Lights of Taormina

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  • This Tracker track reflects Mark Knopfler's knack for writing on the road and turning his experiences there into music. "Over the years I've learned to write on the go," he told Billboard magazine.

    Knopfler added that he started writing this song, "where I was actually sitting on this beautiful terrace, looking down at Taormina."
  • The popular tourist destination of Taormina is a small town on the east coast of the island of Sicily, Italy. Knopfler played at Taormina's ancient Greek theater on July 16, 2013.
  • Our guess is that Knopfler was looking down on Taormina from Hotel Villa Angela, which is owned by Jim Kerr, the lead singer of Simple Minds. Kerr fell in love with the island of Sicily when he visited on tour, and later set up the hotel, which is set on a hillside above Taormina.
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  • Paul from United StatesIn the CD booklet, the lyrics to this song are accompanied by a photo of Knopfler singing at the same microphone with Bob Dylan. Many of the song's lyrics seem to echo lines from Dylan's work: "seems like another lifetime," "her sweet señor," "the chimes of history," etc. It seems to me that the character in the song was at least partly inspired by Bob, who has toured with Mark frequently and worked with him on several projects starting in the late 1970's.
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