She Will Be Loved

Album: Songs About Jane (2002)
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  • This song tells the story of a girl who is dealing some issues and guy who is trying to help her work them out. "It's a song I wrote about a girl and a guy that I knew who had a tumultuous, troubled relationship," lead singer Adam Levine told Entertainment Tonight. "I was looking at it from an outsider's perspective. She was not in a good place. He was a really nice person and was very nurturing and supportive of her."
  • The video, directed by Sophie Muller ("This Love"), is more of a story about a man who is dating the daughter of a rich man. The rich man is married to a younger woman (Kelly Preston) who is having a secret affair with lead singer Adam Levine. >>
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  • Released as the third single from their debut album, "She Will Be Loved" was a breakthrough for Maroon 5, earning them a wider, more mature audience as it broke out on Adult Contemporary radio. According to Adam Levine, it was one of the fastest songs they ever wrote - composed in about an hour - and one they knew would be special. He described it as "lightning in a bottle."
  • The Songs About Jane album is named after Adam Levine's ex-girlfriend. He asked her permission to use the name.
  • The album was produced by Faith No More's Matt Wallace. >>
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  • According to, Levine's girlfriend at the time, Kelly, was furious with Adam's love scenes with Preston, who was his favorite actress. "He said, "Kelly Preston is a woman I would love to make out with in real life. My girlfriend was less than happy when I did the shoot." >>
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  • In 2011, Maroon 5 partnered with Snapple and launched a new flavor of the beverage called Tea Will Be Loved in support of the hunger-relief organization Feeding America.
  • This was one of the songs Maroon 5 included in their set at Super Bowl LIII (2019) when they performed at halftime.

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  • Silk1960 from OhioI might be 61 years young, but this song has more meaning at this point in my life than I can give it justice. Kids grown and gone. Just me. Aparrently, I am to be happy with just future grandchildren's love. I can't wait for them, but I need more. Grandmas are not to feel that way. This song is proof, I am not wrong. Every woman needs love. Thank you for the support. Gives older women hope. Take care of yourselves.
  • Neel from VirginiaOn the meaning of She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5, 2002):

    I've never watched the video and I don't think I want to. Therefore my opinion is solely based on the song.

    Beauty queen of only eighteen, she had some trouble with herself
    He was always there to help her, she always belonged to someone else

    I like the use of the pronouns here as Hung Phong said in another comment. The song starts from a 3rd person perspective, which the song stays as, talking about how this girl, who is so beautiful and is always being used by a guy, kept as a trophy, never really allowed to flourish on her own and for herself, always put down for trying.

    I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door
    I've had you so many times, but somehow I want more

    This part could have many meanings in my opinion, but I think it's almost literal. I think he could just be a guy around her age just weary from his own life, and he finds her and falls in love. They start a relationship, and at first, he's like those guys from before, just using her (this is somewhat like a friends-with-benefits thing). But he realizes a little later on why she's so broken and him wanting more is wanting her to have her own personality to go with his so that they can have something real.

    I don't mind spending every day
    Out on your corner in the pouring rain
    Look for the girl with the broken smile
    Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
    And she will be loved
    And she will be loved
    Tap on my window, knock on my door, I want to make you feel beautiful
    I know I tend to get so insecure, it doesn't matter anymore

    And so he really tries to fill her cup with compliments, support, building her up so that she can be something wonderful. All the while he's still insecure around her, even while her confidence is at her lowest because she's so beautiful. What he wants, essentially is for her to see herself how he sees her.

    It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along, yeah
    My heart is full and my door's always open, you come anytime you want, yeah

    The first of these two lines is about her teaching her that she doesn't have to let herself be put down by others, that things can get bad, but she can always keep her own self-confidence. The next line is more redundant, just saying that if she ever needs anyone to talk to and help her through that kind of difficulty, he's always there.

    I don't mind spending every day
    Out on your corner in the pouring rain
    Look for the girl with the broken smile
    Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
    And she will be loved
    And she will be loved
    And she will be loved
    And she will be loved


    I know where you hide, alone in your car
    Know all of the things that make you who you are
    I know that goodbye means nothing at all
    Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls, yeah

    She tries and tries to get away from him, but this time only because she feels she isn't good enough for him. Even then though, when she does manage it, it’s only ever temporary because she always goes back to him.

    Tap on my window, knock on my door, I want to make you feel beautiful
    I don't mind spending every day
    Out on your corner in the pouring rain, oh
    Look for the girl with the broken smile
    Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
    And she will be loved
    And she will be loved
    And she will be loved
    And she will be loved
    Yeah, yeah
    I don't mind spending every day (Ooh, ooh)
    Out on your corner in the pouring rain

    Chorus and End

    (Please don't try so hard to say goodbye)

    This last line refers back to the verse prior and says once more that she wants to leave him solely so that he can love someone better than herself.

    Everyone is welcome to have their own opinion, but I like this song is best by my meaning, and I hope you appreciate my thoughts as well.
  • Gypsy from New HampshireI think this video is beautiful and sexy
  • Sue from Los Angeles, CaI LOVE THIS SONG! I really do not like this video. I don't feel that it follows the meaning of the song at all. I believe the song is written about a young man who is in love with a troubled 18 year old "beauty queen" but she is always in love with someone else. Why would they make a video like this?? This is such a beautiful song. I wish they could have stayed true to the story line when they made a video.
  • Hung Phong from Ha Noi, Viet NamI loved this song for a long time. I don't really understand the lyrics but I think we should notice about the pronouns:
    "Beauty queen of only eighteen
    She had some trouble with herself
    He was always there to help her
    She always belonged to someone else"
    The author uses the pronouns "he" and "she" here. And in the other paragraph, the author uses "I" and "You".
    "I drove for miles and miles
    And wound up at your door
    I've had you so many times but somehow
    I want more"
    I don't talk about the movie but talk about the real meaning of the lyrics. I think it's about the eighteen-girl (refer by "she") is the daughter of a woman (refer by "you") and a man who love this woman (is referred by "I"). The man and the woman already broke up, so the man only can care about them but can not live with them.
    By this opinion, you can understand easily the following paragraph:
    "I don't mind spending everyday
    Out on your corner in the pouring rain
    Look for the girl with the broken smile
    Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
    And she will be loved
    She will be loved"
    We can see that the girl (the daughter) went out and the man (I) and the woman (you) need to find her. And the man hopes that the girl will be loved. He cares about her very much. May be they are a family before, but now the man can only come to see and care about those women for a while.
    "I know where you hide
    Alone in your car
    Know all of the things that make you who you are
    I know that goodbye means nothing at all
    Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls"
    This paragraph let us know exactly about the relationship between the man and the woman.
    "I know that goodbye means nothing at all" They are broke up, but the man still loves and cares much about those women (the mom and the daughter)
    "Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls" Every time the daughter faces a problem, the woman call the man for help.
    For the rest of the lyrics, you can understand easily by this point of view. Tell me if you have other idea :D
  • Mj Bach from Hollywood, FlFinally after all these years I actually bothered to watch the video. I wish I hadn't. It's interesting how everyone seems to keep missing that he's sleeping around with his girlfriend's mother. (Notice how both women have the same eyes at the end on the song- also he's part of "the family" which is why he sees the way the sugar daddy husband treats the mom). I think the video triangle is gross but still a lovely song. . .he does pick the cougar- in the end thought.
  • Exzur from Naga City, PhilippinesIn my opinion: I think the song writer would simply tell us that what ever it takes a woman should always be loved.
  • Emma from London, United Kingdomi think this song is about drugs..her troubles are she is a drug user that will sell herself to feed her habbit " Out on your corner in the pouring rain" ...... " comes back and begs me to catch her everytime she falls "... i.e When she is on a come down...... and she will always feel loved when taking drugs ........And the old man in the video is her pimp lol
  • Idina from Manhattan, NyI think the song is about a guy who's best friend is a girl. She is always dating other guys who don't treat her right, and would run to him. He would comfort her and he loved her, and is waiting for her to realize that she loves him too. Although, the music video says completely different, but the music video isn't what I got from the song. Hope that this helped.
  • Elizabeth from St. Helens, OrThis song is actually about a boy that has a forbidden love. A young girl is married to an old rich man, and he is beating her. She runs to the boy when she gets beaten, but tells him that she loves the man and she can't be with the boy. She repeatedly runs to him when the man beats her, and yet again she says she can't be with him. They end up having a love affair, and thats where "he wants her more" He's saying that one day, someone will truly love her, and that man will be him. This is MY opinion on the storyline of this song..
  • Terry from Grafon, WiThis song is reminds me of my friend Ryan. We have been floating in and out of each others lives now for 10 plus years. Summer of 2005 I went through a terrible break up and he was there for me. He made me feel loved when I felt unlovable. When I was with someone, he was single. When I was single, he was with someone. It never worked for us, but he never failed to make me feel like I was someone special. Some of the lines in the song truly mirror that time frame for me. I literally used to drive around for miles and miles and I would always end up on his door step. And he always made me feel beautiful. We never went out together and did anything spectacular, but some how, just being with him was enough.
  • Ever from Washington Dc, DcThe song can't be about a prostitute. The song is to sweet and loving for that. He loves the girl but she only wants him as a friend. When her other boyfriends treat her bad, he is always there to mend her heart. He might of had sex with her but then their relationship never went anywhere or she uses him as a "friends with benefits".
  • Kaisi from Shanghai, ChinaI don't really like its video like I do the song itself. Find it hard for me to believe that this song should actually have something to do with a love affair between a guy and the mamma of his gf. But wiki provides me with such a crazy explanation, too. Anyway, to be honest, I prefer the first explanation here:
    "This is about a guy who has a best friend who is always someone else's girlfriend. He knows everything about her and she runs tohim every time one of her relationships goes bad. He keeps saving her because he secretly loves her. He'll do anything for her even though she hurts him by leading him on. He's waiting for her to realize what a mistake she is making with all the other guys."

    The song is beautiful but the video..well, perhaps it does only have something to do with my own taste.
  • Kevin from Rankin, OhI dont personally think this but my friend had an interesting view of the song when he first heard it. he said it half jokingly but it still made sense. WHat if in this song he was in love with a prostitute ? Out in the corner in the pouring rain. broken smile. ask her to stay a while. ive had you before but i want more. its not always rainbows and butterflys. So what my friend was saying its almost liek a forbidden love. but he doesnt care he loves her. she has a hard and terrible life but he loves her to death
  • Ann from Beverly Hills, CaI am unsure as to whether or not Levine's girlfriend's name was Kelly.
    I know for sure that the actress who plays the young girl in the music video was Levine's girlfriend at the time. On wikipedia it says that the actress's name was Corrine Carrey. Again, I don't really know what the girl's name was. I only know for sure that that was Levine's girlfriend.
    I LOVE THE SONG. not so much the music video though.
  • Ivana from Edgewood, MdThis song is really pretty!!! It makes me think of finding that special someone and falling in love. Also, this was a good song to associate with The Notebook kiss in the MTV music awards.
  • Beloved from Madison, WiI love this song for the message in of itself. When I feel loved, sometimes I hear it/ start humming it. This happened again tonight when my friends listened to me, reached out and gave me advice and care. How special a song can come to mind and remind me that I am loved.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnI love/hate this song. The video is great.
  • Crystal from Dallas, Txthe song is about a very "special" girl who has been followed and "watched" nearly her entire life by a man. He stayed behind the scenes and could not intervine. 15 years later she ends up married to a lawyer who ends up not being the prince she thought, he beat her and was mixed up in a big drug ring, the man that watches her has to witness this and is helpless... until she makes a run from her monster lawyer husband, after she ran, her husband has her kidnaped by his thugs for a year.. the "watcher" man is able to go undercover and offer aid in the sense that he becomes her touch stone during this time, her smile is truely broken, literally from the wear of beatings and starvation. She is love to every house she enters during her captivity, she decided that she would turn every bit of evil that was happening to her life into LOVE. She was love... oh wait that is not a song... it is my life.
  • Steph from Claverack, NyI think it's more of a song about devotion- caring so much, you can't go away. The true intensity that real love brings. When sense would tell you to walk away,you HAVE to stay. It's all about the past, not able to leave. Devotion.
  • Ronald from St. Louis, Mothis song, not the video, is how i feel my relationship is with my best friend I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HER, AND LOVE HER
  • Maddie from New York, NyI think this song is about a guy and girl who have been good friends for a long time and he is telling her that he has always secretly had a crush on her after her past relationships didn't work out.
  • Alarna from Sydney, Australiai found the video to be about a guy who is dating a daughter but isn't really interested in her his more interested in her mother. The mother is also very unhappy in her marriage and seeks comfort in her daughters boyfriend. it then turns into an affair and the mother becomes jealous (at the end when she can't handle it) and then the daughter finds out and the guy is made to choose the mother (who's married) or her daughter.

    great song love it! i love the beat at the very start of the song
  • Trina from Faketown, NyThis is the best song ever. When I first heard the song, I fell in love with it. When I heard the SONG I wasn't sure how to interpret it, and thought that it was about a guy who had a friend who was a girl who slept around, and was desperately in love with her mind, not her body, and was willing to help her out with everything that she needed help with. Then I saw the MUSIC VIDEO, and I interpreted it differently: that a guy's dating a rich girl whose mother is way younger than her father. The mother is abused by the father and seeks refuge and love, and the guy's around, and he feels bad for her and is partially under her spell, and has a fling with her. In the end, he has to choose: the girl who wants him, or the woman who needs him?

    And who says both can't be right?
  • Lauricedlp from Quezon, PhilippinesMaroon 5, "She Will Be Loved"

    I know this may sound like the craziest explanation ever, but that is what i thought the moment I heard this song. I treated it like a poem because that what songwriters do at first.

    "Beauty quenn of only eighteen."
    -Obviously, the speaker is in love with this girl.
    "She had some trouble with herself"
    -I think this is money problems.
    "He was always there to help her, she always belonged to someone else. I drove for miles nd miles and wound up at your door."
    "I've had her for so many times and somehow i want more"
    -This isthe point where i think that the girl is a prostitute. it may sound crazy but sensible.
    ""she will be loved"
    -It's because she will be truly loved by a man. not by lust, but love.
    "my heart is full but my door's always opn."
    -he cares about this girl.
    may sound crazy, but once you peice it all together it's true.
  • Anonymous from Belfast, United KingdomThis is my opinion on the meaning of this song: but it's probably not what it actually means:


    'Beauty queen of only eighteen' - shows the person is talking about a girl who that person loves is really young and looks about only 18 years old.
    'had some trouble with herself' - shows that the girl wasn't always cheerful and happy she did had some problems that made her felt emotional.
    'he was always there to help her. she always belonged to someone else' - shows there always someone else out there to help her and she always someone elses and you can't be with her..even though you love her..
    'i drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door'- shows that the person has droven for miles or has walked for miles to just to see her.. perhaps only a short while and then you'll won't see her again until a while..
    'i've had you so many times but somehow i want more' - shows that the person has seen her many times but realises it isn't enough and is wanting more...

    'i don't mind spending everyday , out on your corner in the pouring rain'- shows the person doesn't mind waiting and spending everyday waiting for her to come back ('cause she's left') or waiting to see her again.
    'look for the girl with a broken smile ask her if she wants to stay awhile' - shows that the person keep and eye out for her and if she is sad the person would have the guts to ask her if she's okay.
    'and she will be loved'- shows she will be loved by someone (probably she doesn't someone does) -

    'tap on my window knock on my door i want to make you feel beautiful' - shows that the persons wishes her to knock on the door or the window and wishing you to feel beautiful everytime you do knock the door or see that person.
    'i know i tend to get so insecure but it doesn't matter anymore'- shows that the person is feeling insecure and know's she is going to leave someday ..but the person knows that so it doesn't matter anymore..'cause the person knows it will be heartbreaking.'
    'it's not always rainbows and butterflies it's compromise moves us along' - shows that it's not always the happiness and good things they've been through that is making them get along it's actually compromise.
    'My heart is full and my doors always open you come anytime you want' - shows that the person is waiting for you and will forever until you come back or just to be seen by the person.


    'i KNOW where you hide alone in your car know all of things that make you who you are' - shows that the person knows where she is hiding perhaps hiding from that person because she knows that this person likes her.
    'i know that goodbye means nothing at all' - shows that when she leaves and says goodbye it doens't mean anything to the person but feeling heartbroken.
    'comes back and beg me to catch her everytime she falls' - the person hopes she will come back one day and beg him/her to help her everytime she isn't feeling great.

    tap on my window knock on my door
    i want to make you feel beuitful.


    'please don't try so hard to say goodbye'(background) - shows that the person is begging her when she leaves to move one and not try so hard to say goodbye to him/her, but does wishes her not to forget him/her.

    At the end : 'try so hard to say goodbye' - shows although the person tells her not to try so hard to say goodbye and remember to move on..and he/her will be waiting for her until she return, he/her is heartbroken that she's gone and can't move on..and trying so hard to say goodbye to her...but the only way he/her knows is wait oneday she will come back..or you might see her somewhere...for a short while..
  • Liz from Worcester, MaWhen my current fiance and I became close friends, I was dating someone I was happy with for a while, and in the second year, he started to treat me really badly. I always found myself running to my current everytime I had a big problem, and, in the end, when I was in pieces, he was there for me. We had been secretly in love with each other for a while, while my prior deteriorating relationship was still going on. Though I never cheated, and I never told him before my relationship was over, we used to listen to this song together. Keeping with the theme, our favorite movie to watch together was Moulin Rouge. If you love this song as much as I do, you'll definitely appreciate that movie.
    As for the video, it makes me really sad because it's so tragic in that, you know it's not going to have a happy ending.
    In the "friend
  • Caitlin from Martinez, GaThe music video is said to be a hats off to the 1967 movie "The Graduate" starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. While there are differences, such as the young man's affair with the older woman is given a more sympathetic spin, and in the movie the woman manipulates the boy into the affair, the general principle is the same; the young man must choose between the girl or her mother, who is married.
  • Jim from Rossville, IlI really like this song it reminds me of one of my female friends .....I kind of think it is about a guy who falls in love with a prostitute."I've had you so many times before but some how i want more."

    I think this song is about a guy and a girl who are close friends. The girl who gets herself into an abusive realationship. The boy tries over and over to get her out of it because he's secretly in love with her, but everytime she starts falling for him she ends up going back to her boyfriend. Even though she leads him on he still loves her and trys to "catch her everytime she falls". In an ideal world the girl would fall in love with the guy and the live happily ever after. The other possibility is that the abuser ends up killing the girl. I, however, see the glass half full and think they end up together. Honestly, I don't think that the song is talking about a slutty girl, just a confused one. I love this song so much but the video does it no justice, it's far to harsh and does make the girl seem like a whore but I really think that that is 100% the wrong idea!!! Thanks for reading! :)
  • Katie from Temecula, Caits a pretty good song its not about a whore or anything its about this guy who has a friend whos always someones girlfriend and everytime her relationship goes bad she goes 2 him 4 support the only reason he does it becuze hes in love with her and she breakes his hearty becuze she will never b his girlfriend....poor adam
  • Terr from Augusta, Gathis song reminds me of my ex boy freind. we use to sing it all the time together, it ringed when he called my phone, we broke up and this was all i would lissen to for awhile. then i stopped lissening to it, so everyonce in a while i would here this song on the radio and then a few days later he would call me, email me, or i would run into him. its weird. Nows hes in the navy and this song comes on and i get a letter, or i hear this song and he calls me. When i hear, "its not all ways rainbows and butterflys its compromise that moves us along... my heart is full and my doors always open you come anytime you want" i know my richard my highschool sweet heart is coming back to me somehow again.
  • Julia from Indianapolis, Inthis was the song that my husband and i danced too at our wedding.... i believe if you listen to the chorus you can really feel the passion and the heart that the lead singer feels for another person. thank you maroon 5 for creating something that made my wedding so special.
  • Ibelin from Norway, NorwayI want to know the name of the daughter her real name i wonder who she is
  • Steve from Los Angeles, CaThis song is about some chump that loves some girl that's his friend and he keeps following her around while she drums on him with all her relationship issues. Come on dude, get a life!!!
  • Doug from Balintore, Scotlandouch - very high voice at chorus, it really pierces your eardrums
  • Faye from Waldorf, MdI believe this song is very sensual, it's only a song with words that are incorporated into the music. It's fantasy if anything, and I believe we can all relate to that. I have to agree with one person who commented that the singer is in a relationship with a young girl of eighteen, whose mother gets a little tipsy and flirts with younger men due to the fact that her rich and "older" husband can't be bothered. He's torn between the youthful more attractive girl, and the mature desirable older woman, the girls mother. It's a great song.
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjTHis song is so sweet. Ever time I hear it, i feel like i am gonna fall inlove.
  • Sasha from Melbourne, AustraliaThis song DEFINITELY sounds like he's falling for a prostitute...
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis song is so good. Maroon 5 is cool.
  • Kara from Nyc, NyJake Gyllenhaal actually used this song as inspiration on the set of his movie moonlight mile.
  • Alex from Bayville, NjI agree this song is amazing and beautiful. 2 thumbs way up!!

    I met Adam from Maroon 5. He's sooo kewl
  • Jason from Anaheim, CaThis song is a winner when it comes to relating about this girl i know! She is definitely the girl in the video and she doesn't know what she is missing out. We consider each other as bestfriends and i'll always catch her everytime she falls. That i promise.
  • Galina from New London, CtGreat song, but when my friend tries to sing or dance to it she kills it with a split and shimmy.
  • Lauren from Philadelphia, Pathat person that said this song got messed up by the band REALLY needs some help... it waqs not messed up at all. n whoeevr said that this song is about Natalie Portman is obbiously not a true fan
    why would a song about natalie portman be on a cd titled "songs about jane"
    this song is amazing and i think adam and james wrote it with alot of passion. adam must have really loved jane
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ilwell if he had a girl and he is cheeting on them both i dont get it. well whatever this group did with this song messed it up. and i still like this song. and no affense. and this group did what they had to do.
  • James from Beverly Hills, CaThe song isn't about Adam. It's telling the story of a relationship that Adam's friend had with a girl. Look around the internet for interviews with him, Adam says it in one.
  • Kara from Great Neck, Nyi heard that this song was about Natalie Portman and that adam levine and her dated briefly. i dont know if it is true.
  • Eric from Orlando, FlThis song is a complete ripoff of Cheap Trick's "The Flame". Almost note for note. Check it out...
  • Ingrid from Hialeah, FlLook ppl eveyone thinks different about songs and I think this 1 is great!! what really matters is that the song is adorable...n no u ppl who think iz about a whore UR ALL WRONG!!! Adam was soo descent to even ask if he could use the name Jane for the cd.....SO STOP BEING SOO NEGATIVE...
  • Meghan from Anchorage, TxAnchorage, AK/ SMALL TOWN, TEXAS
  • Meghan from Anchorage, TxWhen it comes to relationships, "Tap on window knock on my door, I want to make you feel beautiful. I know I tend to get so insecure, doesn't matter anymore. IT'S NOT ALWAYS AND BUTTERFLIES, IT'S COMPROMISE THAT MOVES US ALONG. My heart is full and my door's always, you come anytime you want..." and that is something I actually live by....Sorry Maroon 5 if that is not what this song is about. This song taught to appreciate what is right in front of me, and to live for it. To each is there own.
  • Luc from Nottingham, Englandi like this song because of the lyrics and Adams voice is quite good
  • Kara from Moro, IlI love this song because it sounds a lot like me. Everyone always says I'm pretty but I think I'm like circus freak ugly. I also have really bad relationships.
  • Erica from Staten Island, NyMaroon 5 "She Will Be Loved"
    Everytime I hear this song I get very emotional and it brings back great memories from the summer of 2004. I absolutley loved this song and that summer me and this boy Franky had become best friends and everytime he heard this song he called me and left me a message. Last October he had committed suicide and now that I listen to this song it describes our relationship. He was always there for me night and day and I had a boyfriend but regardless we were always together and what not. We never told eachother how we felt but he had written me and letter and in it he told me he loved me but didn't want to tell me because he respected me, I felt the same way. In any case he wrote to me always remember, " I don't mind spending everyday.." you know the rest, that song always reminded me of you. So this is why I love this song. It has a deep meaning for me.
  • Casie from Denver, CoI dont get it,is the chick that Adam always hangs out with his gf and then he falls for the other chick because I dont really get it.
  • Lauren from Greenville, ScThis song is about a man who is in love with a prostitute...He will do anything for her. She always belongs to someone else because that's part of her work.
  • Karla from New York, Nythis song is awsome..!! the people who thinks that is about a guy who's is falling in love whit a whore is because they can't understand the meanning and their mind is so closed just for think in things whitout a sense.
  • Person from San Luis Obispo, CaThis song is awsome! One of my favorites. It has a meaning that lots of people can understand and a good message. This is one of there best songs!
  • Cindy from Sydney, United StatesI LOVE this song!!!! OMG, I know that this was released like ages ago but I am absolutely in love with it. It has a deep meaning.
    People say that it is about this washed up girl... I don't agree. It is about a guy who will go through any length to do something for someone he loves, to help her and be there for her like in the line "She had some problems with her self... He was always there to help her,"
    and "I don't mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain," as if to say 'I don't mind waiting for you to notice me even through bad times,' or whatever. It depends on how you interperate it. At least they are writing about an issue people could relate to... unlike some artists today.
  • Salbel from Los Angeles, Lathis song is the best song that maroon 5 have. it doesnt sound like adam loves a whore. you people need to learn some english and learn how to interpret lyrics in the right way.
    if you cant say something nice then dont say it at all.
  • Mary from Ann Arbor, MiOh, Ick. A song about a man cheating with a poor pathetic loser who begs to be rescued.
    She belongs to someone else? Then she's not yours! Stand in the rain? Drove for miles and miles? Stay home with your own girlfriend, not coveting someone else's.
    This is an awful song and should be a country song instead, with its hideous infidelity/Knight in Shining Armor/poor pitiful girl subject matter.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaGood song...but why does Maroon 5's lead singer always hook up with hot chicks in his videos? Just wonderin cuz that guys my hero if he doesnt tell people to have that in his just happens. If he orchestrates as well.
  • Mary from Austin, TxI absolutely love this song. It's one of my faves.
  • Jessica from Broken Bow, OkThis song is very special to me because I was that very girl in the song and I didn't realize what I had right in front of me. I love you Tim G.
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanYes the lyrics sound like he's falling in love with a slut. such as "Look for the grrl with the broken smile" is a refrance to how sluts smile" and "I don't mind standing everyday" is the slut waiting for him.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesReleased in 2002?! I didn't know that Maroon 5 even existed then - they didn't release this in the UK until late 2004!
  • Sophie from St. Louis, Mo"I know that goodbye means nothing at all,
    Comes back and begs me to catch her everytime she falls" I think this part is him being very devoted and this song makes me sad because he says "She always belonged to someone else." and i know this feeling.
  • Amy from Mays Landing , Nji totally agree with you Annabeth

  • Colin from Columbia, MdEverytime I hear this song, it reminds me of the life of Princess Diana. Read the lyrics with her in mind, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
  • Ivan from Obregon, MexicoHi, this is my first post here, could anyone tell me what is the name of the girl in the video, the young girl, the one with the pretty eyes, thanks...
  • Annabeth from Kutztown, PaI'm sorry, and so many people are going to hate me for saying this, but when I hear this song it sounds like he's singing about falling in love with a whore. I mean, come on "Out on your corner in the pouring rain." "She had some trouble with herself." This is the poster-child song for the book "Ten Stupid Things Men Do To Mess Up Their Lives." Hate me if you will, I don't care. This is my opinion.
  • Gabe from Utica, NyThe actor Jake Gyllenhaal is best friends with the singer in Maroon 5, and this is his favorite song as well as mine. It has so much compassion and deep feeling in it. I love it.
  • Hassan from Nyc, NyI really like this song, and i mean it kind of relates to me-----Yea Ian you should know i guess, well anyway it's one of my favorrites, and i really liek it.........this is to you elana, to understand how i feel about you, i will help you any way, but plases do only one thing for me.
  • Kathleen from Berthierville, CanadaThis song is amazing... It's one of my favorite songs...
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