Uber Everywhere

Album: Single release only (2016)
Charted: 51


  • This is the debut single from Atlanta, Georgia rapper Madeintyo. His recording name, which is short for "Made in Tokyo," comes from the six years he spent in Tokyo before moving back stateside after high school. Madeintyo is part of the Private Club collective along with his brother Royce Rizzy.
  • Madeintyo recorded the song in his parents' kitchen. He recalled to Vice: "We were piped up (turned up) and it was lit. Actually, my mom was in the kitchen, too. My whole crew was there in the kitchen, doing what Private Crew does, and it just came up. 'Uber Everywhere' was just a random line that I said and then ran with. I didn't really feel like it was a song until a day later when I listened to it and said, 'Yo, this s--t is hard. I think people are really going to mess with it.'"
  • The song title refers to the Uber app which allows people to arrange for a ride from their phones.
    Madeintyo claims to use it to travel everywhere and according to the rapper, his incessant Uber-ing is something to boast about.
  • Asked what it was that he liked about the beat, Madeintyo replied: "It had a mixture of Guwop and Super Mario. It reminds me every time I hear it - I've never been mad playing a video game. It felt like just being in a good place, but it still had a dirty feel to it. And it just made me dance. Anything that makes me dance and move, I feel like it'll make other people dance and move."
  • Some people were surprised that the song's music video does not feature any Uber cars, but Madeintyo told Billboard magazine he wanted the clip to surprise viewers. "I didn't want to do the typical - 'Oh, he has an Uber, he's in the Uber, he's driving.' I wanted to capture normal life playing tennis and wearing a turtleneck by the lake," he said, "You probably thought I was going to be around a whole bunch of chicks. I wanted to make it where everybody could do it. It's realistic, not flex. You're not gonna always have the Magic City strippers and the Ferraris."


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