• This song urges people to get on the dance floor and enjoy the music. It's notable for being Madonna's first successful song. Very popular in urban dance clubs, it was a minor hit which only made a limited impact on the music charts. Released as a single, it was included on her self-titled debut album a year later. >>
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  • Madonna started out as a dance singer, with catchy songs like this and "Burning Up." Over the next few years, she generated a great deal of media attention when she released controversial songs like "Like A Virgin" and "Papa Don't Preach."
  • This is one of five songs from Madonna's debut album where she has a sole writing credit. The others are "Lucky Star," "Burning Up," "I Know It" and "Think of Me."
  • Madonna insisted on making a music video for this song, albeit a low-budget one. She said: "If I didn't have a video, I don't think all the kids in the Midwest would know about me. It takes the place of touring. Everybody sees them everywhere. That really has a lot to do with the success of my album."

    Aside from that, it also helped clear up the false assumption that she was an African-American artist, which her Sire label was pushing by not showing her on the cover art to the R&B-infused song.
  • During the Girlie Show World Tour (1993), Madonna switched up the chorus of this song with Sly & the Family Stone's "Everybody Is A Star" and incorporated a sample of Marvin Gaye's "After the Dance."

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  • Henry from Sanford, Florida, UsaI was in college when this song was being played in the dance clubs in Hartford, CT. Thought it was just as good, if not better than "Holiday" and "Lucky Star."
  • Leo from Westminster 1, MdEverybody-a brilliant beginning to a brilliant life. A great single and call-to-arms, it presents Madonna as some who brings joy to our lives. 30 years later, that fact is still True. Lady Madonna, you are brilliant!
  • Kevin from Mobile, AlThe 80's were such a cool time. I was just a little kid back then. I used to be jealous of my older brothers and my sister, because they were teens and could go out and participate, while I could only watch.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThe song is too simple but I think Madonna feels close to this song.
  • Daniel from Rio De Janeiro, BrazilMadonna's 1st single
    Apparently, she's not featured on the cover because the label wanted people to think she was a black singer.
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