• The Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby hadn't released any music in almost two years following the successes of his EPs Into the Flame (2011) and Resolution (2013). Corby explained in his Songfacts interview why he threw away his original attempt at his debut record. "I heard all the stuff that I didn't like about myself in it," he said. "I realized that I didn't want that to be the representation of anything out in the world, because music has power. If you believe it or not, I don't know, but people's lives can be changed by it."

    Corby ended up locking himself away in isolation for two months in a cottage in NSW Australia to record what would become his first album, Telluric. He revealed in a newsletter to his fans why he spent such a lengthy amount of time creating new music. "It took me this long to get to a point where I was happy with my standard of musicianship, so I could write and play most, if not all the music myself," he wrote. "Enough time has also passed now for me to clear my head of everything that I've done before, reboot, and have the balls to do it again."

    "Monday" was the first song released from Telluric in late 2015, but was actually one of the last ones written for the album. It came to fruition in just 10 minutes during the process of Corby trying to figure out how to record vocal loops alone. He would play the vocal loops back so he could write in that moment while still producing harmonies with just his voice.
  • Corby wrote in the newsletter to his fans that "Monday" was "somewhat of an admittance to failure." We asked him to expand on that thought. "I meant it was my declaration of being a flawed person, and that's okay," he explained. "We've all got s--t to work on and we've all got problems that are going on around us. It's easier to talk about it and be vulnerable than to keep it in and pretend like you're doing well because that's not a concept that actually exists in the human paradigm. You can be in community and making the right decisions, which I guess is doing well, but this life frequency goes up and down all the time. No one is perfect. So it's just nice to give a little philosophical statement about where you're at and I guess that's 'Monday.'"
  • The title "Monday" never appears in the lyrics of the song. Any line Corby tried to pick from the tune felt cheesy to him, so he just chose that word to be the name of it.
  • Corby returned to the cottage where he recorded Telluric to film the music video for "Monday," which he performed live in one take.


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