Passing Through

Album: Jaggedland (2009)
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  • Crenshaw wrote this with pop singer-songwriter Kelley Ryan, formerly known by the moniker astroPuppees. Ryan covered the song on her 2017 album, Telescope. In a Songfacts interview, she explained how the track came together: "Marshall had a melody and the title and a very specific idea about what he wanted it to be about. I wrote a few words for it but it is mostly his baby. I took it as a song about non-permanence and treasuring each and every moment in our fleeting lives. It's just a cool, loping reminder to be in the moment. Enjoy memories, yes, but be in the moment. It is really all we have."
  • While writing this, Crenshaw imagined walking the streets of New York with his wife, Ione. He told Stereo Embers Magazine: "The song is sort of a dream-like description of Ione and me walking through all the neighborhoods we used to live in – the song also contemplates mortality, talks about ghosts, etc... It's a place we both love, and we never want to be too far away from it."


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