99 Ways To Die

Album: Hidden Treasures (1995)
  • This song is about Gun Violence in America. "A playground of illusion... No one plays they only die" Could mean that children could bring a gun to a park and shoot everyone.
  • The Music Video demonstrates the meaning of the song, for it shows facts about guns, and how dangerous they are to children. >>
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    Nicholos - Farmville, VA, for above 2

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  • Cody from Kansas City, MoI don't think the song is about gun violence, but about trying to commit suicide. I mean, just look at the lyrics. "The gun in my mouth was real, and the taste, it blew my mind," (Which, as Derek mentioned, is genius) "In a black tie and straight jacket, man, I'm gonna try again," "Down another glass of courage and a shot of thorazine," "Taunting rigor mortis, I feel it draw in me," etc.
  • Derek from Flin Flon, MbGreat example of mustaines lyrical talent...

    "The gun in my mouth was real, and the taste blew my mind"

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