Somewhere In Between

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  • Lead singer Jason Wade said: "Before my girlfriend and I got together, she had broken up with this guy. I'd been head-over-heels for her for years even though she was dating him. So they broke up, and I was like, 'Man, if I don't make a move now, I may never get a chance.' I was always friends with her but never really could get a step further. So I started taking her out to dinners and stuff. She was a little bit on the rebound, but I think she had some feelings for me. We were at that point where we weren't sure if we were dating or not, or even if she really liked me in that way. It was a very vulnerable time for me and that's when I wrote 'Somewhere In Between.' I poured all those feelings into the song. Then I played it for her and that was it, we were together." >>
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    Patti - Mahopac, NY
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  • Alex from Seneca, ScThis song kinda explains a good bit of what i was going through. i mean i knew at one point me and this girl were more than friends but it just died and now she wont talk to me now just cause she has a boyfriend. really pisses me off but oh well.
  • Christina from Houston, TxFor Me This Song Is My Life!It Means A Lot To Me,I Think Because When It Says:I Can't Be Loseing Sleep Over This.For Me That Really Hit's Home Because I Don't Know How Many Times I Lost Sleep Over Something That Happen To Me In My Life!I Think All The Lyrics Just Says My Life,OF Course For Me It Means Something Different Then What The Song Is Really About!
  • Hope from Florence, MtThis song is so cute. It's like the perfect song to sing to someone you love, but they don't know it yet. I love it!
  • John from Richmond, VaThe moment I laid eyes on this girl in my class, I had a thing for her. We became friends and every now and then we'd go out, but it never really got past being friends. Years passed but the feeling never went away. After she had a particularly bad break-up we started hanging out alot more than usual. I didn't know she started developing feelings for me until one night after we had been spending some time together, she quoted this song as her away message. Great song, always brings me back each time I hear it.
  • Kelli from Heart's Deirse, CaGreat song for anyone who's ever been "in between" with someone. The stage where you aren't together, but you are surely more than friends. A lot of people can really relate to that kind of a situation.
    Lyrically good, as always, from Lifehouse.
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