Like I'm Gonna Lose You

Album: Title (2015)
Charted: 8
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  • Meghan explained the meaning of this song in a Spotify track-by-track. "It's about when you have those nightmares where your loved one passes away, and you wake up sweating and crying," she said. "You check on them, and they're still there, and you realize that you're not promised tomorrow, so you're going to love them like you're losing them."
  • Meghan had no intention of including this tune on Title until a relative intervened. "I wrote the song like years ago and it wasn't going to make my album but my Uncle Burton Toney, the man, my Trinidadian uncle [he is married to Meghan's aunt] he met my managers and forced them to listen," she told MTV News. "He said you need to hear this song, she didn't show you this song, you need to hear it. And I thought because it wasn't shoo-wop vibey I blanked out, and the girl, my manager, listened to it and started crying and she's like 'You know you've got to cut this, right?'"
  • The song features John Legend's soulful pipes. "I cut it, I produced a version with my friend and they sent it to John because he's on my management company," Meghan explained, "and he's like 'I love this I want to be a part of it'… It's gonna be cool."
  • The romantic, candlelit video was directed by Constellation Jones, who also shot Miguel's "Do You..." and "How Many Drinks?" clips. According to Trainor, the message of the visual is, "Loving someone as if you're gonna lose them."
  • Trainor wrote this song in Nashville with fellow songwriters Justin Weaver and Caitlyn Smith.
  • The song was especially successful Down Under. It topped the Australian singles chart for four consecutive weeks, and also reached #1 in New Zealand staying at the summit for three weeks.

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  • Iran Joshua M Villuan from PhilippinesThis is the good music my favorite super sweet music
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