Album: Lonely Grill (1999)
Charted: 21 1
  • This country ballad took 30 weeks to reach the US Top 10, which is a record. Lonestar were also the first country act to reach #1 on the Hot 100 since "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton in 1983.

    In the UK despite reaching only #21, it sold over 180,000 copies during its chart run, a large amount for a song that didn't reach the top 20.
  • According to PRS For Music, the UK music royalties collecting service, this ballad is the most popular song choice for UK newlyweds' first dances. The 2009 survey was conducted by asking 2,000 wedding videographers, which were the most requested first songs at the weddings they attended. In second place came Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", followed by the number three choice, Shania Twain's "From This Moment On."
  • Three Nashville songwriters teamed up to write this song, and it was by far the biggest hit for each. Two of the writers, Chris Lindsey and Aimee Mayo, are a married couple, and the third, Marv Green, is their friend and songwriting partner. When they wrote the song, Lindsey and Mayo were in the process of falling in love, and drew upon their burgeoning romance for inspiration. "Our feelings for each other just started coming out as we were writing," Mayo said. The song was the first Country #1 for the couple; Lindsey also co-wrote Lonestar's next single (also a Country #1), "Smile."
  • When we spoke with Lonestar lead singer Richie McDonald in 2013, he said that he still loves performing the song. "Artists wait for a song like that to come along that can take their career to another level, and that song did that for Lonestar, and that's something that we'll never forget," he said. "And it's not just the impact that it had on our careers, but the impact that it has on the fans. I mean, 10 years later it still has the same effect. That song to me is just a classic, timeless song. And it is that song that took Lonestar to another level. We will never, ever get tired of playing that song, just because we still have fans come up to us night after night saying that's the song they got married to, the song they use on their anniversary. That's what music is supposed to be about: if you can get in touch with people's emotions, you can become a part of their story, as well. We've made an impact on people's lives and that means more than anything to us."
  • With so many people using this song at weddings and other special occasions, Lonestar sometimes feels a bit of pressure when performing it, as there are so many special memories associated with it. "I have a friend who's a DJ and he says he plays it at every single wedding that he performs at," Richie McDonald told us. "The problem is that sometimes you try to recreate that, but you can't recreate that. You've just got to go in; it kind of sets the bar awful high."

Comments: 19

  • Victoria from Michigan"Truly awful song... cliche in every aspect. Positively one of the most vomit inducing songs ever created.
    Martin - England"

    Martin, I'm glad I don't know you. I think it's safe to say that you're alone and bitter. If you're not alone then I feel sorry for the one you're with.
  • Martin from EnglandTruly awful song... cliche in every aspect. Positively one of the most vomit inducing songs ever created.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis song is amazing! So beautiful and the lyrics are so sweet:) I love his voice!
  • Anthony from Wichita, KsBoyz II Men were given the opportunity to record this song before it was given to Lonestar.
  • Jethro from Stillwater, PaVery emotional song. It does tear at the heart.
    btw: I still miss and love you Shannon. ):
  • Laura from Tom Price, Australiamy husband and i danced our bridal dance to this song. LUV IT!!!
  • Julie from Sacramento, CaThis song is extremely special to me and so beautiful. So many great lines but "hair all around me" and "I wanna spend the whole night in your eyes" turns me to putty everytime!
  • Amandamarie from Bath, MiThis song is beyond amazing. It remind me of my ex boyfriend, one day we were talkin about gettin back together and he told me that this song reminds him of me, i listened to it once after that and cried for 3 hours straight!!! NOw we are back together of course.
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiabeautiful song..... i don't think lonestar could have made it more the lyrics are pretty much dealing with vows to his gf....
  • Jasmine from England , United KingdomI LOVEEEEEE repeat LOVE this song and the album espchially as my bf said it was our songand forever will be this song has beautfull lyrics
  • Marissa from Akron, OhThis song just seems to work for a lot of couples. My most recent boyfriend (ending the relationship was not my choice) didn't like country music but I told him our relationship made me think of this song so he downloaded it (legally) and we listened to it together. (If anyone reads my comments on any other songs, I'm just warning you I talk about this relationship a LOT. You will get sick of hearing about it. It seems like every song on earth reminds me either of him or of how much I miss us.)
  • Mixermatt from Bloomington, MnIt's a song that will pull on the heart and bring tear to the eye.
    I love you Linda!
  • Alaina from Non Ya, MoLove it!! I use 2 hear it everytime me & my dad was on our way 2 a family reunion... it was like a tradition lol!
  • Kellyann from Bellefonte, Pathis song is absolutely the best. i think i want it to be my boyfriend's and my song.
    it makes me happy, and i think of my boyfriend everytime i hear it.
    xoxo <3
  • Lauren from Maimi, Lai love you adam :/
  • Sara from Traverse City, MiI love this song, but I have moments where it's made me cry beacuse it's so beauitful.
  • David from Indianapolis, InThis one goes out to my baby David Lee
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, Njthis song is so pretty. i love it so much. Lonestar is the best band ever
  • Ariana from Dallas, Txi Love this song... especially cause my amazing boyfriend dedicated it to me!! gah i love him!!!<3
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