From the Inside

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  • Linkin Park bass player Phoenix came up with the original guitar idea for this song while recording with Mike Shinoda in the back of the tour bus during summer 2002. The song's 6/8 time signature created an opportunity to juxtapose seemingly disparate rhythms, which is most apparent in the verses. When it came time to complete the song, the band ran into a challenge: Chester Bennington got sick, unable to sing during his last week of scheduled recording. Chester was forced to finish his parts in New York, during the start of the mixing process. Down to the wire, the band was left with little margin for error. Fortunately, this song and "Somewhere I Belong" were written and recorded successfully on the third floor of Soundtrack Studious, NYC. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Philip - Hønefoss, Norway
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  • Shadow from Depression, VaThis song is different from most songs on "Meteora", Chester's vocals are less rough and more pure and pretty, I love this song :D
  • Carmela from Las Piñas City, PhilippinesAfter reading this, i just realized that chester does have bad luck following him around.... nah, this isn't a joking matter. i don't want to know what would happent to lp if he would be unable to sing anymore because of whatever condition he is in
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjSimply about misplaced trust, I think. Mike plays piano on live versions of the song.
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