Foreclosure of a Dream

Album: Countdown to Extinction (1992)
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  • This lyrics were mainly written by bass player David Ellefson, whose family ran a farm in Hartland, Minnesota, but lost it to foreclosure. Ellefson blamed the policies of President Ronald Reagan for allowing the agricultural corporations to drive family farms out of business.

    "It was speaking specifically about the hardships that the farmers were having, that started when I left home in 1983 when I went to California," Ellefson said in his Songfacts interview. "It was a three-year time when we saw Farm Aid and really the implosion of the farming community that was largely based on Ronald Reagan's policies. It was the Cold War during the Ronald Reagan era - I believe there were sanctions against Russia where we stopped shipping grain over to Russia, which caused this surplus, which of course caused prices to crash and farmland to decrease in value."
  • This song has a very specific inspiration, but according to Ellefson, it can apply to anyone whose dreams are shattered by economic hardship, especially when it's due to political intervention. When the song was released, America was in the midst of recession and many people were struggling.
  • This politically charged song remained pertinent many years after Megadeth recorded it. When the band toured in 2012, it was included in their setlist, with Mustaine often introducing the song by saying its message of economic hardship was just as relevant 20 years later.
  • The title came from something Ellefson and Mustaine saw on the TV in 1986 when they were visiting Ellefson's parents in Minnesota after making the Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? album. In 1991, they thought of the title when they started working on the Countdown to Extinction album, so they turned it into a song.

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  • Terry from Kennesaw, GaI'm glad I finally looked up the meaning, that's pretty interesting. For a while I thought it was about not letting your dreams die. Or "foreclosure" on your dreams, aka keeping them from others, basically hiding them so they never have the legs to blossom.
  • Deidre from InEllefson is correct to a point, but it's not Reagan. TPP was coming around. Reagan was trying to end the Cold War and wanted amendments in TPP because he knew it was detrimental to the U.S. TPP had a different name, and then came NAFTA with Clinton. Mr. I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman, did not make ANY of the proposed changes and signed NAFTA to deal. Mexico was in a drug war (how rare) and their president was indicted. Bill took advantage of his position and people and pushed the globalist agenda further. Get the facts Ellefson. I get it, I grew up that same time and on a farm. You can't just say one person, Reagan. No and there were amendment proposals. Trans Pacific Partnership..(UGH)
  • Travis from Charleston, WvJustin, why do you think anyone here cares?

    Moving on, go watch the music video if you have any doubts. It makes it pretty clear.
  • Jeff from La Pine, Ori thought this song was pretty good the mellow acoustica parts and the lyrics are amazing
  • Justin from Moncton, NbOh Yeah, The Former Bassist Dave Ellefson Helped out A New Band From Toronto a little.. they're Called Warmachine, Their Awesome Too..Check them out ( - or - :D
  • Justin from Moncton, NbThis Song Is Awesome..Most Megadeth Songs Are Though, If You Listen To Them Well..And Freaky (where both from moncton Ashley) lol
  • Slayking from Santiego, ChileI really dont know why, but ive allways thought of this song-a great one, i must add- as a love song about deep loss.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis is my favourite Megadeth song. I'm not a real fan, but this song is awesome.
  • Mike from Santa Cruz, CaDave Mustaine needs a podium.
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