Mad Love

Album: High Expectations (2019)
  • "Mad Love" is an assertive and unapologetic anthem in which Mabel spells out her expectations to a guy she is physically attracted towards.

    Boy, you lookin' like my type
    But tell me, can you hit it right?
    'Cause if I let you in tonight
    You better put it do-do-down, do-do-down

    Mabel makes it clear to the guy that if he comes home with her, he'll need to give her plenty of good loving throughout the night.
  • Mabel penned "Mad Love" with Steve Mac and Camille Purcell, the same two songwriters she collaborated with for "Don't Call Me Up."
  • The song was sparked by something that Mabel is always saying to people: "Oh, mad love, bro." She suggested to Steve Mac and Camille Purcell that there's lots of other ways you can look at her personal catchphrase. Mabel explained to Genius:

    "When I think about mad love, I say that a lot to people. I'm like, 'Oh, mad love for this,' but then also there's mad as in angry, or crazy, which can also be passionate in a way. Those were sort of the ways that I was toying with it, just the really positive, and then the other aspect which was kind of twisted. I'd say like the whole message of the song is just like about that feeling, like that rush that you have when you meet somebody, and that like whatever you're feeling, I'm feeling, too."
  • Mabel explained to Apple Music that with "Mad Love" her intention was to capture that beautiful and simple time when two people like each other. Said Mabel: "Often girls are expected to wait for the guys, but here I just wanted to get the message across that it's important to go ahead and get what you want."


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