White, Discussion
by Live

Album: Throwing Copper (1994)


  • This song is a very cynical look at political correctness. The line, "All of this discussion, though politically correct/Is dead beyond destruction, though it leaves me quite erect" sums up the entire song. >>
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    Beau - Phoenix, AZ

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  • Luke from WisconsinAs a long time listener of Shortwave radio, The man speaking in the song is probably Ralph Gordon Stair, a American Radio Evangelist based in Walterboro, South Carolina. Ed stated in an interview that he heard a crazy man on the radio preaching the end of days in the early 90's. It is most likely Brother Stair speaking. He can still be heard on the radio today, although he sounds a little older, the voice is the same as it was 25 years ago.
  • Jackie from Blacksburg, VaI thought I'd submitted this as one of the songfacts a while ago, but the quotes form the end are supposed to be Rev. Jim Jones (of Jamestown fame). Sounds like him from what I've listened to before, but I can't find a direct reference, and most of the footage I did find was poor.
  • Vynsint from St. Louis, MoDoes anyone know if that quote "I Warned you, i prepared you, i instructed you, i told you what to expect..." is from something? or was it just made for the song?
  • James from Hamilton, OnI agree. This song is about the end of the world, and the fact that if/when it comes (say in a large war) that no political discussions or partisan views or etc etc will matter because, well, it's all over.
  • Musicmama from New York, NyBeau from Phoenix: What you said sums up the '90's music scene: One line that sounds profound, or one riff that seems to rock (but was a rip-off of some other musician) could keep sullen young people smug for weeks. And they'd call it art. Why do you think the story of Cobain's suicide was a bigger deal than anything he or nearly any other '90's performer did?
  • Chris from Loves Park, Ilit is about the end of the world!!! Video was shot live at the TLA in Philadelphia!!
  • Cory from Lancaster, PaThis song is about the End of the World from the mouth of Ed Kowalczyk himself.
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