Bright Lights

Album: More Than You Think You Are (2002)
Charted: 23


  • This is about a girl who wants a career in acting. Her boyfriend loves her, but wants her to be happy so he lets her go, even though he obviously doesn't think she should be there and wants her to come home. He's letting her know that if she can't make it, he'll be there to help her. >>
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  • Anonymous from Texassomeone said that Rob Thomas said it was about his wife when he was making it big. He was not married when he was just getting started. He did go through a break up. She did not want to deal with him being on the road and she was getting harassed by his groupies. Not sure if that song was written about this..i can't remember when he actually did get married either.
  • Chelsea from Phoenix , Az- Katie I saw that video on youtube when Rob was explaining about that the song was directed to his wife, he is such a genius, love all his songs!!
  • Sydney from Dallas, TxI really like this song. Except sometimes it makes me tear up. I don't know why. I think in the last verse, when he is begging the girl to come on home. That really hits me. Overall, a really amazing song.
  • Katie from Dallas, TxI saw them in concert. Rob Thomas actually explained this. He wrote the song for his wife when he was trying to make it as a singer. He wrote it from the perspective of his wife because that is what she told him when he wanted to go.
  • Anthony from Long Island, NyDon't know if this is the real meaning - but this is how I took some parts...

    "Took all except my name" She did not marry him. He tried to keep her from leaving though.

    "Another alien on broadway" Outsiders who come to New York can be spotted nearly instantly (this is my observation being from NY).

    He obviously does not want her in New York and feels it will overwhelm her. This, while he also speaks of "a scar [he] can talk about" which signifies his first real broken heart.

    When all said and done, he is worried and heartbroken. She is pursuing a dream and he is not included in it and is merely a picture now.
  • Anthony from Long Island, NyI do not take this song as literal as maybe I should and I will explain.

    I feel it is a about a girl who broke up with him for no reason but keeps him stringing along. He think he is searching for something better and more glamorous.

    "She keeps a picture of me in her aprtment in the city." - The girl does what a lot of girls at times and says that she loves him but she just cannot be with him. She still keeps his pictures and everyhting but they are not together.

    New York City is a scary place (for those who do not know it). He or she is scared and NYC is a metephor.

    "But some things in this world
    Man, they don't make sense" The whole breakup makes no sense to him. She says she love shim then why are the broken up? He just wants her back so he can have his security blanket.

    This song really just makes sense and made sense when thinking of losing a past girlfriend after a long time.
  • Jeff from Syracuse, Nythis song is all about the guy. he knows he cant ever have her....he had her for awhile and he shpuld be happy.....she needs bigger and better things...if ur a good guy u are always gunna have a good scar
  • AnonymousThe pain this song can evoke is amazing. But, whenever I hear it, I wonder why the guy in the song didn't just go with her. (Unless the city isn't an acutal city, but a symbol for "all that glitters". In which case, it makes sense. She's left him for what she thinks is biger and better (relationships) and he wants her to know he'll wait for her (because he believes she's going to realize she made a mistake and he's the one for her.)) I don't know. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  • Tim from Milestone, CanadaThis song has specail meaning for me it reminds me of my friend Courtney, she was supposed to go to NY on a VBall scholorship, she ended up somewhere else in the states but since she was a really good friend of mine it reminds me of distances between us, i can't wait till she comes back to party with me
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtTotally agree with Nathan. Not as bad as the meaning to "Disease" someone conjured up, my God...
  • Stephanie from Ellicott City, Mdthis song reminds me of one of my ex's. we kind of had a reverse situation - i left the big city for the country in order to attend college, and he gave me this whole speech about how much he loved me, and how much he wanted me to like school. in the end, though, it turned out he wanted me to drop out because he couldn't deal with "all he was up against out in this world" without me. and i couldn't take that kind of dependence. i was only 18 ... i couldn't tie myself down to someone who begged me every step of the way to come home and take care of him. i wonder what he's doing now ...
  • Jo from Newcastle, AustraliaMakes sense. Broadway is also a suburb in Sydney, right near the Uni- helluva LOT of 'aliens' there!
  • Sarah from Charlottesville, VaI think that they are right about what the song is about. This girl wants to become famous and her boyfriend accepts that, but if she fails, she's welcome to come home.
  • Nathan from Spokane, WaIt isn't necessarily about someone who wants an acting career, but more about someone who is attracted to the big city lifestyle. The line "another alien on Broadway" can refer to Broadway street, not the theatre.
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