Long, Long Time

Album: Silk Purse (1970)
Charted: 25
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  • This was Ronstadt's first hit record as a solo artist. Her 1967 song "Different Drum" was attributed to The Stone Poneys.
  • This was Linda's first foray into Country-styled ballads.
  • At the time this song was released, her backing band included Don Henley and Glenn Frey, who would later form the nucleus of the Eagles. >>
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    Charles - Charlotte, NC, for all above
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  • Lynda Faye from Simi Valley, CaliforniaI've been trying to locate Gary White ever since Byron Walls introduced us at a party in Hollywood in the 70's- I was with Chick Rains at the time, but I wanted to pick up on ANNIE'S concerns about music for children, as at the time she was working at the LA Public Library Children's Dept, but there was some talk about "moving back to Texas?" I think it was Texas-been a long long time, can't quite remember that ! Think I may have the right Gary B. White at SoundCloud, but still not sure. Anyone have an email for Gary or Annie ? Thanks, Sincerely, LyndaFaye's music at Gmail.com.
  • Ruben from San Antonio, Texas, UsaRe: Claudia - Munich, Germany, I also remember a male voice sing Long Long Time sometime in 1971. I would hear it while jogging on the inside track at the downtown YMCA. They played smooth FM music while we woked out. This version of the song had the female voice do the first verse, then this strong beautiful male voice did the next verse -it sounded fantastic. It could have been Linda with some guy duet. Has anyone heard it this way?
  • Rich from Land O Lakes FlRod McKuen is a male vocalist who recorded it:

    Jerry Jeff Walker is another male vocalist who recorded it

    And David Hobson is another male vocalist who recorded it

    Going back in history, it was recorded by Andy Williams back in 1971
  • Stu from ArkansasI agree, Linda's best. She sings it with so much feeling, like she wrote it
  • Dawn from Toronto, OnFor those asking about songwriter Gary White: he's a funny, outspoken guy, still living in the L.A. area. He is active in the live steam garden railway hobby, attending various annual gatherings of small-scale steam train enthusiasts (which is how I know him). He and I sang "Long Long Time", tipsy, in Diamondhead Mississippi in the parking lot of a yacht club which was wiped off the face of the earth later that year by hurricane Katrina.
  • Claudia from Munich, GermanyDoes anyone know who else sang "Long, long Time"??? .... I recorded this song from the radio in 1977/78 - and it was sung by a male singer - in my opinion even better than the original by Linda Ronstadt... greetings from Germany and thanks for your reply -
  • Alon from Forest Hills, NyDuring this period when the song was beginning to get airplay, I was visiting my uncle in his apt in Greenwich Village. He asked me if I knew the song and I told him I play on guitar all the time. He got on the phone to someone in the building named Gary and told him to come down to his apt. My uncle then asked me to play the song for this guy named Gary...I did......and then they Casually informed me who I had been playing for...none other than the writer of the song...Gary White...wow, will never forget that....
  • Thomas from South Bend, InLR may have performed it on Ed Sullivan, but the two clips on the internet are from the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour and the Darin Explosion (with Bobby Darin). Best I can figure, the latter was a special. Bobby later had a series called The Bobby Darin Amusement Company. Her performance just makes my heart ache. I want to give her a hug and assure that it'll be OK.
  • Llani Smarzo from Syracuse, NyI was wrong about Gary having written "Love Has No Pride." The song was written by Eric Kaz and Libby Titus.
  • Llani Smarzo from Syracuse, NyI think Gary wrote "Love Has No Pride" as well.
  • Llani Smarzo from Syracuse, NyGary was originally from Texas. He and his wife, Annie, were good friends of mine in the sixties. We lived in Greenwich Village and used to hang out at The Kettle of Fish on Macdougal Street. It was next to The Gaslight Cafe, a mecca of the Folk Music scene. Just about everyone got their start there. Gary is a great singer-songwriter who played bass, guitar and piano, He used to belong to a band called Circus Maximus with Jerry Jeff Walker. Gary wrote a lot of other beautiful tunes. Linda was on the "scene" back then, and also a good friend of Gary's. They all three moved to California, Laurel Canyon. They asked me to go with them. How different my life would have been if I had. I never saw him again, but sometimes think about them and wonder how they are. Some people you just never forget! They were great people. :)
  • Rick from Belfast, MeThis song is sooooooo "haunting"......in a good way....definitely Lindas best by far!!!!!!!!!
  • Marla from Clarkston, Gabtw.....i wish the double album "a retrospective" was on cd.
  • Marla from Clarkston, Gathis singer has so much soul. i don't know if this is true but a woman told me that she was friends with her and that linda is a devout atheist and trashes religion. i was thinking....a woman after my own heart. lol!
  • Denise from Lakeland, Flthis is a very beautiful song, sad but beautiful.it always makes me think of lost love. but then iam very romantic. denise esposito.
  • Beth from Charleston, WvI believe this is the song she did in her bare feet on Ed Sullivan.
  • Stuart Moore from Norwich, EnglandI love this song. I play it out sometimes but don't feel that i do it justice! How could anyone ever match that performance?! Does anybody know anything about the songwriter (Gary White)?
  • Fred from Laurel, MdWhen this was out, the (AM) top-40 radio stations only ever played the first two verses, so I used to think that's all there were. I really, really dug this song, and when, a few years later, I heard the alternative (FM) stations pick it up and play all three, I fell in love with it all over again. *** I could almost have sworn to having heard it in '68 or '69, but all the sources I consult have it being released in 1970. I do remember seeing her perform it on TV, possibly pre-release. I forget what show, but I'm thinking it had to be 1969. Anybody out there with a memory better than mine on this? *** One of the very greatest female voices of our time. Now, I know that everyone has their own taste/preferences when it comes to music, so what I'm about to say is only my own opinion. But many of the songs she has recorded, I consider to have been a waste of her (enormous) vocal talents--these are songs I don't care for, no matter who does them. I.e., when I don't like one of her songs, it's because of the song, not because of her. But of the many recordings of hers that I do like, I can think of only one where I think she has been bested (even though LR's version is truly great!), and that's "Love Has No Pride." IMHO, Bonnie Raitt's recording on the 'Give It Up' album just blows away all other versions. *** I think my personal all-time favorite of all her recorded songs is Roy Orbison's "Blue Bayou." Hearing it is like dying and going to heaven. Kill the lights and close the stage, boys--nothing better is ever gonna come through that mike! *** When I think 'best torch song ever' the first things that come to mind, and all simultaneouly, are this song, Bonnie Raitt's "Love Has No Pride," and Emmylou Harris doing Bill Danoff's song, "Boulder to Birmingham." OK, maybe also Janis doing "Piece of My Heart." It's hard to imagine a torchier song than that!

  • Ezra from Rio, TxAgree with all and would like to add the anguish and desperation in her voice of an unrequited love!
  • Eric from Melville, NyI listen to "The Bridge" on Sirius satellite. My favorite musician is Jackson Browne. When I first heard this song, my thought was "Wow, that was amazing, how come I didn't know that song". The song is a timeless classic.
  • Thom from La, CaThis is = to or greater than " Meatloaf's" 2 out of 3 ain't bad....it dosen't get any better!
  • Michael from San Diego, CaThis is truly one of the sweetest songs ever recorded! If I were dating Linda Ronstadt, I'd have her sing this to me. It reminds me of a very special time in my life.
  • Chellee from Lake Stevens, WaSuch pain, aching, and longing! I may be exagerating, but one of closest recordings i can come up with is "Layla", by Clapton. High praise, indeed.
  • Dave from Pomeroy, OhWoW what a song and performance
  • Howard from St. Louis Park, MnI really enjoy the instrumental track. The string section is fabulous.
  • Frank from Westminster, ScThe instruments (strings, harpsichord, etc.), the insightful songwriting, the lush arrangement, LR's flawless vocals - all come together to make this song pop-perfection. It knocks me out every time I hear it!
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