Mess On A Mission


  • This was released as the first taster of Liars' Mess album. Speaking to NME about the LP's lyrical content, frontman Angus Andrew said: "In general, the lyrics toy with the idea of having a problem or a messed up head, like I do a lot, but then acknowledging that and utilising it rather than harping on about how difficult it makes things. Even though the reality of it is still fairly troubled and distraught, it's fun and immediate – and you won't have to spend too much time thinking about it."
  • The band said in a press release: "Mess On A Mission acknowledges some of the modern day issues of uncertainty, of being overwhelmed with possibilities, too many choices and it vocalises them. It's cathartic and a more positive spin on something our music has always dealt with: anxiety."
  • The Luis Cerveró-directed video was filmed in a Burnank studio and features the band walking backwards up a staircase. As they ascend further, things become more unreal. "I'd like to leave it open for everyone to read it their way," Cerveró told Urban Outfitters of the clip's concept. "But basically, what happens is that reality gets increasingly diluted to the beats of the track."

    "Luis' treatment immediately stood out: Mostly because I couldn't really understand what on earth he was proposing," Angus Andrew added. "All I could tell was that somehow he was really fascinated by the idea that nowadays, in filmmaking, you can no longer tell what's real and what isn't."


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