Just Kids

Album: Just Kids (2015)


  • This song is about the importance of approaching life and relationships with a childlike faith. Mat Kearney explained to New Release Tuesday: "I think we're all trying to unlearn some stuff. Some of the ingredients that went into making us who we are aren't so good, and I think 'Just Kids' is this kind of idea of... if I would have met you before these things happened in my life, things that kind of scarred me or taught me how not to trust or not how to love. That's it; I'm trying to get to that place. It's really about healing too, I guess."
  • Kearney explained to Paste magazine why he made this his title track of his fifth album. "I've been in Nashville now for a long time - my parents have moved here, and my little brother moved here, and I think when my parents moved here some of those physical roots that tie you to your hometown felt like they were severed," he said. "On a lot of this record, I found myself exploring my hometown and upbringing and kind of the things that shape you in your past and that shape you today."

    "It's like a love letter to my hometown," he added. "'Just Kids' is sort of about that season of your life, where you're middle school, cement is still wet emotionally for a lot of things that'll be there for the rest of your life. I guess I'm thinking about those kinds of topics."


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