Mother and Father

Album: American Life (2003)
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  • When Madonna was six years old, her mother died of breast cancer. She told Q magazine that this song was a way of letting go of the sadness and moving on. Madonna added that she had been searching for a reason for her existence since the loss of her mother. The superstar reflected: "Most people ask it, but they don't dwell on it. Don't you really want to know why you're here? Do you really think that life is just about being born, making lots of money, finding someone to have kids with, then dying?"
  • In August 2005 the Rauhofer mix of this track peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play chart. This was Madonna's seventh Top 10 hit from the American Life album on that chart, the most Top 10 entries any recording artist has ever had on that listing.
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  • Leo from Westminster 1, MdIn one of her absolute saddest ballads Mother/Father, Madonna channels her inner Sophie Tucker and Bessie Smith. More than anything else, American Life is Madge Ciccone's Primal Scream. Lady Esther cries that one day she'll give it up or let it go but Friends, that will Never Happen because Madonna is extremely sad in this song. Most dance music is meant to be happy and uplifting. Not this one. Madonna is the notable exception to this rule because even on her Dance Floor or Playground wherever she goes and her gypsy soul takes her, Madonna has absolutely no choice but to Cry Her Broken Heart Out!
    Madonna has been searching for a reason for her existence because instead of her mother to guide and love her, what she has going for her is a loving and adoring audience, scribes and fanbase. Madonna may be and feel "a victim of a kind of rage"
    -however, she balances her rage with a beautiful and unconditional love and zest for life itself. I know that Lady Madonna will forever cry but her sadness is one of her better qualities. This sometime Evita-Madonna Ciccone is endearingly human and one thing is for sure-this Evita Lady of Reinvention will never be forgotten! Madonna Rules!
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnPersonal song with a great dance beat.
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