Mariah Carey

Mar. 27, 1970

Mariah Carey Artistfacts

  • Her mother Patricia is an opera singer. She taught Mariah how to sing.
  • She demands to be photographed only from the right side, which she considers her "good side."
  • Her first album was released in 1990. By the end of the decade, she had 14 #1 hits and her seven albums had sold a staggering 46 million just in America, making her the best-selling female singer of the '90s.
  • In 2001, she left Sony Records and signed with Virgin. The deal paid her $80 million for five albums, which was the biggest music deal ever until Whitney Houston signed with Arista Records for $100 million a few months later. In 2002, after Carey's unsuccessful Glitter album, they cut their losses and paid Carey $28 million to leave the label. She later signed with Island/Def Jam.
  • The rider for her 2000 tour required Cristal champagne and bendy straws provided backstage at her concerts.
  • She was a backup singer for Brenda K. Starr. In 1999, she covered Starr's "I Still Believe."
  • In 1990, she won the Grammy for Best New Artist. At the American Music Awards, she lost the Favorite New Artist award to Vanilla Ice. >>
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  • In 2001, after a promotional tour for Glitter, a movie she starred in and co-produced, she had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized. She missed the MTV 20th anniversary special, which she was supposed to headline, as a result.
  • Mariah's heritage is multiracial. Her mother, Patricia Carey, is Irish-American and her father, Alfred Roy Carey, is African-American and Venezuelan. >>
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  • Mariah sings in a 5-octave range and she masters the whistle register. She made the Guiness book of world records for the highest whistle register in history. >>
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  • From 1993-1998, she was married to Tommy Mottola, who was president of Sony Music.
  • Mariah was conspicuously omitted from VH1's televised countdown of "The 100 Top Women of Rock," despite being the top-selling female of the entire decade of the 1990s, and having 15 #1 singles to her credit at the time the special aired. >>
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  • Carey is the first recording artist in history to have her first 5 singles hit the #1 spot on the Hot 100: "Vision of Love" (1990), "Love Takes Time" (1990), "Someday" (1991), "I Don't Wanna Cry" (1991), "Emotions" (1991). >>
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  • Her older sister Alison was arrested twice in 2005 for prostitution. She is HIV positive. >>
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  • Mariah moved around a lot growing up. At one point she lived in Rosie O'Donnell's neighborhood in Commack, Long Island. Rosie was in high school and Mariah was just a little girl.
  • When Mariah was in high school, she was already busy juggling her fledgling professional singing career, doing studio work and back up singing gigs. As a result, she frequently missed school. Her classmates grew so accustomed to her absences that they began to refer to her by the nickname, "Mirage."
  • Despite her diva reputation, Mariah is known for her sense of humor. She likes to joke with interviewers about her 500 hours of beauty school education, which she endured in order to have a fall-back plan if singing failed to pay the bills.On the Rosie O'Donnell Show she even gave the host a brief on the spot makeover, in order to vouch for her cosmetic skills. Mariah assessed Rosie's "photogenic qualities" and decided that a flip of the hair and a re-location of the part line would improve Rosie's look. Rosie did look pretty fashion-forward as a result.
  • Mariah has a great ear for music and can mimic just about anything she hears with pinpoint accuracy. This ability came to new use when she guest-mentored on the 7th season of American Idol, and was able to work with the contestants on their vocal and music arrangements. Mariah gave many astute and helpful suggestions, like telling David Archuleta not to be afraid to go to his falsetto range, and offered him an example of what she meant, singing the melody for him. The contestants from season 7 have said that Mariah was really nice and down to earth, that she gave them thoughtful advice and was great to work with. >>
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  • Mariah married Nick Cannon, the host of America's Got Talent, on April 30, 2008. In August 2014 Nick Cannon announced that he and Mariah had separated a few months earlier.
  • Mariah has owned several Jack Russell terriers. A sampling of names: Jack, Jack Junior (JJ), Cha-Cha and Squeak.
  • Carey gave birth to fraternal twins via C-section in April 2011. The babies were named Monroe, after Marilyn Monroe (Carey's icon of inspiration) and Moroccan Scott, after the Moroccan-style room in which Cannon proposed to Carey. Cannon's son also shares the same middle name, Scott, as his actor dad. Carey's single "We Belong Together" was the music playing after the twins arrived.
  • When "All I Want For Christmas Is You" spent its third week atop the latest Hot 100 dated January 4, 2020, Carey became the first artist to have a #1 in four different decades. Having reached the Hot 100 summit in the '90s, '00s, '10s and '20s, Carey passed eight artists that had topped the chart in three decades: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Usher.
  • Mariah Carey notched up yet another #1 in 2020, but for once it wasn't on a music chart. Her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, debuted at the top of The New York Times list of nonfiction bestsellers dated October 18, 2020.

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  • Roger C from Marietta OhioMariah is beautiful and she is definitely a fantastic singer. Wouldn’t you love to be like her? I’m sure there was a price to pay for her gifted skills.
  • Jejebutterfly from Aspen, CoShe has an angelic, powerful, and persuading voice that means what music or singing really is. If I will be chosen to choose among these singers who the best is it would be her. (besides she's the best in terms of giving charity). As most of us heard in the news, she holds the record of being the top 2 in the most number of top 1 in the billboard. Pls. vote for her. She deserves the top 1. Mariah has 18 number one hits, which is also a record for a female artist. To be able to write all these number one hits (excluding I'll Be There), stay throughout two decades AND still be loved by the people is a very difficult thing, and Mariah does it really well. She IS the best artist of all time.
  • Mclover from Houston, Txmariah is beautiful and the best singer ever the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be!!!!!! i hope to see her in concert at least one more time cuz her voice sounds better live!
  • Mclover from Houston, TxPut simply, there is just NO other singer in the world that can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, to the same degree as Mariah Carey. It's her range; her tonal sound; her accuracy of pitch; her 'trills' (vocal runs); and her upper power when hitting high notes that made her one of the all time greats. Sure, there are many great singers and she's perhaps not as good as what she was in the 90's, but that's more been her change in musical direction rather than a decline in ability - she's well and truly proved that with her 2010 Christmas Concert in recorded in Washington last year. PLUS, she writes all her own songs, when too many of the big names these days, unfortunately don't!
  • Misty123 from New York, Ny"I have nodules on my vocal cords. My mother says I've had them since I was a kid. That's why I have the high register and the belting register and I can still be husky. A lot of people couldn't sing through the nodules the way I do; I've learned to sing through my vocal cords. The only thing that really affects my voice is sleep. Sometimes if I'm exhausted, I can't hit the really high notes. My doctors showed me my vocal cords and why I can hit those high notes. It's a certain part of the cord that not many people use—the very top. My natural voice is low. I have a raspy voice. I'm really more of an alto. But my airy voice can be high if I'm rested. [...] When I was little, I'd talk in this really high whisper, and my mom would be like, 'You're being ridiculous'. I thought if I can talk like that I can sing like that. So I started [she goes higher and higher and higher] just messing around with it. I'd practice and practice, and she'd be like, "You're gonna hurt yourself." I'd tell her, It doesn’t hurt. If I were to try and belt two octaves lower than that, that would be a strain.''that's a statement of carey which is written in wiki, just to let other people know''
  • Misty123 from New York, NyMariah Carey possesses a 5-octave vocal range and has the ability to reach notes beyond the 7th octave. She was ranked first in a 2003 MTV and Blender magazine countdown of the 22 Greatest Voices in Music, as voted by fans and readers in an online poll.
  • Misty123 from New York, NyDid you know that Mariah Carey’s vocal range exceeds five octaves?

    Carey’s live vocal range covers a complete five octaves. In fact, the diva has the ability to sing every note from G#2 to G#7 and she can effectively handle every major female role in choral music – from alto to soprano.

    In fact, Carey is known for demonstrating the vast expanse of her vocal range in several of her songs. For instance, her fifth chart-topping single on the Billboard Hot 100, ‘Emotions’, exhibited her singing from C3 to E7 – four octaves and two notes. Additionally, Carey once held the world record for the highest note produced by a human being when she hit G#7 during a performance of ‘Emotions’ at the 1991 MTV VMA.

  • Chrizille Rose from Batangas, Philippines..HEY PEOPLE! SINGING IS NOT JUST ABOUT HITTING HIGH NOTES BECAUSE THAT'S NOT THE BASIS OF IT, regine's voice is very irritating when it goes too high, she screams most of the time and it was terrible to ears, she don't have a great control on her voice just like MIMI, she can't even sing in WHISTLE REGISTER, she don't have the originality and she always want to belt the song at the end even if it's a pop or low songs that's why she sounds really awlful whenever she sings! ... sO WHAT IF REGINE VELASQUEZ can go higher than MIMI, she always need to shout her voice so that people thought she was great but they're wrong, people who don't know anything about music would appreciate her even if she's just shouting, HAHAHA.. MIMI is just incomparable and doesn't have to prove her self and REGINE VELASQUEZ was just a COpy Cat and trying to be MIMI but she can never be on MIMI's level ... Regine is for LOCAL and MARIAH is for GLOBAL... There can never be another Mariah in this world, no one can take her throne, she's just the best, the ultimate DIVA, and the QUEEN OF VERSITILITY AND MUSIC. ... Hands down to the one and only, forever and always TRUE ENTERTAINER & PERFORMER !!!!
  • Whein from Caloocan City, PhilippinesMARIAH CAREY( THe butterfly )- one of my idols she write her own song and she sang it very well. and i love her super head voice and whistle voice in her every performance but now she didnt sing very well because she lost her voice because of her whistling not other than that mariah is one of the trademarks in our world.
  • Jayson from Singapore, SingaporeI don't know why some people keep saying that Mariah Carey has a 7 octave range when they point out that her range is A2 to G7.. Erm, that's 5 octaves if you even need to count?

    I also don't understand why Mariah fans keep saying that Georgia Brown is only screaming. Just because Mariah is prettier and more famous and you like Mariah more does not mean that Georgia Brown's high notes are screaming. I bet if you listen to the same song in just their whistle register without looking at who's singing you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Besides, Georgia's high notes are so crazily high that no one else can do them, so we have no way of judging them. It's really unfair to put it down as screaming just because none of your idols can do that.

    Just to clarify, I'm not a fan of Georgia. I think she belts too much, but I remain impressed at her high notes.
  • Serenity Ontario from Philadelphia, Pathere are several songs she has moved people with "Hero", "Can't take that away","Through the rain","Fly like a bird", "One sweet day","Byebye",please do your research before you post and her octave range is five anymore than that is impossible lets remember she is a female not a male so she can't sing low than males and she can't sing all the notes on the piano if she did she would start at c1 and stop at c8 the highest note on the piano and also you wrote her notes wrong it's not a2-g7# it is a2-g#7.
  • Mo from Durban, South AfricaHer vocal range is impressive although not so smooth nowadays.
    Her songs are mainly rubbish though(sorry!).quick-name one Carey song that influences a generation like Lennon,Mercury,Aretha,Zeppelin,Dylan had?
    Shes got none-for me a waste of an incredible talent in the quest for chart success.
    Thers just no feeling or emotion-kinda like Steve Vai-best technical guitar genius on earth but not an emotive one.
  • Mo from Durban, South AfricaHer voice is impressive indeed,one of the widest vocal ranges in history.
    But her songs are so junk-disgusting rubbish that make you want to vomit!
    Lollypop nonsense-with her talent and beautiful voice she should have sang BIG songs like Bo-rap,Stairway to heaven,Imagine,etc.-songs that shape a generation
    She doesnt rock nor is there any emotion although she is undeniably great.
    Listen to Katherine Jenkins singing the Welsh National anthem and moving huge men to tears to see what i mean.
    What signature song will she be remembered for?Nothing.F
  • Ben from Liverpool, United KingdomAre some of you people for real? Mariah Carey has 5 octaves A2- G#7 that is outstanding and it dosent matter if any other female artist can go higher in the whistle register than her not minnie, Gorgia,nobody! Mariah writes all of her own lryics and all of her songs have true meanings they are almost like little stories have the likes of minnie or Gorgia ever been told that there song has saved sombodys life? i dont think so, also Mariah produces and edits her own material like to see any other female artist do all of that and the technicallity of Mariah Carey's voice is mind blowing she is also the worlds best selling female recording artist in history selling over 230 million albums and has more 1#s than any other solo artist 18 to be exact putting her seccond in the world for the most 1#s only to the beatles who have 20 1#s she also has 6 grammy awards and has won awards for best artist of the millenium and over all worlds best selling artist plus she is much more famous than minne or gorgia Mariah Carey is a global super star unlike minnie or gorgia she is more popular, Mariah is unique and one of a kind and is such a beautiful person and is THE BEST! nobody can compair to Mariah! NO ONE!
  • Clau from Medan, IndonesiaWell, I give no damn whether Mariah's range of voice is just about 5 or six octaves, but all that I do care is just that SHE'S AMAZING in every way she does!! And I LIKE HER SO MUCH BETTER THAN GEORGIA BROWN!! I 've watched GEORGIA"s vids in Youtube and all that I can say to myself is just :"IS SHE REALLY SINGING NOW?" Because all I heared is just a screaming od hag!!
  • Rachel from Richmond, VaIs this Georgia Brown singer a JOKE??????? She's a terrible singer. No control, flat, over sings & cannot pronounce lyrics. She's really nothing more than a circus act with the high notes because she's can't carry a tune outside of them and cannot even recite verses in the whistle register as Mariah can. This woman should not even be mentioned in the same scentence as Mariah Carey. I'm not sure what the qualifications are to be a singer or have a music career in Brazil, but if this woman made the cut, they have got to be extremely low...Thank GOD for Mariah Carey!!
  • Patrick from Belfast, United Kingdomto Ole Petter, Oslo, Norway

    there is no G7#
    its G#7!!
  • Patrick from Belfast, United KingdomYes while Georgia has an 8 octave voice she has a 5 Octave SINGING voice ... Mariah has a 5 Octave SINGING voice and a 7 octave "normal" voice
  • Steve from Arlington, VaI am no student of all the technical jargon being thrown around, but I have to say that sound means more to me than some supposed measure of range. Ella Fitzgerald and Barbra Streisand don't seem to have anything in common, except being legends. But one other thing I have found in reading about both is that they were both listed at 3 and 1/2 octaves. Not 6, 8, 10 or whatever. These two women have spectacularly beautiful voices. Their phrasing and the color in their voices is awe-inspiring. When I was in high school I dated a girl who was said to have a 4-octave range by the music teacher, but frankly my baby wasn't nice to listen to. She could sound like a man or make you think the windows were about to shatter, but her singing voice wasn't pretty or pleasing and she never really got further than the high school choir. It would seem to me that the vocal range is just small piece of the puzzle. Timbre and color and musical instinct would appear to be as or more important than range in determining a great voice. The range is the raw material. Other elements must be added to make the final product-a fine singing voice.
  • Zerion from Miami, FlOk I heard Georgia Brown and yes she can hit those extremely high notes that I've never heard before but in my opinion Mariah's notes are more easier to hear and Georgia's sometimes sounds flat and kind of annoying to me but i am very impressed she can actually get up there so im not saying she isn't good but im just anooyed of how she hits them and how they sound.
  • Zerion from Miami, FlWell I love this woman's voice and range and you know what I believe you guys who say that there are other singers who can go higher than Mariah cause there is always someone better that isn't as famous so I'm not knockin nobody or saying Mariah is the best in the world.
  • Q from Bangkok, ThailandMariah Carey has a 5 octave vocal range

    Lowest Note: G#2 from KIIS FM Interview where she shows her low notes
    Highest Note: G#7 from Emotions Live in MTV Awards
    Highest Note in Chest Voice: A5 from Fly like a bird, A5 from Circles
    Vocal Range: G#2-G#7 (5 Octaves)
  • Goddyss from Detroit, MiGeorgia Brown is a Brazilian pop singer notable for her extensive vocal range. She is the current Guinness World Records holder for singing the highest recorded vocal note and also possessing the largest recorded vocal range, which spans exactly 8 octaves from G2-G10. It has been verified by comparing the frequency of the note to that of a piano, a violin, and a Hammond organ, according to the The Guinness Book of World Records. Other singers comparable to Georgia Brown are the well known Mariah Carey and Minnie Ripperton. A similar performer is Adam Lopez, who holds the record for largest recorded male vocal range.

    Brown has performed since she was a little girl at the age of 5. Her most famous performances are the live performances of "Mermaid", done totally in high notes (Whistle register), and the studio sessions version of another hit "It's A Pleasure". She hits an astounding G8, held for 7 seconds, rather than the G6 like on the album version.

    ~from Wikipedia
  • Eda from Cebu, PhilippinesOMG... im a filipino and ive seen regine velasquez singing many times... yeah her voice is impressive coz she can hit high notes easily without struggling, but she dont have the power to touch hearts while singing like mariah is doing to all of her fans, and regine is almost whispering at the start of every song (i don't wanna miss a thing, sa aking pag-iisa, dadalhin, etc...) for her to hit the high notes at the end of the songs... and that is not a true VOICE QUALITY...
  • Shadzkisam from Oroquieta, Philippinesim not saying that a human can sing 6,7,8 octaves. im just saying the notes they have hit. and correction, mariah can go as low as A2 and G#7 in her live conert singing Emotions.
  • Jo from Paris, FranceYou all don't know nothing about music. There's no such thing as a man on earth who can sing 6,7,8 octaves. No one can do that, only animals. Mariah Carey's ambitus expands from D3 to F#7 (maybe even G7, but no more than that). She is indeed a great singer gifted by nature with a very powerful voice and special vocal cords, but still she's human. And as I said, no human can hit all notes from the first to the eighth octave. I have been studying music since 2 and now I'm 19. I studied piano, violin, music theory and history,now vocal training:D, so trust me I know what I'm saying. Minnie Riperton is (my opinion) the greatest singer of whistle register (like her, no other). Aguilera, Shanice, Ferrell, Whitney etc also rocks. And first of all, REMEMBER: It doesn't matter how incredible one's voice is if he doesn's use it properly - I mean, to express feelings and "to move" deeply anyone's heart. You don't have to be a gymnast in music, you have to be an artist, first of all!
  • Shadzki from Oroquieta City, OtherMariah Carey jumps than from E7 to G7#. The next jump (2e) - halve a second later - is relative weak, but so around the 14th second, she hits in the 3th jump from E7 to F7#. The fourth and last attempt, about halve a second later is again substantial weaker en hardly measurable.

  • Shadzki from Oroquieta City, Otherpop singer - male soprano - Adam Lopez sings even higher than Mariah Carey. He gets these supersonic high notes: from A#7 to B7 - 1 1/2 note above Mariah's high G7# - around 6 seconds from the beginning
  • Shadzki from Oroquieta City, OtherNO, Georgia's highest notes isnt G10,its F8, only babies,dogs and bats can hear G10.A G10 is 25.104 HZ, and that's far beyond what men can hear. the guiness made a mistake.
  • Ryan from Honolulu, HiFirst, before you give comments on octaves and vocal ranges, you should know what are those all about. Neither Mariah nor whoever singer can actually have 8 octave vocal range, if so, that's super human. Listen to whales when they ululates or a dog's whimper. That may not be a whistle but they're hitting the highest octave. Others: Yma Sumac, Mariah doing "Emotions", Rachelle Ferrell "Petals", Minnie Riperton's Collections, Shanice doing "If I Never Knew You"... Even Christina Aguillera can hit high octave, listen to his Live performance of I Turn To You... Regine Velasquez (from Philippines) has wide range of voice, she can't definitely do the whistle sound but she's almost hitting it through her full voice. Lani Misalucha (also from Philippines) at her version of Loving You (This girl has the real voice of a nightingale bird... Listen to her voice that almost make you sleep.... so sweet).
  • Marija from Belgrade, SerbiaHey,Ginger!Almost forgot to advice you to also take a look at Christina's videos,because we obviously don't refer to the same person!When I think of Christina Aguilera,I think of beautiful and very talented singer,and you think of a slut!Maybe you think of yourself!!??
  • Marija from Belgrade, SerbiaOh yes and-Georgia Brown does exist and she can sing THREE octaves above your beloved Mariah!!!Take a look at YouTube,search for Georgia Brown's videos,then search for Mariah's recent live performances,and you will see that Mariah CAN be compared!
  • Ginger from New York, Nyasian singers are full of crop!!!! their copying a lot of popular singers they don't even know how to use the uniqueness of their voices they want to pretend that their popular around the world eventhough they are popular only in their countries yah know.... come on be honest to yourselves!!!!
  • Ginger from New York, Nywho's georgia Brown come on people she don't even exist Mariah is the most powerful female singer of all time everybody want to be like her coz she inspired a lot of people.... Come ON!!! wake up please don't compare mariah to other singers that don't even exist around the world
  • Marija from Belgrade, SerbiaAs for the highest note in whistle register,that has ever been reached,Georgia Brown,a Brazilian singer,holds the record.She has a true 8-octave vocal range,that spans exactly from G2 to G10!Mariah's highest is G7-three octaves less than Georgia!
  • Marija from Belgrade, SerbiaMariah does own an impressive vocal range,but I prefer Christina Aguilera's voice.She has an amazing 4-octave range and can also sing in whistle register,just as Mariah(songs like ''What a girl wants'',''Soar'',''Pero me acuerdo de ti'',''Nobody wants to be lonely''...).Christina's voice kind of sounds more natural,Mariah's is sometimes too supernatural.Christina may be not coloratura,but she is spinto soprano,which means that she can sing pretty high notes,as well.Lyrically,she is also better than Mariah.No one has better lyrics,voice or music than Christina!
  • Brenda Recente from Long Beach, CaMariah can only do FIVE octaves, so that supposed Guinness entry is wrong, plus I've seen many singers with a wider range (Lani Misalucha, Louie Reyes, Jacqui Magno, and Regine Velasquez are only some of them). It's either Guiness didn't do its research, or nobody checked different singers' actual ranges before making any claims. -- Brenda Recente of Long Beach, CA
  • Ashanti from Madison, WiMaraih carey is just amazing in EVERY WAY....never change...I idolize her soo very much..anf i am so very ,uch jealous...I hope to be famous one day but, not as quit as worthy as her.
  • Karyle from Asia Philippines, United Stateswell Asian can be you all they have a very nice voice they are even better than the original singers like Regine Velasquez. She has a very powerful vocal voice. Keep it up Asian because in every places you can find Asians who can sing better like Filipinos. Donot ever compare Mariah to Regin because she can hit the highest note than Mariah. She can sing the song of Maraih more higher try to watch the Butterfly and Through the rain who sing the best? Regine of Asia
  • Josh Robin Schmidt from Manhattan, NyMariah Carey is definitely one of the best (if not the best) singers in the world. She is already an institution. She doesn't have to prove anything at all anymore, she already surpassed that. The biggest-selling Female artist of all time!!! (if that's not enough proof that she's the best)Whistle register is just an addition for her countless talents. She composes most of her songs, she sings great, the nicest vocals ever, and one of the sexiest/hottest performers. And please, stop comparing her with underdogs... She's incomparable. Achievement wise and Success wise!!! Mariah, YOU ARE THE QUEEN!!! Hail QUEEN MARIAH!!!
  • Jek from Calapan City, OtherRegine " ASIA'S SONGBIRD " Velasquez.....can beat all the female performers.... maraih carey+ celine dion+ whitney houston+ lara fabian+ christina aguilera+ aretha franklin = REGINE VELASQUEZ ...........why? regine velasquez voice is a combination of solid, loud, powerful,air blown....known for her effortless belting prowess>> she can sustain and control her voice perfectly loud but impressive, high but perfect diction, she cant whistle but oh my God her voice is enough to hit the high notes in full voice!!you have to watch these>>>i dont wanna miss a thing, reasons, youll never walk alone, what kind of fool am i, i believe, ill never say goodbye, butterfly (she hang here), shine, say that you love me, all by myself, regine velasquez vocal profile, a piece of sky, and regines sing whitney medley, regine vs. maraih, am telling you!!!!! believe me!!
  • Cory from East Liverpool, Ohdid you ever hear of Adam Lopez he is the record holder for highst vocal note by male and it is a C#8
    Another Legendary Tenor is Vitas Who can hit high notes as well and the highest vocal note is held be Georgia Brown whis is G10
  • Ersan from Bandung, IndonesiaIt seems like i'd never be bored to give so many comments here....but ya know that mariah has TEN OCTAVES....F2-#G7(she could reach 2 or 3 octaves higher than her highest to date if she wanted)...her mother patricia hickey has start to highering carey range since carey was 3 years old.....
  • Ersan from Bandung, IndonesiaYa..ya... it's all up to you matter how many octaves mariah have...she's not just inspiring vocally but her prestigious achievements...were inspiring us...actually i heard that Max Bexter ever heard mariah sing more than 8 her daily vocal training,,,,however i'm one of you guys who love ,adore and idolize MIMI...
  • Miz from Singapore, SingaporeRegine Velazquez can sing Note in b6 without using her falsetto or whistle seh can reach that note by using her chest voice
  • Miz from Singapore, SingaporeHey I think regine velasquez is also a great singer she is the asia's songbird listen to her songs in you tube she is very good

    Regine Velasquez
  • Chris from Sydney, AustraliaShe possesses a 7 OCTAVE vocal range and is in the Guiness book of world records for achieving the highest highest note in the history of recorded music. She hit a G7#-note, outdoing even the piano. Technically, the exertion of G7#-notes is "dolphin speak," since, in theory, these are the only mammals physiologically equipped with the proper lung-structure to produce G7#-notes. I neva heard of this Rachell Ferrelle, an whoeva she is she aint no mariah!!!!
  • Raymond from Lodi, Camariah carey is a "dramatic coloratura soprano" which is one of the rariest vocal abilities
  • Os from New York, Ny Love Mariah but there are many other singers that could probably hit higher notes than her. Rachell Ferrelle is one. Mariah has about a 5 octave range. Singer Rachelle Ferrell has a whistle range also but it's much louder and more robust than Mariah's. Rachelle has a true 6 octave range.
  • Martin from Los Angeles, CaMariah is a very good singer. Not the best, though. I believe her vocal range to be around 2 1/2 to 3 octaves at most. The whistle is NOT considered to be part of the range (it misses the power). Listen to Diamanda Galas' 4 octaved range. Mariah would need more training and power. Overall, she's not a bad singer: I'd say pretty average.
    For sure she's not Aretha or Mahalia. I think people on this board are not aware of the word "octave": to have 3 octave is already huge: never mind three and a half. I doubt she surpasses the three and a half (she has no low register at all, if not whispers).
    So, Yma Sumac is probably the ONLY singer ever who had 5 octaves, and that's the human limit. But she was literally a phenomenon.
  • Erika from Montebello, CaI have loved Mariah Carey since I was really young and have never let anyone berate her or my love of her music just because I don't "look like someone who would like Mariah Carey", like I have to look a certain way to listen to music. Don't judge anyone.
  • Matthew from Uk, United StatesMariah carey has the best vocal range i have heard in my life , for me i have a 5 octaves and i think its high for me to hit noted like c7 and thats high , i love mariah and lovge her when she hits her notes
    Matthew , uk
  • Maddie from Bronx, NyMariah has a 51/2 octave Range
  • Robert from Bronx, NyAlso, Mariah has a beautiful use of vibrato which a lot of younger singers nowadays (or these young singers appearing on competition reality shows) use in a very cliche manner--they get to the pitch and sing in a straight tone and then begin the vibrato toward the end of the length of the note...more annoyingly they will bend up to the pitch--slide...does anyone else know what I'm talking about? It almost sounds more country than anything else...something Reba would is a half-assed attempt to sound Gospel.
  • Robert from Bronx, NyMariah is impressive because she can belt very high and also has a whistle register that is very dead on in pitch--an awe-inspiring feat when she uses it. Ms Carey from what I have heard has never sung over the C above women's high C...but from what I have seen online she has sung the D just an octave above women's high C...which would be around 4 octaves...sing I believe she can sing about an octave below middle C as well. Anyway, while she has a very impressive high belt featured on her latest album, I worry about whether she could maintain that without straining during a concert or live performance. Nevertheless she is amazing.
  • Victor from Somewhere InLike the Goddess Mariah, I started singing at the age of 3. I had vocal training from the age of 5 and also have a 4 octave range. I can am classed as a coloratura soprano because I have the gift of whistle register. Mariah has being such an inspiration WE LOVE YOU MIMI!!!!
  • Shawn Mcdonald from Detorit, MiBrazilian R&B singer Georgia Brown have been credited with a 8 octaves by Guniness Book of World Records. Since, she can hit from G2-G10. The arugment is does Mariah's have more than 5 octaves. Her music coach say that can hit notes that are two levels above C8. But, so far highest note she have hit in person or record is B7. Which she did at a concert Switerland in early part of 06. In my personal opinion I think defintilty think that can hit a ten ocatve or higher if she want to. But, what does she have to prove she is one biggest selling female artists in history. I think A2-B7 is very impressive.
  • Ivan Meternich from Davao City, OtherMariah carey is one of the most outstanding singer-songwriter in history... she made her own songs and she sang them greatly. I first saw Mariah sang when i was twelve years old and i do love her. theres no any other singer sings the way she does., especially when she strike the high notes. i mean the whistle thing.,.. watta great. Mariah carey is the ulitmate female recording artist of all times.
  • Jackson from St. Jhon's, CanadaMariah Carey is the possess the greatest female vocal of all time Mariah i am like a very big fan and i know a lot about u i don't care how many octaves you have although all the high notes you hit i admire admerably but i just think that people shouldn't squabble over you and let you be you are a beautiful singer and person and you cease to amaze us everything you do every where you go and everything you say i'm glad your back and you did awesome at the 48th annual Grammy awards I quote Teri Hatcher " Wow it feels like we've all just been saved " o my i myself have an incredible range i think i am 4 octaves,4.5 or 5 not really sure but i admire you and i hope you keep up the good work i love you o and i tryed to get to one of your concert's but i live in Newfoundland and you don't come here and i want to cry you should at least come here at least you would be singing from coast to coast then haha well i love you and i hope that your music never dies ttyl lover you go girl
  • Vv from Toronto, Canadashe can hit notes above the piano, it says so on wikipedia, a celebrity vocal coach (Mark Baxter) heard her.
  • Michael from Brisbane, Australiahey yall i love marah carey, and for those who think they have reached every note thatmariah has, why havn't you recieved a $80 000 000 record deal yet? mariah carey is truly unique and for those who CAN genuinely sang like her get famous! she is truly amazing and who cares what her octave range is, she sings for the people so stop arguin over her none of us are her representitives we are all just fans!
  • Francine from Glendale, AzMariah Carey should be the most famous female singer in the world!!I adore the way she does everything she has to do in her life.
  • Demonte from Seattle , Wawhy are you people hating mariah does have a sventh octave range i want to know if she has an eighth octave range. i only know of two people(minnie riperton best known for singing "lovin you" and a MAN named adam lopez who hit a E8 on an award show) i suggest listing to biss on her rainbow album when she sings tha song in her whistle register and hits a note in seventh octave
  • Shanya from Hamilton, CanadaI totally agree with Sloba from Hamilton, Canada. Mariah Carey has an amazing voice, that IS 5 octaves!! Aviva, you must be dense if you're sure that Mariah doesn't hit those notes on her recordings...Are you deaf? You obviously mnust be if you can't hear the high notes...Other singers can probably sing lower than her...but they're like men!! All I have to say is Mariah Carey is the best female singer ever, and I'm also her #1 fan!! (me and Sloba share the spot:).) luv ya Mariah, keep up the amazing job (and voice!!) xoxo <3
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrHow does Mariah hit such high notes? Does she have to whistle? Does she have to screech? What is it that makes her voice so high? I used to be able to hit her high screechlike notes, until I was about 13, when I sadly lost that part of my vocal range. My lowest note is C3, and my highest note falls between F5 and C6. So I'd say my vocal range is approximately between 3-and-a-half and 4 octaves.
  • Joseph from Cavite, Othermariah carey is the greatest singer of all.she is very beautiful ang sexy.she sings very well and nobody can sing like her.spresd your wings mariah like a buttetfly
  • Huritu from Whakatane, New ZealandTo all you who say she doesn't have a five octave range in her voice your wrong because i have teste it on the piano octave range and my music teacher knows she does and says she does so get your facts right.Hi Mariah Hu ritu here from newzealand im your biggest fan in the world you can ask anyone in the eastern bay of plenty. i sing your songs at concerts and at school when they want me to sing and i love it, people call me the mimic of mimi or i sound like you and im a boy so yeah i love you son much. you are my inspiration and hopefully you will see me someday.Mariah careys vocal range is spectacular you will never hear anyone that sings the way she does her voice is so pure and it has sort of changed over the years but it is still spectacular, i have measured on one of her new songs called fly like a bird and i love this song, she hits a c7 that is high, and on her other new song called i wish oyu new she hit an e7 pretty impresive.i love listening to her sing her voice is so inspiring. i love you mariah bye bye.
  • Francine from Glendale, AzShe is a great singer and she has a great high voice. If you think she sings bad all you got to do is"SHAKE IT OFF"
  • Mariah from Regina, Canadai think that mariah carey has a awesome voice, and it has changed a bit over the years! but i think that she is just awesome.!
  • Kemi from Port Of Spain, OtherMariah has an 8 octave range and is listed in the Guiness book of Records for mastering the whistle register. She hit this not at the Star-Spangled Banner and has the record for hitting the highest note ever i history. You should know that she did hit the A2 note, most artists can only start an octave higher than that.
    Biggest Fan
  • Ole Petter from Oslo, NorwayI'm a big fan of mimi and i have a range from d2-d7 (tested on the piano) i also know a guy that can tell what note it is just by listening to it and he tells me that there's nothing called G7# maybe its a a7 then who knows
    But MC's voice aint the same as it used to be anyways so.....
    and by the way u can have a 3 1/2 in range and still hit mariahs high notes, but maybe u can't hit the low ones
  • J from Somewhere, GaVocal Profile
    Voice type:Dramatic Coloratura Soprano

    Highest note: c8, G#7 ("Your Girl", "Emotions" at the 1991 MTV VMAs)

    Lowest note: E2, A2 ("Whenever You Call", "My All")

    Vocal range: 5+ octaves (E2-C8)

    Longest note: 20 seconds ("Lead The Way")

    Highest note in chest voice: D6,["Subtle Invitation"] C6, ["Outside", "My Saving Grace"] B5 ["Heroe"] G#5 (Mine Again, Anytime you need a friend, Loverboy)

    Taken from wikipedia
    i posted this twice cuz the 1st one was confusing to read.
  • J from Somewhere, GaVocal Profile
    Voice type:Dramatic Coloratura Soprano
    Highest note: c8, G#7 ("Your Girl", "Emotions" at the 1991 MTV VMAs)
    Lowest note: E2, A2 ("Whenever You Call", "My All")
    Vocal range: 5+ octaves (E2-C8)
    Longest note: 20 seconds ("Lead The Way")
    Highest note in chest voice: D6,["Subtle Invitation"] C6, ["Outside", "My Saving Grace"] B5 ["Heroe"] G#5 (Mine Again, Anytime you need a friend, Loverboy)

    Taken from Wikipedia (
  • Candice from Vancouver, CanadaDoes anyone know why people called her Mimi?
  • Al from New York, Almariah is an ultimate and a brilliant singer she is the fairy in the filed of music of elements and that is really amazing she is a mermaid who got the body,looks and a high note voice. that aptitude will let me to be like her i hope so MARIAH CAREY RULEZZZZ!!!!
  • Larry from Birmingham, AlMariah does not posses an eight octave range. She would have to be able to sing every single key on the piano! It has been proven that she has sung up to G7 and as low as A2, but that would make her range 5octaves not eight. I am the biggest Mimi fan their is out there. Please get your facts straight. And yes Mimi is the only one known publicly that can reach such height and depth. Please stop hating on her vocal capabilities and be happy that she is back and doing what we love for her to do. Mimi does have one of the widest ranges that are known to mankind.
  • Aviva from Los Angeles, CaPeople need to stop throwing around 8 octaves, 5 octaves and so on when they clearly have no knowledge of the human voice. I have a 3 1/2 octave range, and I've listened to Mariah's recordings (including the performance in which she supposedly broke the record) and I have not yet heard her sing a note that I could not match. Not because I am some prodigy, but because many many singers in different genres can sing as high and low as she does. It isn't anything that remarkable, and she has certainly not spanned even 5 octaves on her recordings.
  • Bud from San Pedro, CaI love Mariah Carey but she does not posses a 5-8 octave voice. she nor Cyndi Lauper is not listed in the Guiness Book of World Records. I bought her latest record and it is good though but really let's stop throwing the false facts around. The Russian bass Ivan Rebroff is listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as having the widest vocal range. Not Mariah,Cyndi,Patti. Get it right. But still it's good to see her back....
  • Leon from Mumbai, United States mariah has one of the most beautifull voices ive ever heard. she has that very impressive 5 octave range, which is unbelievable.that girl is up there and she is rocking
  • Cameron from Oak Park, Ilalso, if you want to hear some of her range, there's a sample of a live performance at about halfway down the page.
  • Cameron from Oak Park, Ilactually, cyndi lauper's range is four octaves, not eight. but there have been live performances by mariah carey in which she went all the way to a G7# from many notes lower, note by note.
  • Caroline from Kingston, CanadaI highly doubt that Mariah Carey has the seven range octave that is claimed of her. Is there a recording of it? Four is remarkable of any singer. Most opera singers can barely make three, if that. I would say she is somewhere around four, maybe a bit over. I highly doubt she can hit A2... that's within Barry White's range.
  • Alan from Singapore, SingaporeCyndi Lauper is the only one with an 8-octave range that can beat her
  • Nancy Lalrinthari from Shillong, Indiaaccording to the Guiness Book of World Records Mariah carey possess an unique vocal range of 7 octaves(A2-G7#).... she has made a record never acheived in recorded music history
  • Ari from Elizabeth, NjMariah Carey's vocal range is an impressive six octaves.
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