Bedroom Floor

Album: LP1 (2017)
Charted: 21 98


  • Liam Payne co-wrote this bouncy, raunchy song with "Attention" singer Charlie Puth, Noel Zancanella (OneRepublic, Taylor Swift), J Kash (Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj), Ammar Malik (Kesha, Jessie J), Aaron Jennings (Lizzo, Kim Petras) and Steve Mac – the hitmaker who co-penned Liam's debut solo single, "Strip That Down."
  • Liam kicks off the song by singing:

    Baby heard you've been talking about me lately
    Telling all your friends how much you hate me

    However, by the chorus we see the love may not be lost, as Liam's girl returns for a booty call.

    You said it was over, you said it was over
    But your clothes say different on my bedroom floor

    Liam explained to the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show: "It's about a torrid relationship where you're torn - you're not in or out but you always end up with your clothes on the bedroom floor."
  • The song's music video stars American actress and singer Bella Thorne. The clip was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Declan Whitebloom, who has also shot visuals for artists such as One Direction and Taylor Swift. The camera follows Thorne and a cheating paramour as Liam watches on and narrates the saga of their failing relationship.

    "So the concept for the video is that I am speaking on Bella's behalf," Payne revealed. "So I am her thoughts and what she's thinkin' about this guy that she's got a relationship with, which is a little bit broken. But it's very nice. I like the fact that it is empowering on the woman's side because it's not often that you see it from this angle."
  • Charlie Puth recalled the writing of the song to Billboard:

    "We were all at Conway, which is a really nice recording studio. And we were all just messing around; nothing was really coming when we were writing."

    "I just pictured what a leprechaun would sing, because I think there were Lucky Charms in the room or I had had them for breakfast," he continued. "Like, what would a leprechaun melody be? [Sings 'Bedroom Floor' hook.] And Noel, who works with Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic, had this cool sound like 'boom boom boom' and I was thinking, 'Oh, it could be like a dance record or something like that.' And out of nowhere, that melody, that joke melody I had, fit perfectly on to one of the dancey chords."

    Puth concluded: "The song originally started [with] two parts and we flipped the two parts and 'then it was over,' and we were like, 'Oh it's so great! Your clothes are talking!' We were dancing around, such a fun songwriting session."


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