One Less

Album: Story Of Your Life (2010)


  • This is a track from Story Of Your Life, the fourth full-length studio album by CCM artist Matthew West. The singer/songwriter turned to his fans via web and radio for songwriting material for the record, asking them to submit their stories of restoration, celebration, pain, hope and more. He received around ten thousand replies from across the world. While many of the tales were dark, others were very uplifting. This song, for instance, relates the hope for children who are adopted and the idea that as each is adopted, there is one less child waiting for his or her loving home. "I thought at first the record was going to be very down," West admitted to The Boot. "But in the end, it is perhaps the most hopeful record I've ever made. It has given me the chance to be the messenger and storyteller and relate other people's stories to the world."


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