Meant To Be

Album: Knowing What You Know Now (2018)


  • Vocalist Becca MacIntyre told Kerrang the words for "Meant To Be" came "tumbling out" of her. She added: "It was a confidence thing. You know when somebody walks into a room and you get a feeling about them? Like, 'What is it about that person?' It's that. But also about that feeling amongst us that this is meant to be, we're having fun and were enjoying it. It was about everyone getting loose and letting life happen the way it was meant to."
  • This was the song on Knowing What You Know Now that took the longest to get right. Becca recalled to

    "We must have had seven or eight different choruses. I knew we had something great. But it took everyone else a long time to catch on. We'd had the song for a long time and it took a lot of jamming to get out. It was an instrumental at one point. So much work."


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