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Album: Antichrist Superstar (1996)
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  • This song was a secret track on the album Antichrist Superstar. This track seemed to be a message from the persona displayed through the album.
  • The line, "When you are suffering know that I have betrayed you" is from the song "Antichrist Superstar." >>
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  • Neo Heimberger from PittsburghI like how this ends and begins with that quote "When you are suffering know that I have betrayed you"
  • Michael from NowEveryone know he is an angel of the most High sent to save your dog gone soul. A safety net for the lost sheep. the Satan comes dress in sheep's clothing. Do guess how Jesus be dressed . Danzig Ozzy typo 0 neg and alot more is Just Jesus giving you the truth . just
    Jesus Christ is the seed of David. Look and see how David got in touch and communicated with The Most High It's not called rock that roll for no thing. David danced before the Lord and played a Harp .Jesus Christ is my Rock then heavy metal is the alcem. Part we not going to get 8 talk about
  • Adam from Lancaster, PaThe beginning of the song says "You can build a better Messiah, we can dig another grave". This rather cynical concept closes off the album rather well. The track goes on to talk about "something" that "has burrowed in my chest", and that he has seen it, most likely a double reference, both to his Manson persona and the character of Little Horn in the album. There is no, as far as I can hear, line about "god groveling" in this track, but many parts are too distorted to make out.
  • Erin from Philadelphia, PaThis song can't be about God. It says, "God will grovel before me. God will crawl at my feet." It is most likely the Antichrist Superstar saying this.
  • Will from The Port, Walesthis song is supposed to be a transmission, presumably from god although the 'sender' is distorted by static ('this is *crackle*...). the very first part of the song appears to say 'messiah' possibly 'this is a message from your messiah'. it is supposed to be god telling the people that 'something' has grown in [his] chest' - either hate or disaffection - like a cancer ('i have seen it and its hard and cold' 'i tried to save you but this is what you deserve') he then seems to correct himself with 'this is what WE deserve', possibly a reference to'the reflecting god'. 'you are not a victim' could possibly mean that after the world ends everything will be better, but more probably either 'this is happening to everyone, not just you' is meant, or he's saying 'stop whining, its your own fault!'. 'these are the dying years' is a clear connection with the end of the world and, in mansons eyes, the end of god and possibly the end of himself. where he says 'fwaaah why-cum.... faaah' it doesnt mean anything when you play it backwards - ive tried - possibly a bit of mansons twisted sense of humour, or an early recording of 'when you are suffering...', as it appears he has learned it backwards, recorded it, then played the *recording* backwards so it says the word the right way, although in an eerie tone, if you see what i mean.
  • Matt from Valrico, FlAntichrist superstar starts and ends with the line When you are suffering know that I have betrayed you
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