High Speed Dirt

Album: Countdown to Extinction (1992)


  • This song is about skydiving, which Dave Mustaine was into at the time - he said it helped replace his unhealthy addictive behavior.

    Bass player David Ellefson and drummer Nick Menza also got into it, but guitarist Marty Friedman took some coaxing. He agreed to jump if the album went platinum, and when it did, he made the leap.
  • Dave Mustaine wrote this song with the band's bass player, David Ellefson. In our interview with Ellefson, he said: "Dave and I talked about buzzwords and the lingo used in and around the skydiving community. So he was throwing some ideas to me and then I would go home and pen the lyric, and bring it back in for him."
  • The title refers to what happens to a skydiver when his parachute doesn't deploy: you hit the dirt at very high speed and most likely die.

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  • Shannon from Pheonix, Azit was on an episode of headbangers ball back in the early 90's
  • Daniel from Salamanca, SpainObviously High Speed Dirt is a song about skydiving. Dave said: "Skydiving has replaced a lot of the addictive feelings I used to have. Marty is the only one in the band who hasn't jumped yet, but he promises that when the album goes platinum, he'll do it... which means that even if I have to go out and buy a million albums I will, just to see that happen." (1992)
  • John from Glasgow, Scotlandthe song is also about being forced into something through peer pressure
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