Spring Breakdown

Album: Spring Break…Checkin' Out (2015)


  • This is a track from Spring Break…Checkin' Out, the seventh and last of Luke Bryan's Spring Break collections. The nostalgic song, penned by the singer with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell, serves as an ode to all the good times Bryan has had with his fans on the beach of Panama City, Florida. "I've never really done a big time fan tribute song, and 'Spring Breakdown' really is the first time I've really went down that path with a song," said Bryan. "It just talks about all the memories of how we built the Spring Breaks, the first years we got there and all the beers and all the years."

    "And the chorus talks about I'm going to 'Spring Breakdown.' I'm going to have a breakdown up here because of all the good times we've had and all the memories, and a pretty cool way to write the title," he continued. "It's true appreciation and kind of a gift to the fans thanking them for all the memories."
  • Bryan's longtime videographer, Michael Monaco, produced the song's music video which features some of the singer's favorite moments from his Spring Break shows, as well as clips of him recording the song in early 2015. "My fans have been so wonderful to embrace these special Spring Break albums over the last seven years," said Bryan. "We've created a lot of amazing memories writing these songs and performing them at the beach shows in Florida. Those concerts are among the most enjoyable of my career!"


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