Album: Historian (2018)
  • "Historians" is the title track of Lucy Dacus' second album. She explained to HMV.com why she named the record after this song:

    "My first idea for a title was Good Grief, but then I found out about the Lucius album of the same name. Penultimatum was another option. If the final ultimatum is death, the penultimate ultimatum is life, and the album is largely about facing life and deciding how to live. But it's a bit annoying and I could tell I wouldn't want to stand up for the sub-par wordplay.

    I also thought of Big Bright Shadow, but it sounded a little emo. Historian felt right immediately because I wanted to acknowledge my place in the record. The last song is Historians, and I wanted to show that I am one of the two characters in that song."
  • Lucy Dacus told Uncut the song's meaning, explaining it "laments the fact that no matter how many photos we take of other people or however much journaling we do, the real person will go away. That makes me sad, but it keeps me grateful for my time with them."


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