No Tengo Dinero

Album: Flamenco Funk (1997)
Charted: 33 42
  • This multicultural dance track was an attempt to duplicate the success of "Macarena," which was a huge hit in 1996. The song is based on ''Never on a Sunday,'' which is a movie medley by the Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis.
  • The title means "I don't have any money" in Spanish.
  • Flamenco Funk was the only album Los Umbrellos released. They were a Danish band led by Al Agami. In a 1998 interview with The New York Times, Agami said: ''The funniest thing with this whole project is that people thought we were a Hispanic band when they first heard us so we had a lot of trouble getting into the Top 40 because radio is so segmented. None of us really even speak Spanish. We just wanted to do something that was so much Pop, fun and games, but with tongue-in-cheek lyrics on closer examination.''
  • This topped the charts in several countries, including Austria and New Zealand.
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