Lover Please


  • This centers around Melissa Etheridge's breakup with longtime partner, Julie Cypher, as does most of the Skin album. Cypher was married to actor Lou Diamond Phillips when she met Etheridge in 1988. When Cypher and Etheridge broke up in 2000, Melissa revealed that they had a very turbulent relationship, and that Cypher insisted on seeing other people.
  • Etheridge considers this song part of a trilogy with "Bring Me Some Water," and "I'm the Only One." All three songs deal with Etheridge's reaction to being in non-monogamous relationships and watching her lover go off with someone else.

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  • Pat from Virginia Beach, VaDo not agree with the "trilogy" fact....Melissa has many, many songs about breakups....
  • Bethany from Carrier Mills, IlMelissa Etheridge is inspiring. i love almost all of her stuff. hope i can perform like that someday.
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