Album: Meteora (2003)
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  • This is about children who are sick of living up to the high expectations their parents set for them. The lyric "Every step that I take is another mistake to you" is about how they feel like they can't do anything to make their parents proud.

    "Can't you see that you're smothering me holding too tightly afraid to lose control cause everything that you thought I would be has fallen apart right in front of you" refers to a kid needing a release from his parents' disappointment that he isn't a perfect child.

    "All I want to do is be more like me and be less like you" says that the kid wants to be his own person and not have his parents mold him anymore.

    "But I know I may end up failing too but I know you were just like me with someone disappointed in you" expresses the thoughts that parents need to realize what it was like to be a kid. >>
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    Kim - Rio Rancho, NM
  • This was the third single off Meteora. The news was announced at Linkin Park's Toronto Summer Sanitarium show.
  • This song was conceived just one week before the band entered NRG studios to begin recording. Built around the intro hook, the song came together quickly and almost effortlessly. >>
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    William - Indiana, IN, for above 2
  • Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn directed the music video. The girl in the clip, played by Step Up 2 actress Briana Evigan, is feeling so much pressure from her parents to be perfect. She wants to be an artist, but no one believes in her. At the beginning, she is doing some really amazing sketches. Halfway through the video, she is arguing with her mother. She feels like she's in her own world because she is humiliated at school (she gets yelled at by a teacher, falls down a flight of stairs, and when she joins people for lunch, they all walk away from her) and everyone is running around her really quickly. Right before she starts painting at the end, she's sitting on the floor and if you look carefully, you can see she's cut "Numb" into her arm, because she feels numb to everything. >>
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    Abbey - Essex, England
  • MTV had exclusive rights to the video. This kept it off the Fuse network, which was new at the time and prided themselves on playing videos like MTV used to.
  • Linkin Park collaborated with Jay-Z to record a new version called "Numb/Encore" ("Encore" is from Jay-Z's 2003 The Black Album). Jay-Z handpicked Linkin Park as his partners for an MTV project that was supposed to involve bands creating mashups for an album and performing them on a TV special. Instead, Jay-Z and Linkin Park took over the whole thing and released their own mashup EP, Collision Course, and got their own half-hour MTV special.

    The star track, "Numb/Encore," won a Grammy in 2006 for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration; Linkin Park and Jay-Z performed it at the ceremony.
  • Mike Shinoda explained to Shoutweb: "I think it was a nice way to end the album because it kind of sums up the record. It's very recognizable as our sound. It sounds like a Linkin Park song but it does have some mood that Meteora has if that makes any sense. Maybe I can say that better. When you hear it, you can easily recognize it as a Linkin Park song but it obviously belongs on Meteora. It obviously belongs in this new group of songs just because of the way the tone of the song is and the lyrics are. It's kind of about those times when you've got no feeling left or you just don't care. It's almost like exhaustion or something which funny enough is how we felt after touring last year."
  • Linkin Park sang this, with help from comedian Ken Jeong, on season 1 of Carpool Karaoke in 2017.
  • This was used on the TV series Waterloo Road in the 2013 episode "A Woman's Worth."
  • The "Numb/Encore" version was used in the 2006 movie Miami Vice, starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx.
  • The band started writing material for the album in the summer of 2001 while they were on the Ozzfest tour.
  • Because of the success of their debut album, Hybrid Theory, which was the best-selling album of 2001, Warner Bros. gave the band more creative control on Meteora, which they co-produced alongside Hybrid Theory producer Don Gilmore. According to Chester Bennington, the band followed the same thought process they started on their remix album, Reanimation. He told Artist Direct:

    "We knew what we wanted, and we knew how to execute to a certain degree. However, we were also just going for it. We didn't really care about what anybody else was doing. We also didn't care whether or not the songs fit together stylistically as a whole or a collection of songs. It was more like, 'This riff is sick!' Then, we'd just scream over it, and the next song would be a mid-tempo ballad and you'd sing the way that song needed to be sang. We were testing. We were students in college. We were in the lab, and we happened to stumble across something everybody liked and it worked. I think Meteora was an extension of that."

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  • Stephgoo from Calias life has changed ive changed and now music and songs mean something different , i think the song is about the battle in ones self , because some of us have parts to play in our own lives and of course we get disappointed and upset with ourselves, we put the most expectations on ourselves that are made of our own design and cant even look in the mirror because we cant be what you want me to be this is my feel for it a battle with ones self
  • Zeb from A Military School In TexasThis song perfectly sums up my relationship with my dad. He didn't like my grades in school and shipped me off to a Military boarding school in Texas, where I now get worse grades and can't spend time with my friends from back home. I even reached out to him when I started getting suicidal thoughts and got nothing from him. I haven't spoken to him in a while now and am just constantly depressed. Wonder when he'll finally realize how badly he messed up, cause I've just cut him out of my life at this point.
  • Sayard from CanadaI had the sensation that he wrote this song about himself, or his higher self. His perfect ego telling him he's not good enough. I just had that idea because that's how I feel right now.
  • Deedee from VaIt feels like he could be talking to God
  • Dianne Zosche from New JerseySometimes I think Chester is talking about his first wife.
  • Codey from Deland FloridaLP is the best band. love all there song except 1000 suns... sorry LP.
  • Kayla from Fontana, Cathis song relates to me in every way possible. I'm tired of living up to my parents expectations.
  • Steven from Greenfield, WiI love Linkin Park. Every song that I have heard describes me in every way possible!
  • Shadow from Depression, VaThis song is another one of their songs that just basically describes me. I cut myself, I'm depressed too, I'm so freaking angry and depressed and sad. This song is awesome, though not on my top 6 favs by them. Linkin Park is the very best EVER!
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjTo Seth from Uunder my bed, not to be mean or anything but, did you ever notice how much more popular the band were and how much more airtime on radio and MTV they were getting when they were playing heavy, angry, yet catchy heavy metal songs like "Numb", "One Step Closer", "Faint" "In The End", and "No More Sorrow"? You hardly ever hear their new songs on the radio, and thier fans pretty much wrote them off with A Thousand Suns, at least the ones that didn't already after Minutes to Midnight was released. If you read the notes in the ATS cd booklet, they obviously weren't intending to have any major radio hits with that album. To call A Thousand Suns "pop" music is not a very accurate label. I'm not trying tostart a fight or anything dude, you're entitled to your opinion and if you didn't like thier latest album that's fine. I'm just trying to bring something to your attention. I myself took a while to get adjusted to their new sound but eventually grew to love it. By the way, suprisingly those song transfer very well into a live setting. Anyway sorry for my rant I'm not trying to preach to people just again trying to bring something to attention. alot of people accuse them of selling out and that annoys me. In my opinion if they really were selling out, they would just keep putting out the same angry heavy metal songs that they've been doing for the past decade and they'd make millions as they public would just eat them up. Peace!
  • Seth from Under Your Bed..., MnThis is one of my favorite songs!! Linkin Park is a genius band!!! Linkin Park is my favorite band, although their new album Thousand Suns is't their best. I like them for their individuality. They have started doing a little more "pop" music, witch I don't think is very good for some of their fans. ( like me )
  • Aaron from St. Louis, MoAnother song by LP that reminds me of my last relationship (see "In The End"). The worst but greatest thing I've ever heard was what my brother said to me when I was back home after it all ended. "It's good to have my brother back" I listen to this song and try not to lose it on how bad I was molded through fear by my ex. I went from happy, joking around, and just plain living life to quiet, closed off, and hardly even looked up from the floor or responded to even my own family from how bad it was getting. For those who feel like someone, even your parents or partner, is putting force into making you what THEY want, turn away from them. If they have to do that, then they aren't worth the time you hae to offer
  • Kayla from Fort Lawn, Kyi dont go anywere i dont talk because of my dad he wants me to be just like him i cant take it no more i want to be in the army he wants me to be a por golfer like him i hate golf so much i just cant tell him that the song helps me more than u can think of!!!!
  • Kayla from Fort Lawn, KyI think that i would have not made it when me and my dad had it out he want me to be him i listen to this song allday i never talk or anywere so this song has helped me alot
  • Glen from Germantown, MdI feel such a range of emotions everytime I hear this song: anger, rebellion, fear, sadness, happiness, freedom, etc. Ironically enough, "Numb" makes me feel so much yet so little at the same time. It's just a great feeling everytime I listen to this. I, also, have to respectfully disagree with "Mum." I'm 17 now, and throught most of my teen years, I've gone through periods of depression and feeling like I don't belong. I'm sure everyone does, including your son. I've never physically harmed myself because of these feelings like he did. I can accredit that to finding comfort and a release in music. He probably found the same emotional connection in music that most of us, including myself, do. It's all of the other factors: school, his peers, home life, etc. that were too much for him. I can tell you for a fact, lashing out on him and the music he listens to is only going to drive him further away. Be understanding, be there for him when he needs you most, and let him be his own person. You'll both be better people for it. -Love, Glen.
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, ArThis is the song I use to describe my relationship with my parents, especially my dad. I cant even be half of myself when Im with him. And my mom only lets me be half of me. I just want to break free and take off the mask.
  • Bubba from Reno, NvMum: most everything's been said already. I would like to add that all the band members are in fact GROWN MEN, they do know what life is like. They aren't just a bunch of teens in a garage. Musicians go through just as much problems as everyone else in the world. Now, maybe your son is depressed, mentally unstable, pressured. But then again, maybe he just likes attention. Some people do cut just to say that they cut. Muusic is a therapy, not a depressant.
  • Ashleigh from ?????, MoI'm not a cutterI agree with you Emily, but I do have to say Linkin Park songs do not condone cutting. As a writer myself, I've learned that you write what you know, and Linkin Park does excactly the same.
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlMum:Ok, I see that you've obviously gotten pretty beaten up because of the comment about your son. To be honest, I don't believe that your son cut himself because of the song (for reasons listed below). I'm not a cutter, nor do I intend to be anytime soon, but I am a bit...overwhelemed I guess you could say with my parents. I know they want what's best for me, and I know they love me and that they just want to help...but they really need to either listen or stay out of it. Parents tend to do this in-between thing where they try to help when you seem sad or angry, but when you actually try to tell them what's wrong, they shut you out and only listen to what they want to hear. The best advice I can give you is to listen to your son, and let your son listen to his music. Both will help him heal. (and for the rest of us, let's lay off Mum. She's been going through tough times, and I don't think critisizing is going to make her feel any better. Keep to the guidelines and write only about this totally awesome song.)
  • Thomas from Wylie, Tx"Mum" Music is a real job first off and, I was about to start cutting myself, but this song helped because I was and still am, failing, and I just can't help it, because I am smart enough to pass, but I'm just lazy, so my parents got madder and angrier, so then I started eating alot and I still do, but strangley I'm not fat...
    so they got angrier, then I started cutting, and my parents and teachers got worried, then my brother had still been gone for 3 yrs, but when I heard this song It helped me understand that cutting isn't going to help but just getting over it was best.
  • Hope from Naperville, Ilsome say chester can't do anything but scream...this song and in pieces prove them wrong! it sounds amazing live btw. can't wait for dead by sunrise
  • Hope from Naperville, Ildefinetly about parents. music video great...the live recording off of live in texas is great. much better than the studio recording in my opinion. i used to cut too, it's not linkin parks fault
  • Brian from Sanfansico, Cai know exactly what there talking well singing about but i dont get why hes talking about his parents smuthering him an keeping him to close well he is a millionare that could buy a house on the other side of the world if his parents are smuthering hi
  • Courtney from Harrah, OkI never tried self-mutilation or anything, nor do I want to, but when I heard Numb for the first time my initial thought was, "this could explain the relationship between my dad and I." I felt that he needed to loosen up with me a bit, because I felt that he expected too much of me and during that time I grew numb to confidence and compliments. That relationship gave me a HUGE inferiority-complex.
  • Matt from Houston, TxSomething about linkin park really annoys me.There like those kids at school that always talk about how they are emo and you think they are posers but it turns out they really do cutand you think they just do it to fit in but it turns out they aren't.those kids annoy me because i cut and don't tell anybody about it or my personal life, because they seem to be proud of it. Linkin park is good but I like stuff like smashing pumpkins so it may just be the genre.
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhNumb is definately Linkin Park's best song its my personal favorite
  • Mara from Oshkosh, Wieveryone that commented left me with nothing to say. i agree, very good song. And i think that everyone can relate to it at one time or another. for instance, my parents are convinced that i'm going to be an author. so everytime they buy me something, it's always a new notebook or pencils!
  • Aless from Houston, TxMum:
    If that's your reaction to his cutting, I can see why he did it.
    Your son and I are in the same boat. He probably started cutting because of all the things he couldn't say to you, like I did.
    Why don't you listen to him for once? Put aside the judgements, treat your son more like an adult, and listen to everything he has to say to you, good and bad, and take it like an adult.
    It's the one thing I wish my mother would do.
    This song has been a savior to me and to friends of mine in the same boat. Don't criticize our music and blame it for our problems. Our music is everything we wish we could say, okay?
  • Lola from Toronto, Oni can relate to this song so much i love it. and the lyrics are awesome. this song is the story of my life.
  • Jana from Skopje, MacedoniaThis song is based on my life.I mean it.I relate to it so much.That's why is my fav song.With my fav lyrics.
  • K from Brooklyn, Nylook mum, your boy didn't cut himself because of this song, or songs like this. I'm a cutter, and I was before I even started listening to this type of music. Actually, this music stops me from cutting sometimes. If you want your boy to stop cutting himself, STAY OUT OF IT!! My parents only made it worse when they got involved. It was my friends who pulled me through this. I still cut myself sometimes, but I'm getting better now that my parents LEFT ME ALONE!
  • Mikala from Sacramento, Cawow
  • Adam from Plainfield, IlI love this song it expresses how i feel. (some people thing this band is for emos but their wrong.)
  • Jess from Melb, AustraliaThis is My Fave Linkin park Song :)
    No Matter what I do it's never good enough for anyone.. Everyone always wants more.. Alot of Kids are lke that and i think this song expresses that. :D My Thoughts.. No Flamie >.>
  • Bill from Vernon, United Statesthe one with jay-z is kinda hinting that jay is leaving/quitting/moving :)
  • Meghan from Portland, MeI think its about kids and there parents. Thats what the video allso potrays. I relate to this song personaly. I feel like im never good enuf for my mom. She picks me apart every littel mistake i make. My dad i dont really see him anymore but when i do all he dose is yell at me about how i culled have done better on my report card. I love this song so mucth for that very resson i can relate to it and when i listen to it. It actully makes me feel a littel better.
  • Damien from Edmonton, CanadaI like the theory about parents and kids, but I really think this song is about a woman affected by a rapist. One night she gets raped by a man who despises women. She goes home, grieves, and thinks about what the rapist said to her, and meets him on the street one day, telling him that she has been scarred by him and wants him to stop doing what he does. Just a theory. and Chris, it's "Their", not "There".
  • Muneet from Simla, Indialinkin park is d best and this song proves iy
  • Jessica from Broken Arrow, OkI love the remix with Jay Z. The original is awesome but this one is even better.
  • Chelsea from Cape TownBriana Evigan did a great job in this music video
  • Sierra from Sactown, Cathis is the saddest song to me, beacuse it is a story of my life
  • James from Clinton Township, MiThis song totally relates to the relationship I have with my dad, because no matter what I do, it's never good enough. I've been an all A student for years, and I work my fingers down to the bone, but it's never enough. I have an A in a class he passed by like a tenth of a percent in high school, and it's still not good enough.
  • Chelsea from Cape Town, South AfricaThis song really meant a lot to me. I go through almost the same things and I will admit I used to cut my wrists. I still have a few scars. This song is about someone going through a really hard time at home, and at school and I went through both. But I'm really happy to be cleaned up now. This song I listen to everyday!
    I love Linkin Park, this song saved my life, and my friend
  • Dave from BrightonI'm going through a breakup at the moment at it's weird... this is how my girlfriend made me feel... constanlty living up to someone i was not. And now its over i do feel numb. Great song
  • Bob from Pt, Wii love lp
  • Akshay from Allahabad, IndiaWell it's jusa great song and im 15 and it does'nt make me want to slit my hands.
  • Lindsey from London, England'Mum' is not a spelling mistake. Not everyone in the English-speaking world call their mother 'mom'.
  • A from Baltimore, MdThis song is amazing, and I can totally relate to it. Linkin Park has awesome music. ("mum", learn to spell!)
  • S from E. Lasing, Mimum: a lot of kids cut themselves (i used to)! its not because of songs, its because of how life SUCKS at the time. there is not a time in ANYONES life when they havent felt worthless or something. this song just recognises that fact and is for those people who want to feel real. so dont blame the music. for all you know, mum, chester could have wanted to cut himself too and thats why he wrote the song!
  • Mikey from Galesburg, IlThis song is really one of the best I've heard in a while. I can really relate to the lyrics. As Chester sings about what he's been going through, I can just see the problems he's been having. I feel sorry for Chester for all the things that he's been through. I thought I had it bad. But LP really did great work on this song!!! :)
  • Joel from Nottawa, Canadawell, not that I cut my self or anything, but "Linkin Park is an Amazing Band" that's what I meant.
  • Jonathan from Kingsport, TnLinkin Park is an Amazing Band they have only done good in my life. I am sorry mum about your sons problems, but listen to the song, feel the song, and understand the song. Then think about why your son did it. I personally do not cut 99% cuz of this song and Breaking the Habit.
  • Veronica from I Forget. . ., De"Mum" I am sorry to hear that your son cut himself, but music shouldn't make a person so devastated that they try to kill themselves. Your boy was probably already depressed and the music he was listening to just was a place for his mind to rest or where he could relate to something in life and where he didn't have to think about his pain. Bands aren't trying to play with young kids' minds, the musicians just want to express their perspective on life or the world or anything: music is a passion that comes from deep within your heart.
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiamum this song is about parental pressure to succeed maybe you should think about that "go get a real job" ?????? maybe you should have learned to play the guitar or something cos its harder then it looks especially with people like you critising everything they do (apolgise to the song fact ppl for breakig the guidelines but i couldn't let someone blame her kids problems on a group of ppl shes never met)rock on linkin park i still love you p.s i wish they would come to AUs.
  • Charlie from Bethersden, EnglandI'm really only going to agree with other people on this because all I have to say has been said. Natalia, Taylor and Andrea, you could not be more right. Songs help cutters heal, not hurt and hearing more about your situation makes you feel less alone, and solitude starts most cutting in the first place. Takashi,you're right as well. This world is full of LP haters and there should be less of them. LP rocks!!! (And you have a very cool name!)
  • Trina from Glendale, Azdont even do this to me "hassan". this song is deep... emotional. and you obviously dont kno what that is.
  • Randomise from Manchester, United StatesFor me this song is about how we relate to social values. There is a hanging burden on everyone to perform. But life isn't as easy as society would make it.

    I think it highlights the curse/blessing and catch 22 of society. We desparetly need it, but it doesn't always help us.
  • Jessie from Calgary, CanadaI love this song everything about it... It almost sums up how i feel... Numb! It just an all around great song!
  • Chrissy from ManchesterLinkin Park's best song ever. It really sums up what every teenager go's through at some point
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanLP wrote this about all their haters. Stop hating LP, people!
  • Jackh from Spokane, WaThis song is about a life that is about a kid I know
    if i was to base this song on anything its like nobody notices him ok so he cane cop. with the vid.
  • Caroline from Wentworth, NcI think I can relate to this song. My parents are wanting me to be like sister.
    And my sister does not like who I want to be.
  • Sara from Anoka, Mnwoo go Keaira, i agree all the way. Cliodhna, its not a crazy idea, the same goes for me.
  • Cliodhna from Galway, IrelandThis Song is awesome, it relates to my life of my parents expecting me to be great my like my "perfect" brother. When it first came out i would listen to it as much as i could because it was a song that helped me threw a lot (sounds crazy i know). Linkin Park done a brilliant job on this song and their album!!! Go one Lads!
  • Keaira from Gainesvilled, FlIt's a very emotional song. It relates to many people, not only children. I gotta say it's relates to me very well.
    As an answer to Bill: I don't think you quite understand the lives of a lot of the kids. Yeah. I'll agree. There's a lot of spoiled kids. Is it their fault? Hell no. Parent's fault at most. And kids would stop bitching the minute people like you stop bitching at them. So I think you don't exactly have a right to say that all kids now are like that. For all any of us know, you're probably like that, too.
    Dude: Everyone goes through rebelling. You probably did/do, too. Can we help it? Not really. What if you don't want to listen to your parents? What if they're forcing you to do something you don't want to do? If your parents tell you to go jump off a 500 ft bridge, would you do it so "that your parents will trust you more"? Hell you'd be dead before that happened.
    Mum: It's not the song's fault. I'm not saying it cause I like it. Many, many people cut, because of their environment, the people they know, and all the stress life puts on them. Not saying that it's your fault, but that is a possiblity. It could be because of you, school, your spouse, etc. etc. Songs are a way to release that pain and stress without cutting, so these kinds are helpful to kids and people of all ages who need it. I gotta say it really put the words in my mouth. Sorry if I offended anyone of you guys, it wasn't my intention, just letting you guys know that you should always think about the other side's point of view, and not criticize without knowing too much about it. It'll bring you down one day, and if you keep doing it, I actually hope it does bring you down.
    Love this song~
  • Kayla from Rancho Cucamonga, Caeverytime i hear this song i get extremely emotional, sometimes to the point of tears. this song expresses my life exactly. even the cutting and the anger and depression from the video fit too. my parents are always trying to push me to be a perfect person, which i DEFINITELY will NEVER be and they dont even know the half of it. for the longest time ive had goals set for myself for college and what not and my parents made it their mission to have me stick to that dream. now my aspirations are quite possibly changing and the disappointment from my parents is swelling... ive always felt that im never good enough and this song is one that will always be close to my heart.
  • Eduina from Elbasan, EuropeMy life is like that. My parents seem to be perfect so they alway shout at me. Once I tried to kill myself cause I couldt live anymore like that, but my friend stopedd me. I'm very grateful. Now I live at another city away from them.
  • Casie from Denver, CoLinkin park is so good and talented. One of the best bands history. Well this song Cheter wrote with his mates trying to say I love you but I would of done better on my own. I really love you but still you made my life harder when it was simple and easy.
  • Andrea from Arfillite, KyMy city is spelled wrong. its Argillite, not arfillite lol
  • Andrea from Arfillite, KyHey mum lady! I used to cut myself, not because of music either, with the cutting my mom found out i was bi-polar, and manic depressive. SO maybe your son has a mental disorder. Im not crazy or a know it all, i just know what i am talking about since i've been through it. and linkin park is an awesome band, they've been through alot indivually*, and together. Yet they've stuck together and worte great songs about their experiences.
  • Taylor from Ofallon, IlNatalia, thank you for agreeing with me. i feel exactly like you do
  • Sara from Anoka, Mnmy mom is a drunk. no matter wat i did, it never seemed enough for her, she still hit me all the time, i never could please her. this song is exactly a depiction of my life.
  • Natalia from Fenton, Mithis is for mum..whoever you said that these songs are depressing and that your son cuts because of them. i think your judging the songs and ppl the wrong way. it is definately not because of these songs that your son cuts. there are most likely other things going on that makes him feel its the only way to release his feelings. infact, songs, poems and quotes help cutters get better. they help them show their deepest feelings in a good way, even if they do seem depressing to other ppl. i would kno because im a recovered cutter. please dont blame these songs for your son's behavior.
  • Junkiejesus from Hell, WaThis song is obviously about relationships. The title in itself gives it away. Someone who cannot amount, cannot live up. Excellent song.
  • Taylor from Ofallon, IlResponding to Autralian Mum
    Your SOn did Not cut himself because of Linkin Parks Songs. If you can Find one Place where LP condones cutting yourself, and says that it makes things anybetter, i will concede. but, in my point of veiw, LP is one of the best songs at helping kids to express their feelings. Your son did not cut himself because of the band, but because he was so unhappy with his life he had no idea what to do but hurt himself. I have been there. No Band makes me cut myself. Also, Linkin park has experienced life, the kind of life that kids like me and thousands--millions--of others go through every day. Bullies, Fights, you name it i've been there. LP expresses a kind of sympathy with those of us who fall on hard times. They have raised millions of dollars to help tsunami victims in Indonesia and the countries surrounding. If that is not experiencing life, what is? I don't want to sound mean or deragatory, i just thought you should hear a persons veiw who has been there.
  • Mum from Australia, United Statesi think all of you be more carefull of the songs of you write i have a 15 yrs old son who cut him self because of you songs...why dont all of you get a real job and expierece life first them play whith the mind of childrens you songs are depressing if you want to give music give positeve encourement to others .....
  • Lorelei from Tokyo, Cai have never seen the vid for this, so this was my interpretation of it.a situation with two close, childhood friends ascending into the realm of adolescence and realizing for the first time the corruption of the world and their relationship becomes forfeit with their increasing exposure to obscenities and profanity mixed with a hopeless struggle to hold onto one's innocence. with close friends, when one hurts, the other hurts, when one fails, the other feels a failure as well. with pressure and horror-inducing events characteristic of adolescence, musn't one try to callous their emotion and former sympathies to become "numb" in order to protect both themselves and those few now they feel they can trust.
  • Ana from Round Lake , IlI love this song.I think that everyone can relate to this song in someway.I definetly know that i can.I love linkin park!
  • Joshua from Aliso Viejo, CaIt's an awesome song. I can relate to it so much...
  • Brittany from Richmond, Kyi love linkin park its the best band ever and so is this song. chester bennington is the sexiest thing ever
  • Annabeth from Kutztown, PaThis song really helped me deal with a lot of family issues, and when I first heard it I almost cried. It's amazing how a song can say something you haven't figured out yet, but when you hear it it just clicks.
  • Louise from Norwich, Englandi always thought this song was about love, and someone you want to get away from everything and become your own person instead of being suffocated by the relationship, but also make sence if you think about them being about the parents suffocating there children - altogether i think this is a great song though
  • Dude from Tx, TxAgreed. You're better off if you stop being a rebel and obey your parents, in which they'll actually trust you. Chester, the singer of Linkin Park, is the skinny one with the lip ring and the fire tattoos who's always wearing sunglasses.
  • Bill from Orlando, FlI think the kids of today are overly spoiled, are lazy, and need to quit their bitching.
  • Gary from Seattle, WaMore specifically, I think this song is about the band's relationship with its record label and promoters. They are feeling as if they are somewhat of a puppet. They no longer have control over their own image and actions. It is also as if the band owes something to the record label in terms of expectations.
  • Michelle from Pueblo, CoLinkin Park is the best band. and this is one of their best songs
  • Hassan from Nyc, NyChester is soo cool, I think, any way who is he ??? I mean i really like linkin park, but i donnot know who he is, I am soo stupid!
  • Ian from New York, NyI am not a huge fan of Chester's vocal skill but I really like his vocie on this song. It convys more emotion even when he isn't sreaming. I wish Linkin Park would have more emotional songs like this one instead of the more angst based stuff that you hear on the radio.
  • Hassan from Nyc, NyI've Become so Numb, this song relates to me, but in a differnt way. I belive it's about love, well he feels that he wnats to go away from home, but he wnats to also be alone, with love, i know this makes no sence, but i feel this way toward this song, it's my favorte!
  • Rossana from Long Beach, Cai love this song especially knowing the fact that i can relate to every single verse they play also know i can tell my little sis what this song is about and i can explain it to her and i get my 5.00 because we made a bet
  • Michael from Chichester, Englandin the video when the girl falls over and everyone passes by her fast. I fell like that and cut my self but this song helped me stop and think about how many people are worse-off than me. One person i spoke to about it helped me and i wanna thank her. I love ya
  • Gabe from Utica, NyThis song is just incredible. I love the story and the piano. The music video is a perfect visual explanation of what the song is about. This song also reminds me a lot about "Way Away" by Yellowcard.
  • Caitlin from Sailsbury, Nchonestly this is my life story in a song its hard to break loose from ur parents and what they want u to be and what u want to be
  • Chester from Lincolnshire, EnglandThe music, the lyrics, the vocals, the video and the live performances all contribute in making 'Numb' one of Linkin Park's best songs to date. It was a fantastic single and easily one of the highlights of 'Meteora'.

    I relate to this song more than most others and I'm sure that alot of people can say the same.
  • Kyle from Georgetown, ScMy mom was a drunk. When I lived with her we got in fights about what I should be or do. When I bought the CD and heard the song I could relate to it. Every thing I did was a mistake to my mom. I disappointed her, I guess.
  • Cain from Tweed, AustraliaIn the video there is a girl who slits her wrists. I don't think it's because she wants to die, but more to feel real again, because she feels so numb. I really connect with this song, my parents wanting something different to anything I can give them, and the feelings it gives me. Pain is the only thing I have that can make me feel again. That's what I think the video is about, and maybe the song partially.
  • Sara from Grand Falls - Windsor, CanadaI think its about how we all have to live now, everyone is expected to do so much in life. Were all expected to abide by rules, to go threw school, to work certin jobs, to be proper, but most importantly, this song is trying to get out that in socity were expected to be people that were not, and parents play a part in that but not a main role...

    When it talks about being numb and that he cant feel noone there, is when he feel's that theres no relationship between him and whomever but that he is only there to please this person and aint there as a friend, student, boyfriend/girlfriend, son/daughter, but there as if it were a job, a they feel nothing between them.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandTotally agree with Chris, definitely Linkin Park's best song!
  • Darbey from Mount Vernon, OhChester does have awesome vocals on all their songs and the best part about his voice is he can keep it up at their concerts and they actually sound a little bit better because they can be as loud as they want and nothing is stopping him from screamin as loud as he wants. Mikes vocals are also awesome in concert.
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, Papeaked at #1 on the modern rock charts.
  • Chris from Victoria, TxLinkin Park is great and this song is there best to date. Can't wait to hear the next album. Great song awesome lyrics.
  • Ryan from Pataskala, Ohoh, yeah, this song is great...i couldn'ta asked for a better sound or better lyrics to it...i can definitely relate
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkI love the video... Its my favorite track of Meteora. Chester has such an amazing voice.
  • Elise from Guelph, CanadaThis is a great song, probably one of my all time favourite songs. The sound, the lyrics, the music....LP did an awesome job with this one.
  • Kim from Long Valley, NjI couldn't have said it any better than myself
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