I'm Addicted


  • This is a track from MDNA, the twelfth studio album by Madonna. The high-energy dance number finds the singer cooing about love being like a drug. ("I need to dance / It feels like a drug / I can't get enough / And it fits like a glove / I'm addicted to your love."). Other songs about being addicted to love, in which the singer compares the rush of hormones with narcotics include Roxy Music's "Love Is The Drug," Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love" and Huey Lewis & the News' "I Want a New Drug."
  • At the song's finale the singer chants the album title over and over, a play on words of her name (MaDoNnA) and MDMA, which, is the non-family-friendly club drug also known as ecstasy. So why did Madonna end up naming her record after a class-A drug? Martin Solveig, who produced several of the MDNA tracks revealed to New York Post that it was "Give Me All Your Luvin'" collaborator M.I.A. who suggested the album title to Madonna, noting: "We were having a lot of fun with the initials. M.I.A. said, 'You should call your album 'MDNA' because it would be a good abbreviation and spelling of your name.' Then we realized that there were actually many different possibilities of understanding for those initials — the most important being the DNA of Madonna. There is of course no intention of making the promotion of drugs. Except for the harmless and pure exciting drugs: like music."
  • Italian house music mastermind Benny Benassi produced the song with his cousin Alle Benassi. During their recording sessions, Madonna had to communicate with the Italian-speaking Benny via his English-speaking cousin. Benny explained to Italian newspaper La Stampa that Madonna told the Benassis that she chose them as, "this record is meant to be a declaration of love to the world of disco, in which she was born. An album that gathers together all the styles and atmospheres that have characterized international night life over the last ten years. And to her, we represent Italian Dance music, immediately recognizable, the one 'made in Reggio Emilia' in which melody is the vital element."
  • When MDNA became Madonna's twelfth chart-topping album in the UK, she overtook Elvis Presley to become the solo artist with most #1 LPs.
  • Madonna has broken countless records throughout her career but here's one of her more forgettable ones. After MDNA topped the Billboard 200 in its first week, shifting 359,000 copies, the album's sales slipped 86.7% to 48,000 in its second seven days in the stores. This narrowly beat Lady Gaga's previous record second week drop of 84.27%, which she set in June 2011 when Born This Way went from 1.11 million during its first seven days to 174,000 the following week. The reason for MDNA's plummeting numbers is that its first week's sales were enhanced by the bundling of the album with concert tickets.


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