So Forgetful

Album: Hunger for More 2 (2011)


  • This apology to girls he once bagged is from G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks' third studio album, Hunger for More 2. The song features New York R&B singer and producer Ryan Leslie who also helmed the track.
  • Banks told MTV News about the song's inception: "I stopped by the studio, [Leslie] was working on a few sounds, and he plays everything, from the drums to the keys. So, he basically started, and I just started writing the verses, and it came to life."
  • Banks discussed with MTV News how both the song's groove and the 2009 comedy movie The Hangover, played an important part in the song's creation. "I believe in that when you building an album, every song should have a different mood," he said. "When I heard the certain notes that was played, it just brought me into the nightlife. It sound like something that I could enjoy, the fellas can enjoy as well as the ladies.

    Actually, I thought of the concept of the movie The Hangover. I thought that was pretty dope how they had went away for the weekend and so many things happen and that was kind of like the metaphor. I was bringing them into the life of a rap star or an R&B star - what it would be like. Sometimes, you literally wake up and forgot how you got there."
  • The song finds Banks rapping about forgetting past conquests. Said Leslie to MTV News: "What's awesome about this record is that it's a real personal experience. Brothers be on the road all the time, and we go to different cities, and it's hard to keep track of all the cities and everyone that we meet. Real rap is the best rap. The fact that he was drawing from personal experience to put this record together, I think that's what makes it... a super strong one."


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