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  • Canadian R&B/Soul singer Melanie Fiona closes her second studio album, The MF Life, with this socially conscious track, which she recorded as a duet with John Legend. The pair wrote the song together and Fiona told The Boombox about their collaboration: "We met just before we did 'Wake Up' for his album," she recalled. "When I got back to L.A., we wrote a few songs together, just to jam out, but this one made the album. I love that we were able to do 'Wake Up,' which was a socially conscious record for his album and do one for mine as well. John Legend is actually one of the most talented people that I have ever worked with. He can just get behind a piano and create. It's so organic for him so just being around that is an inspiration."
  • The song finds Fiona singing about them "positive roll we need to take on this world." She told The Boombox that she feels, "it's important to have a socially conscious record on every one of my albums." On my first album, I feel that 'Ay Yo' is that record," she added. For The MF Life, it's definitely 'L.O.V.E;' it's all you need - pretty much - and I do believe that in all regards. It's all you need to get by in life and to keep that at the forefront of respect for one another as humans interacting everyday, being responsible for each other as a society. It's actually the last song on the album so it's a nice positive ending as well."
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