Our Eyes

Album: Work It Out (2015)


  • The lead single from Lucy Rose's Work It Out album, the singer penned the tune with producer Rich Cooper (Razorlight, Mystery Jets). "The song is about when someone has done something that has annoyed or upset you, but as soon as your eyes meet you can't help but smile and forget about it all and make up," explained Rose. "'Our Eyes' is one of the first songs where I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tried to write something different from songs I've written before.'"
  • Rose told The Independent that she penned this uplifting song about when she first met her now-husband. She explained that it describes, "those beginning moments in a relationship when the person does something really small that annoys you but as soon as your eyes meet you know you're not angry and I guess you're not in control of how you feel."
  • The song's music video finds Rose wearing dog and horse-treat costumes and being licked by hounds and chewed by Shetland ponies. Asked by The Independent how the concept come about, Rose replied: "I'm all about girl power and girls sticking together but I wanted to get across that I don't care how I look... I feel girls in this industry are pushed into a direction where they have to look really cool. So in this video I don't look beautiful or cool. I am covered in chips and animals are mauling me. I guess I'm not sexy. That is the one thing I know about myself: I'm not sexy."

    The clip also sees Rose being submerged in the sea while circled by fake shark fins, which was difficult for the singer to film. "It was in Margate in February time, it was a feeling my body has never experienced before," she recalled. "My feet went totally blue. I took my wetsuit off and my whole foot was purple, the costume girls were like, 'crap!'. I had to run half a mile down the street in my wetsuit to the hotel. It was freezing even outside the water; it was one of those bitterly cold days."
  • Work it Out finds Lucy Rose incorporating synth pop rhythms into some of her tracks. She told HMV.com: "I got this app on my iPad called BeatMaker2 and that's where a lot of the songs came from, songs like 'Cover Up' and 'Our Eyes', a lot of the more electric songs started that way."


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