically, particularly once we went into the studio and had David Campbell do the string arranging, turned into this orchestral very lovely song. So, it turned out like a lullaby, which is really quite weird. I guess a parent/child relationship has a lot of insecurities as well, so that is how it came about."
  • This featured in a television commercial for Telus in Canada.
  • The song is one of several by Lenka that have featured in the teen drama 90210.


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