A Milli

Album: Tha Carter III (2008)
Charted: 6
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  • Lil Wayne originally wanted the album to contain several different versions of this bass-thumping track with young artists giving their different interpretations. However these skits failed to make the final cut of Tha Carter III.
  • This was produced by Shondrae "Mr. Bangladesh" Crawford, who explained to Rhapsody that this track is basically Lil Wayne freestyling: "This girl I produced for, Shanell, got it to him. But I never went to the lab with him. If I had my way, I would like it more. But I wasn't around, so what he felt, he put on there. I just thought he would make more of a song out of it, honestly. He's just rapping. If it was going on the mixtape, it's cool, but not on no album or single. It's saying 'a milli.' He needs to pop about being a millionaire. He switched it up and tried to make it 'ill.' If that was somebody else, it wouldn't be on the radio. They just f--k with Wayne regardless. That right there makes me like that s--t, because it's against the grain and it's working. That s--t's no format. A n--- went in, freestyled, and that s--t's all over the radio. And it's the hottest beat in hip-hop right now. Every time I turn on Rap City, they in the booth rapping to the beat. Busta Rhymes hit me not too long ago and said he did five verses to the beat and it 'rebirthed him.' He was talking to me like I did this amazing reincarnation for him like, 'I sound like a newborn baby!''"
  • Bangladesh recalled his contribution to this track in a 2010 interview with MTV News: "When I made it, I knew it was an important track. I didn't know it was gonna be as big as it was. I knew it was for Wayne. I had plenty of people wanting to purchase the beat, but they wasn't worthy enough. Even if they was worthy, until I let Wayne hear it, I couldn't move to nobody else. I had that beat for two years, just holding it. If you look at my career from (Ludacris') 'What's Your Fantasy' to 'A Milli,' it's kind of the same element of music. Four or five sounds in the beat. Simplicity. Those are the things I've learned since being in the industry."
  • Shanell told Artist Direct how she introduced Bangladesh to the Young Money Entertainment CEO. "I used to listen Wayne back in school," she said. "When I was a dancer on the road, they were on the same tour I was dancing for. I was dancing with the headliner. Wayne was actually one of the opening acts. I was throwing around my music and trying to get placements. He said the same thing, 'You've got your own sound. It's different and dope.'"

    "He asked me to come to the studio and work on Tha Carter III," she continued. "I brought some of Bangaladesh's music to Wayne, and that's how 'A Milli' happened on Tha Carter III. Everybody started coming down to Miami, and it happened."

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  • As A Black Person Iv from ThankfulavenueTHANK you, guys (Songfacts' Editorial peeps)!

    Much love to you all...from me!
  • As A Black Person Iii from LameblvdArgh! I should have re-read before posting the comment below--I made 2 significant errors (minus multiple grammatical faux pas):

    1. You all never spelled out the ENTIRE 1950's version of the "n" word (as I fear my comment below accidentally reads)...but instead, spelled it out ALMOST completely, sans the second letter, and the second to last letter, as best I can remember, after spelling out wayyyyy less of Senor Bangladesh's quote or comment.

    ...Which was why I spelled out the "f" word the same: nigh it's entirety...minus the 2nd and 2nd-to-last letters. Those are the two most foul words in MY mind. Like Wayne, I grew up in the South

    (Southern portion of the beautiful United States if America, to beautiful Ladies and Gentlemen from other BEAUTIFUL parts of the world...who may not be familiar with the locales representative of that term)

    ...and while others' nasty "superlatives" may have been used more up North (New Yahk, and New JoyZ and BaaahsSTIN, and the like), we only had a few terms down here...even though the whole world is represented...down here, LOL!

    2. (2nd error): I wrote "...rap fabs" but instead meant "rap fans!!!!"

    For reasons obvious to me, I would to make it ABUNDANTLY clear ...that both were completely unintentional mistakes! My writing was a victim of under-editing (I failed to re-read it prior to posting), because my posts (all 3 parts) the other day was slain by my attempt to re-write over and over again. Go figure!
  • As A Black Person Iii from NolifevilleIDK if that is what I wrote, as I wrote it...I assume yes. But I was falling asleep either while, or shortly after it posted...

    Which explains why it reads like a hot pile of mess.

    Glad...I guess...that you posted it

    (free speech)

    But 1/2 embarrassed...because it reads like crap!

    Um, and, to add to that,

    I see... that still...

    You refrained from honesty...

    I posted, due to your deceptive, editorial note:

    The same one that makes...

    It appear...

    To your other guests,

    That a Black, fan o' rap, and an American believer in GOD,

    Would spell out...in entirety...

    An EXCEEDINGLY offense word, so ugly,

    After complaining that you all had done the same--

    Please remove your editor's note,

    It is hurtful to humans,

    To see their fellow Man,

    Write out a pejorative...

    My comment wrote out the "f" word MINUS the 2nd and 2nd to last letters in the "f" word, to mirror the harshness of seeing you call write out the ORIGINAL "n" word, that ends in "r" as opposed to the somewhat LESS stupid and deplorable updated, "pop, media, 'slang'" version of the "n" word...which ends in "a" or "uh...."

    My comment... wasn't edited by ANYONE...let alone any member of the Songfacts staff. However, my offense, was in you all choosing to place a "we edited this comment more fully" note...on MY comment..DIRECTLY AFTER... the "f" word appears, minus the 2 aforementioned letters...which is EXACTLY how I posted it!

    It is strange for you all to add ANY editor's note...because you've ALWAYS just edited your content, as users add to your comment section. This helps to enrich your already rich material on makers and their musical things made!

    It makes it appear that you all want to increase stereotypes that portray Americans, Christians (or Christian wannabes...like myself), Black peoples, and Rap Music fabs ESPECIALLY...as persons ignorant to the shared humanity in others. We don't have to think the same, neither agree, in order to be able to properly see, that if a harsh word...meant to hurt me...stings...

    Then...by logic and reason, so too...if meant to hurt YOU...will a stupid word, again, sting then!

    I hope that my words are more clear...right here.

    As my previous attempt

    Was time NOT well-spent!

    (As it is of uttmost importance, to make SOME modicum of sense!)

    ^ When attempting to express oneself...to other fine Ladies and Gents!

    Peace... to the Middle East, and all of GOD's other...

    Fair and comely peeps'

    Lands of humans...whose feelings DO MEAN...

    More than a little bit...

    At least to lowly me!

    Much love to the Songfacts "family!"

    -As a Black Person #3

    (^insert invisible "heart" emojis here, LOL!)
  • As A Black Person Ii from SighvillePart 3 of 3:

    I am therefore requesting, that you make the truth apparent:

    Fix your error...in which you once AGAIN disparaged...one or more groups...that my original (UNEDITED
    ..as far as my eyes scanned to see) comment...

    Made clear that I belong....  Groups...that have been accused...of being hateful  or/and ignorant or/and uncouth.


    And ..too...I hope that you will post, my comment, written today, too.  Again, thank you for posting my (again!)

    UNEDITED...original comment...written by me August 9, 2021 !

    Ciao, and I have enjoyed your site over the past few years!


    (As a Black Person)
  • As A Black Person Ii from SighvillePart 2 of 3:

    And while the Pollyanna personality in me WANTS to NOT attribute your actions to such harsh words as "malice," "deliberate," "divisive," and "baiting..." the 3rd grade, former reading comprehension champion in me is either unable or unwilling "unSee" "...what you did there."

    I have been visiting your site for a few years now, and this is my first time ever seeing a note in your comment section....written by your staff to the best of my recollection.   While I am grateful that you all changed YOUR error...as you so noted (to me, but unfortunately NOT anyone ELSE visiting your site...who might happen upon my..AGAIN...UNEDITED (from what I have skimmed so far)...ORIGINAL COMMENT!)....

    While I grateful--too--that you all posted my comment, I am requesting that you all edit YOUR comment...placed INSIDE OF (as opposed to at the beginning of, or at the end of) my comment...to make manifest the truth...because it is a bit obfuscated by your poor placement behind my ORIGINAL, UNEDITED, spelling of "the 'f' word," to mirror...how you all

    (as stated in said original comment written by me, unedited by you...still)

    chose to spell out the non-rap-music version of "the 'n' word..." in Mr. Bangladesh's quote.

    Again, I thank you for hearkening unto my words,

    Bit I am more than a little bit perturbed,

    And too, dismayed and disturbed,

    As your actions make it appear,

    That I wrote something...that YOU ALL changed...

    Instead of the truth--that you edited YOUR ways...

    From the hearkening unto me!

    Instead of how...it appears (deceptively),

    That you were "saving the public,"

    From another "stereotype" aka... me!
  • As A Black Person Ii from SighvillePart 1 of 3:

    Umm, high, or something Songfacts staff -worker, people:

    I am the Black person who wrote (from what I have scanned so far), the COMPLETELY...UNEDITED, 100% EXACTLY AS I WROTE IT...

    ORIGINAL (aGAIN...UNEDITED BY you) comment below....

    The same very comment that deceptively...and I HOPE unintentionally...placed an editor's note... which made it APPEAR...that YOU ALL had to protect the public from yet another pejorative-railing, "ignorant," and "uncouth," tone-deaf:



    Fan o' Rap Music...

    God-believing in...


    That...by your misplaced editing notation, apparently...writes out pejoratives...while complaining about how...YOU ALL went out of your way to write out...a pejorative...nearly fully.

    I can't spell "to save a long-tailed cat, in a room full of rocking chairs..."

    But as Scarlett O' Harrah's Cherokee Casino as my witness...

    Even I...know how to:

    "spell the word assume,"
  • As A Black Person... from HereAs a Black person, can you please remove the ridiculously offensive, near full-out spelling, of a pejorative that is the equivalent of the word f-gg-t?

    You were fine with utilizing the first and last letters of Mr. Bangladesh's other profane words, but somehow felt the need to...not ONLY darn near spell out the ENTIRE 1960's-chic "vintage Americana" filth (and I LOVE my BEAUTIFUL country, by the way, but some feces needs to go be left in the toilet. I've noted that many are reaching backwards into the porta-potties of our past to paint the walls with old...excrement.... Why eith the "found footage" film fap-fests of "Whoops! I said [the "N"word]!" and everyone's newly favored MUA**** trend..."black-face."

    I also notice that you went out of your way NOT to spell the stupid word, in the stupid way, that the rappers so "stupidly [are forced* to]" use it...and undid your white coat** so that you could reach down even lower than them...and spell it EXACTLY like some of "ya'll"*** did...way back then!

    What's old is new again, no?

    ...And I LOVE White people (as well as all of the rest of the LORD GOD's "wonderfully made" human beings of ALL colors and combinations of beautiful colors.... )!!!!

    My intentions were to highlight the harsh, jarring sounds of hatred--irrational. Due to my refusal to abide in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and an in general bad mood brought on by a previous allergic reaction to "buttocks-holed [people]..." previously...I have developed a slight case of "evil" and I am not yet "over it." #TakeaCoupleofAsprinabdCallMeintgeMorning!


    * "You want to sell records and make enough money to buy a mansion for your mother and father right? Then you'll ONLY do that on MY record label... and truth be told, all of the other major record labels as well, by teaching the kids to refer to themselves as inferior beings, lil' rapper fellow!" -Evil Q. Record-Exec, III (Source: My ears and nearly every rap album created post 1994...save..well..none, I think)

    ** White coat of restraint typically seen adorning people who prefer to paint their walls with poo...than with actual...paint.... #NotJudging!

    *** Flagrant, excruciatingly offensive stereotyping...used for "effect..." ONLY! White people are cool, and that includes the countless BEAUTIFUL White women who drove the Blacks around, pre Uber/Lyft so that they could effectively boycott the buses, the beautiful White men who marched--at the peril of their own lives alongside Blacks, linking arms, while expertly singing the Old Negro Spirituals passed down to the Blacks... precursors to Gospel music, which gave birth to most of, if arguably not all of the music that we all enjoy, that brings us to this site in the first place! #AskaMusician!

    ****MakeUp Artist (MUA)

    P.S. I have not read this comment. I am not in the "mood" to edit this comment. I hope that you will "print" this comment...and change the error referenced.

    Thanks. I love reading the background of music's favorite sons with no racist's guns aimed at my head. Some ways of "[poor] thinking..." are left better unsaid.

    Ciao bella/bello!

    -Madam BOO Vuri

    (Love ya'll, just please chill with the racist schill!)
    This "ya'll" was ysed purely in the Southern, USA sense if the word, and said with extra "drawl." Danke!
  • Ande from Indiana @ Kevan in S.D. why are you on here then? You're opinion is irrelevant. I made an account just so I could respond to your dumbass comment .. and even if you are trolling (which I hope you are) you're a lame pos who needs to find a more useful hobby. Real hip hop heads know this is sicko mode weezy, and Tha Carter III was an absolute classic.
  • Kevan from San Diego, CaGet over yourselves, this song is a useless piece of s--t just like the "artist" that made it. There is absolutely nothing musical about lil wayne or the s--tty excuse for music he makes. f--k all of you, rap sucks.
  • Jakob from Cedar Rapids, IaGood song, but Lil wayne aint s--t compaired to Pac and Biggie.
  • Alejandro from Sacramento, CaSongs like these remind me that Lil Wayne is my favorite rapper (and he is the best) and that Tha Carter 3 is probably tha best CD ever produced.
  • Alejandro from Sacramento, CaIf u think its retarded that a guy is repeadedly saying "A Milli" in the background forget u then cuz not every song is gonna sound tha same-lil wayne is outta tha box in a good way.
  • Alejandro from Sacramento, CaThis song is a freestyle Lil Wayne legend!
  • Daniel from Jacksonville, Flthis song is crazy as hell!! Wayne has done it again this time, his beats and his words are jus crazy!! Nothing compares to Lil' Wayne, HE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!! NO DOUBT!
  • Jakob from Watauga Texas, TxSarah. sitting next to me finds this song very intrestingg, it really expresses her musical passion :) pretttty gangster she says. god bless this young child. and i hope the best for her.
  • Charday from Bokey, Flwell for me i think dat "Milli" is da hottest beat out rite now. i personally like wat wayne did wit it. but i guess yea it coulda been more of a song. I mean i freestyled to the beat and it's could b a banger for me 2. i mean my lyrics are sick as his lyrics.
  • Not Tellin' from Jersey City, NjA person saying "a Milli" over and over again is used as the instrumental
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