All Over You
by Live

Album: Throwing Copper (1994)
Charted: 48
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  • This appears on the Soundtrack of the movie Love And Sex. >>
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    Live Freak - Beirut, Lebanon
  • Like most of their songs, this was not released as a single in the US. This forced fans to buy the album, which went to #1.
  • This was one of five songs Live performed at Woodstock '94.

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  • Miki from Emerald Triangle This is a song about the love of a prostitute and his/her’s client. This happens more than you might think. “Like Water” refers to the fluidity and inability to contain the love expressed. The cries of “Pay Me Now... Lay Me Down!” is the sad recognition the the relationship will always be one sided. Not hard to image this love dilemma. Although, most people don’t regard prostitutes both male and female being capable of love.
  • Bart from Houston Also, the water is not all over the sun, fields and sky.... unless the image of these things is created in our minds.... they are finding water is key in creating thoughts. Love is the baseline thought in humans. Duh.
  • Bart from HoustonIt’s about the polar nature of water. Because of this polar nature it has an affinity for us. It all over us and all throughout us. Love is the baseline emotion for all humans. It’s basically the alpha wave in an EEG. Water is pinned down and forced to help create this emotion biochemically. With out water there is no love. Water alone is me. Cellular structures are needed to orientate the water, but in the end the action potentials in axons are waves of water and ions. The action potentials create the alpha wave. It’s relating to Zen Buddhism and meditation. Duh.
  • Jess from Il I was in junior high when I fell in love with this song and Live. It resonated with me bc I could relate to loving someone who will never reciprocate the love you give them. It's definitely not a love song and in fact a very sad song. The melody makes you get over the steady beat and helps the listener find purpose. It doesn't matter when you come from. It matters what you're made of. Lay me down, lay me down, laaaaaayyyy
  • B.g from IowaThis song is clearly about coke.
  • Jadles from SpringfieldHello, so many posts are so close - I do believe the song is sang from the point of view of someone who is in love with someone who doesn't love them back. Probably a prostitute or at least a very on-sided relationship in terms of love. However, everyone keep saying "Our love is like water" means that it is a love that you can't live without. In the context of this song, "our love is like water" means it only flows one way - it isn't reciprocated. Or possibly along the same vein, "Our love is like water" meaning it just flows through the fingers - it can't be held - keeps running away...
  • Nerok from TorontoI'm going to use many of the ideas from past posts from which I share the same opinion.

    "Our love is like water
    Pinned down and abused
    For being strange
    Our love is no other
    Than me alone
    For me all day" - Love is needed for life, just like water, feeling in love is necessary to feel alive and to have a purpose. Somebody that is in a one sided relationship, in an example, lets say two friends that have a very good friendship but one of them is in love with the other. Maybe the other one is in a relationship with someone else and can't reciprocate the feelings of the friend. Maybe a forbidden love, a coworker that is married or dating someone, etc. In the end a one sided love relationship is strange to the eyes of the beholder, and in the end it becomes an obsession and the relationship is "pinned down" stuck, maybe the love each one has for the other is different, the person who says it feels abused in the sense that he/she would do anything for the other and still can't have him/her the way he/she wants (as a couple, in love for each other). Maybe the person that is not in love may take advantage of the fact that this person is in love with him/her and knows that he/she would do anything for him/her. At the end of the day the person in love remains alone, longing for the other.
    "Our love is like angels
    Pinned down and abused"-- like an angel that represents the humility, humbleness and pure love that this person feel towards the other even if knowing that the other person doesn't feel the same or they can't be together.
    "All over you all over me
    The sun the fields the sky
    I've often tried to hold the sea
    The sun the fields the tide"--Just like a post from Ryan- Cary, Nc posted " All over you, all over me - a reference to their immersion in their feelings for each other. The sun, fields and sky are aspects of the natural world, above societies judgement as he considers their love to be. The reference to trying to hold the sea and the tide reflects the impossibility of the relationship. "
    "Pay me now lay me down"-- Could imply the deep feelings of the one that is in love, a request or a demand for being loved back, after all the love he/she has he/she request to be paid back with love and to consummate it by "lying down" having sex.
  • Meagan from Cedar Rapids, IaI feel this song is pretty easy. I feel that it's about a love people just don't understand, regardless of the receiver. Our Love is like Water = our love is necessary in order to live. Pinned Down and Abused for being strange - Simply, people judge because they don't understand. Our love is for no other, than me alone... I'm the only one capable of this love. I quite enjoy this song, I think it's a subtle yet hidden love song.
  • Ray from Roseville, MiI'm pretty sure this song is about someone who has sex with a prostitute and then falls in love with her and she of course doesn't reciprocate. Hints lyrics like "Pay me now, lay me down" and "Our love is no other than me alone for me all day."
  • Cifey from Houston, TxA better interpretation:
    This song is about a personal strategy of devoting one self to a paticular cause (religion, work, school, a girl) in the hopes that there will be some reward, only to be dissapointed to find out there is no reward accept social isolatin. More personal fulfillment can be achieved by taking a holistic strategy in life and not letting your fears or weaknesses corner you into an isolated path.
  • Cifey from Houston, TxI always figured it was about religion (the obsession with which was a turn off for this band).
    Pay me now, lay me down... means send me to heaven.
    If it is about a girl it's a much more powerful song, getting that excited about church would be insane.
  • Eddi from Tampa, FlI have to agree with Bryan (second post) regarding meaning. Yes, this is about a forbidden/taboo love. The relationship did not have as much meaning to the partner as it did to the singer. Because the partner was a prostitute. That is what made it taboo/forbidden. That is why society frowned at it. But he found love, so he didn't care.
  • Mel!ssa from Pittsburgh, Papinned down and abused for being strange...
    pinned down makes me think of those shadow boxes with butterflies and insects.
  • Bryan from Las Vegas, NvI would have to say that the song is about somebody who is in a relationship with somebody that he/she is very deeply in love with another person but the other person is not "in love" with him/her, so person one is very very deeply in love, like, marriage status but person two still loves person one as just a boyfriend/girlfriend, nothing for, thus goes "our love is no other than me alone for me all day". "our love is like water pinned down and abused for being strange", I believe has two meanings, one is that this form of love is one sided, person one may think person two is takeing advantage of him/her because person one knows that he/she would do absolutely anything for person two so he/she may think person two is toying with him/her though in his heart he/she knows for certain that person two is not. two, is that people may think it is strange that somebody is alowing themselves to be involved in such a one sided relationship, but they do not understand the affection person one feels for peron two so they automatically label it as strange and thinking person one is insane, he/she may even think they are insane themselves.
  • Daniel from Managua, NicaraguaI believe the part that says "our love is like water pinned down and abused for being strange" is like saying that someone is making a judgment at their love for being strange and they shouldn't.

    Like abusing water for being strange, since water is very common, nobody would look at water as being strange, so they shouldn't look at their love as being strange because it is a very common and good thing for him.

    Maybe he was criticized for having a crush or a platonic love for someone and he is saying that they should mind their own business.
  • Ryan from Cary, NcI've got to agree with a couple of other posters, I think that the song is about a forbidden or otherwise taboo relationship. I think the reference to their love being like water means it is essential to his life, he needs it like water to sustain him. All over you, all over me - a reference to their immersion in their feelings for each other. The sun, fields and sky are aspects of the natural world, above societies judgement as he considers their love to be. The reference to trying to hold the sea and the tide reflects the impossibility of the relationship. "No other than me alone, for me all day" is their separation from each other, he is alone, she longs for him all day. "Pay me now, lay me down" is harder to interpret, but in the end I think he is mocking what he percieves to be the "normal" relationships of the others around him who have judged them and kept them apart. I think it's quite likely a song about a man who is in love with a girl much older or younger than himself, or a girl who, due to reasons of race, culture or religion is not someone whom his peers would consider it appropriate for him to have a relationship with.
  • Boe from Circleville, Ohdid neone else notice tht at the end of the chorus he says "Pay me now, Lay me down"? I think tht he has a strong love for this woman, but realizes, despite his self desception, tht it has a hollowness to it. Really a great idea if thts it. Dosnt make the sone ne less beautiful though.
  • Chris from Loves Park, Ili agree with Bubba--almost--the song is about a girl Ed knew and dated on and off--he thought they were perfect for each other but it never really panned it leaving him dreaming of her
  • Journeygirl from Chicago, Il Wow, talk about vague song lyrics,but Good song lyrics. I think that this guy is talking about some greater unusual love. I think this is a more spiritual song. " Our love is like water" well, we know that we are made of water,and also in turn it is essential to our survival. So this love that this being has for him and that he has for this being is abused for or considered " Strange' by other people. This is definitley a spiritual song. He is also saying in the verses " Our is love no other, than me alone for all day" he is like saying this being's love is no other than me alone hence him alone loving this being, and "for me all day "hence this being
    only haveing love for him all day which why he says " Our love" . He's describing the love that him and this being have for each other. See , it flows... All over you(him being all over this being) All over me(this being or person being all over him) the sun , the fields, the sky which is like the world revolving around them as one.. "I've often tried to hold the sea the sun , the fields, the tide, means like with this person he's unmatcheable , or he's trying to grab on to something so much greater than he is. Pay me now , lay me down, is like show me. Be with me now, lay me down(dieing, possibly) so that he can feel the complete fullness of this great thing.
    So that's what I think......... As a poet, I think these song lyrics are very beautiful.
  • Stuart from Sydney, , AustraliaThe song is featured on an X-files episode called syzygy in season Three
  • Dan from Melbourne, AustraliaOkay ppl, I enterpret this song as a song about god, Go marin.

    But Dont take that for it, let me break the first few lines down.

    "Our love is like water "
    Being close to god & his love is essential to anyone who really loves him.

    "Pinned down and abused for being strange"
    Do i really need to explain that after the last line? People pin it down and abuse our love for god as being strange.

    "Our love is no other
    Then me alone for me all day"
    The love between us and god is just that. We spend time alone, and it ultimately benifits us. We spend time alone with god, because we need it.

    Plz do keep in mind that im quite partial to the big guy. So any interpretation by me is gonna be skewed :)
  • Marin from Woodstock, IlThe point of the song is his relationship with God. Not with a girl.
  • Seth from Simpsonville, ScYeah, the song is about a girl who ed has a crush on, not that he is already dating her. This girl is out of his league and therefor he keeps the crush to himself i.e. "our love is no other than me alone for me all day," a one sided relationship... i also think he could have been in love with this girl to the point of obsession because he refers to "our love" as "strange" as sometimes being over obsessed can be interpreted as being a creep. who knows? live is good, that's what i think.
  • Dave from LondonI think it is about a guy who does have a love shared with another, that's not understood or easily accepted by others.
    The love is so strong it is spiritual, almost religious unto itself, Ed likens them to "angels" even. However, as is the way, their relationship is still subject to the external pressures of society.
    Their love is encapulating, engulfing them. However, despite the opinions of people, Ed talks of how he has always strived to achieve things seen as being above him or unobtainable, as in a way their love is seen.
    The "pay me now, lay me down" bit I believe to be like saying how he wants the climax of their courtship - sex. The payout if you will!
    I love this song. It really rocks. And with so few lyrics, still manages to be so deep, and of course, open to interpretation. And that's mine!
  • Baki from Perth, AustraliaYeah I agree with the above comments, but what about the line towards the end of the chorus "Pay me now, lay me down."? What the hell is that referring to? Is he a prostituite? Haha or is he narrating from her point of view? LIVE lyrics are always so open to various interpretations!
  • Bubba from Philadelphia, PaGeezus! Don't you people see the point of this song? He's obsessed (to the point of other's thinking he's nuts) with someone he DOESN'T HAVE. "our love is no other than me alone for me all day".
    He tends to want far more than he can ever have "i've often tried to hold the sea, the sun, the fields, the tide"... It's like being upset that Brittney got married... like she could have had you instead.
  • John from Chico, Ca"our love is like water pinned down and abused for being strange" Water itself is a very strange molecule and is not fully understood why it is the way it is but if it were any different, life wouldn't exist. The "narrator" of the song is reffering to a crush he had on a girl that was out of his league. They could easily be together but they would not be accepted so he keeps to himself. The chorus states that they are very alike and live in the same world.ex:"all over you, all over me, the sun, the fields, the sky". He can't seem to be able to handle her and he feels that she needs more that he can give her.
  • Neese from Perth, AustraliaFor me this song is about a unique or unusual love relationship. One that is damned by others and put down. The two people in the relationship know that their love is only for them, only for each other.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjDamn, This was my favorite song in 5th grade.
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