No One Knows

Album: Was It Not (2020)


  • Marian Hill is the duo of Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd, who have known each other since middle school (where they starred as Marian Paroo and Harold Hill in a production of The Music Man, thus the name) but never dated. Many of their songs assume a persona lyrically, often a vixen type. "No One Knows" is far more personal - it's written from the perspective of Lloyd's longtime girlfriend.

    "I've been pretty lucky in love and my relationship with my girlfriend is amazing, but she came into it coming out of a really long relationship that she thought was going to be 'the one,'" Lloyd told Songfacts. "So for the first couple of years we were together it was still hard for her when I'd be like, 'You're the one and I'm feeling amazing about this.' She was feeling that way too but in the back of her mind there was this feeling like it could still all go to s--t. Like, 'I've been down this road before and I can't feel about it as you do,' and that was kind of the sentiment of the song."
  • Samantha Gongol was impressed by how Lloyd was able to explore a "dark, questioning space" in this song about his committed relationship. "It was a moment of reflection for us both in our professional lives and personal lives," she told Songfacts. "It definitely was emotional for me because we've all been in love and we've all seen it crumble, whether it was ready to go or whether it was before we were ready to let go of it."
  • Marian Hill were looking forward to performing this song live, but the Fates intervened when COVID-19 forced a lockdown shortly before their Was It Not EP was released on March 18, 2020.


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