Bad Behaviour

Album: High Expectations (2019)
  • After a great night out, Mabel wrote this smooth, tropical track about having fun with friends. She woke up the next morning and couldn't calm down. Rather than just doing an Instagram post, Mabel decided to pen a song about it.

    Everybody dance around me, dance around me
    Mmm, the whole room looking my way
    Cause the after-party's my place
    I got 'em all around me, all around me

    Speaking to Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, Mabel explained that somebody had warned her during her night out that she was "acting crazy" and needed to tone it down a bit. This made the songstress worry that she was being too wild, but when she woke up the next day Mabel thought to herself, I wasn't, I was just having a good time!"
  • Mabel told The Sun that her intention for "Bad Behavior" was to write a song with a vibe that encourages girls to dance. "I'd had a wild night out recently, which is quite unusual for me as I am always working and very focused," she said. "But it made me think how important nights like those are. I'm young and I need to have fun."


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