Album: Meteora (2003)
Charted: 15 48
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  • Guitarist Brad Delson came into the studio bus where vocalist Mike Shinoda was working with the idea for this. Brad recorded scratch guitar tracks for "Faint" over a click track (no drums, no music), expecting the tempo to be about 70 BPM (Beats-per-minute). He returned to the bus a couple of days later, and Mike had put together the beat at 135 BPM - almost twice as fast. After careful deliberation, Brad and Mike decided the faster beat was more fun.
  • The song is about being ignored by everyone and making yourself heard.
  • The video was shot in Los Angeles where members of the fan club LP Underground participated in the shoot. The band was touring during the video and had a different director from the usual Mr. Hahn. For most of the video, the angle was shot from behind the band creating a silhouette type image.
  • This was the second single from the Meteora album, after "Somewhere I Belong." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    William - Indiana, IN, for all above
  • The strings on the track were recorded live and arranged by Mike Shinoda and Dave Campbell. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nick - Paramus, NJ
  • Mike Shinoda said on Shoutweb: "'Faint' was just a working title that we wanted to keep. I don't know what the actual title would have been but it wasn't that. That word doesn't even appear in the song."
  • Meteora was Linkin Park's first #1 album. Nearly all of their subsequent studio releases hit the apex, except for The Hunting Party, which peaked at #3.

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  • Steven from Greenfield, WiI made a vid for it on you tube. Linkin Park all the way and all them haters out there shut up sit down and listen to your crapy music. Linkin Park is beast.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWhen I saw them on the A Thousand Suns World Tour at Madison Square Garden in February they opened up with this song. You can see the show on youtube as it was broadcast on Fuse TV. Anyway, yeah they're great live and it's a great song, though I do agree it got overplayed when it came out.
  • Brendan from Manteca, CaI like how in the Meteora album, they used a violin. It really contrasts against the heavy guitar and drum beats. As with most of LP's songs, the combination of Rap metal and Nu metal is absolutely genius.
  • Morgan. from Chicago., NetherlandsThis song is amazing. It really helps people to understand why things happen. It flows together amazingly.

    I love Linkin Park(:
  • John from St. Louis, MoThis song got me hoooked on Linkin Park. It reminds me of when I moved to St. Louis. I was an outcast and I was tired of being ignored. I LOVE Linkin Park.
  • Chris from Columbus, OhThis song is absolutely sick.. along with about 10 other LP songs that are Awesome too. saw LP in concert in February in columbus on their Minutes to Midnight tour and it was just awesome.. Anyone that says they have no stage show is wrong... they put on one hell of a show ..
  • Lassean1 from Las Vegas, NvCould we all possibly just think that all his songs are about his childhood and parent issues. Chester is a man and has true feelings and an X - Wife does anyone say anything about that sort of thing. Maybe his wife and him were fighting over some darn issue and he went into his loft with a paper and pen and wrote this song...
  • James from Brisbane, AustraliaI love how this song sounds live!!! it is so awesome when he says: I WONT BE IGNORED in like that scream voice, it sounds so strong and powerful, like full on...

    And Mike can rap pretty well live in my opinion
  • Farah from Usa, Hii adore anything relating to linkin park they are awsome and i really like to meet them because they make great songs and i like all the their songs without any exeptions
    farah lebanon
  • Dragonboy from Dekalb, IlThis song is awesome, it's just how I feel, I blast it all the time, it annoys the heck out of my parents, I'm being heard like in the song!!
  • Meghan from Portland, MeFavorite lp song :D tottaly me written all over it. This is allso one of the 1st lp songs i have heard, and its rlly what got me hooked into this band.
  • Chris from Columbus , OhThe beginning of this song is off the hook, the way it blends in with the end of Easier to Run..the video is excellent too. All i know this has to be one of the best Linkin park songs
  • Yaya from Amsterdam, Netherlandsi like to write songs myself but i cant if that what i want to write is already written by someone else...
  • Justin from Roselle, Ilthis song is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! man i love linkin park ever since the first song i ever heard crawling and they sing songs about emotion and to be urself and to go afetr ur dreams dont listen to wat other peoplr tell u even ur parents its ur dream ... and i think people should listen to lp more often i love em i know u all do so linki park should keep the songs comin cus i cant stop listining and i would do anythingggggggg to meet them and sing with chester he my inspiration to singing and i know i may sound crazy but i think my voice sounds alittle like his. but thats just me and my friednds cus we have a band called judgment day and we base our songs on feeling or realtionships wev been in so lp helps me alot with music even in the hard times i cant think of a song to write i only have about three and we just redo others especially linkin park songs so i love this band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stef from Miami, FlI ♥ this song so0o0o much...I love when he says i won't be ignored. it's so awesome. well, byeee.
  • Chantelle from Duck Lake, Cai really like this song so much. my friend likes linkin park really lots so thats how i heard this song. i don't like them as much as she does but i don't hate them either.
  • Chris from Edmonton, Canadathis song is so damn good. its the best meteora song besides dont stay. i love it
  • Mason from Gilbert, AzThis song is one of my favorite songs ever, and has me really looking forward to another album from them... Their songs have meaning for everybody because they write about feelings we have all had before... They will always rock
  • Harry from Luton, Englandif it wasent for this song i wouldent be into things like carpathian forest morbed angel cradle of filth and slipnkot i love you linkin park
  • Fatal from Aurora, Cothe song is about refusing to be silenced
  • Ashley from Chester, Vai love this song. linkin park is cool. rob did so good on this song.
  • Wen from Gainesville, FlWell this song (to me at least) reminds me of God and judgement day. I see the way the world is today and i cant blame God for feeling angry or hurt. its pretty intense.
  • Steve from Virginia Beach, VaAren't all the comments and song meanings interchangable for all Linkin Park songs? Isn't every song about some nonspecific feeling of anger and being a social outcast?
  • Kirsten from Tyrone, Irelandi love the start of this song makes me so energetic i love this album i think this song is about being an outcast in like society so different from everyone else and being paranoid
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI don't know why I think it's such a great album, it's just really well put together. By the way, I was listening to it when I wrote that about the second greatest album ever, I didn't really mean it. I think it's excellent and underrated, and I'll say best in five years. I have to disagree with you, Matt, The black album, although highly awesome, is not Metallica's best, ...And Justice For All is, Paranoid is an excellent album, one of the top 5 ever, Zeppelin 2 is better Than Physical Graffiti by the tiniest bit. Meteora is one of my favourites, and it beats out all those when I'm listening to it, even though that's not what I'm thinking right now. Linkin Park Rules, but I don't understand why everybody thinks Meteora sounds a lot like Hybrid theory, it's way different, they experiment more with a more complex sound, but are still the same, awesomest rap metal band ever.
  • Kayla from Rancho Cucamonga, Cathis song is my anthem, plain and simple. it reminds me tht i do have the power to stand up and say "you know what? go ahead and TRY to ignore me and what im saying. ill be here waiting when you finally give up"
  • Jon from Small Town, IcelandOne fact says that the strings were by some Campbell guy. I don't know about the violins, but the cello played in this song was recorded and played by Linkin Park's bassist, Phoenix.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaUmmm...Meteora may be a good album but its not even close to being in the top 20, let alone the top 2. Nevermind the Bollocks (sex pistols), who's next (the who), Nevermind (Nirvana), Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin), Ten (Pearl Jam), Back In Black (ACDC), The Black Album (Metallica), and Paranoid (Black Sabbath) all top Meteora by a considerable amount. Maybe one of the best albums in recent years, but definitely not all time.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaMeteora is, in my honest opinion, the second greatest album ever, next to Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd. the third greatest is Clumsy by Our Lady Peace.
  • Ryan from Mobile, AlI could be wrong but I believe the title Faint comes from the guitar part which was written before lyrics were added. I don't remember where I heard that. I think Figure 09 or 08 whatever it is called is the same thing, guitar-lyrics-great song.
  • Barry from Cork, IrelandI think this song is about when he was a kid and he was fighting with his parents and what he wants to do. He waqnts to shout he wants them to stop ignoring him and to listen to him. He doesnt want things to be the way they are he never wants to feel like that again the way he feels when his parents won't listen.
  • Aaron from Boubonnais, Ilthe director of the video was mark romanek.

  • Annabeth from Kutztown, PaThe director of the music video was trying to convey the idea that "you don't want to see us, but we're still here." That's why you can only see their backs. Also, it was performed for the fans instead of plain extras as a kind of a thank you.
  • Rebecca from Peoria, Azthis song is the best so far tht i heard by lp i have heard like 78 song but this is the best yet i just love this song so much.
  • John from Atlanta, GaGreat Strings/Great arrangememt. One of the best rock top 40 hits from 2003.
  • Just from Buford, Gayes the song is good but it was overplayed so i wouldnt kall it my fav that is a drawbak for being such a great band all the stations ruin ur songs by playin them so much thats y i like trust company n Godsmak not to many of their songs can be or are played
  • James from Henderson, KyI luv this song. I feel like i can relate to it. I might get ear damage for listening to it :)
  • Joe from Lawrenceville, GaThis is my favorite song of all time!!!!!! It makes the best use of a violin that i've ever heard in a rock song!!!
  • Darbey from Mount Vernon, OhThis song reminds me of one of my old friends. He always ignored me when he was with his friend. Me and him were friends longer and then he just started to ignore me when this other kid came along. And i always had a hard time talkin to him and then i sang this song to him and he nderstood my point where iwas comin from.We are friends again at the moment and i would just like to thank this song!!
  • Bryan from Cant Tell, Canadathis song really speaks to me.
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