Don't Call This Love

Album: Right Now (2008)
Charted: 3


  • The 2007 X Factor winner Leon Jackson told the Daily Record October 10, 2008: "I know people are going to judge me on this single. Everyone will have an opinion on me and my music so I needed a song to kick-start things. It shows the difference in me vocally. I want to be respected as a good singer and I think it's punchy and singing-wise this is the hardest song on the album. As soon as I did this I wanted it as the first single."
  • In the publicity materials for the song's single release, the Scottish singer explained: "The song is one I think people will really be able to relate to, it's about someone who's been hurt, they don't want to be deceived anymore and they're saying to their partner "don't you dare call this love," it's a really charismatic song and really strong."
  • This song was co-written by leading pop songwriter Chris Braide who has writing credits on a number of chart-toppers both in the UK and US, including Clay Aiken's "This Is The Night," Will Young's "Anything is Possible" and S Club 7's "Have You Ever." Also credited are Bryn Christopher who was previously best known for his minor hit "The Quest" and Carl Falk who produced three tracks on Westlife's 2006 album Face to Face, including their single "Amazing."
  • Jackson has his first ever songwriting credit on one of the single's B-sides "Don't Give Up." He told the Daily Record: "To have a writing credit is fantastic. To see a song with 'written by Leon Jackson' is a really heartwarming feeling."


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