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  • This song about finding love and joy is the second single by the American Alternative Rock band Matchbox Twenty, taken from their fourth studio album, North. Drummer Paul Doucette told Billboard magazine about the writing process for the set. "There would be guitars and pianos lying around and someone would spark an idea and then someone else would go, oh that's great, try this," he said. "There's no real set pattern on how it worked. Whenever things really started to dive down and we weren't really coming up with anything, we'd think of a game to try to get it going again. One thing we did was, we got a little stuck, so we were like, "Let's start in the key of A," and we wrote a song in every single key."
  • The song's music video begins with a married couple and their family, and moves in reverse to show the first meeting of the pair in elementary school. It turns back around and moves forward showing them dating, getting wed and starting a family. It ends with the elderly man and woman dancing in their kitchen.
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