Bleeding Me


  • The writing credits on this song go to Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Jason Newsted, who was the band's bass player at the time, explained that to him, the song is about a person who is being put through mental torture.
  • Some lyric analysis:
    "I'm sowing the seeds I take for granted" - He gets what he gives based on what he does to other people.
    "Caught under wheels roll" - He can't stop abusing or being abused.
    "Feed me a cure" - He is asking for help.
    The point of the song is, don't abuse unless you can take the abuse, or don't dish out what you can't take. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Anthony - Wichita, KS, for above 2

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWatch the Woodstock '99 clip right when Kirk starts his solo, James yells to the crowd, "Don't be afraid to FEEL IT!"

    I think that says it all right there. It's all about feeling...
  • Metalhead666 from Ain Akrin, Lebanoni think this song is about life and the hurdles and difficulties that we face through life wich leave marks on us
  • Koel from Deatsville, AlHey kaden is right the song is about a person doing something bad to themself and or addiction or doing abuse and the person is trying to stop but can't that's the bleeding me part and or the self torture if u disagree then go listen to the lyrics this and hero of the day outlaw torn sanitarium and other great songs by these guys are my fav songs but the first three r my main favs so after reading wat kaden said and knowing the lyrics way I stated is true
  • Anthony from Binghamton, NyThis song, aside from what Newsted said, is definetly about addiction. Can't miss it.
  • N from Heusduh, Netherlandsi just dont see what people dont like about the albums after the black album, i mean listen to outlaw torn and bleeding me as an example those songs take your breath away men, especially live
  • Dan from San Antonio, TxThis song is about a personal issue, such as being raped, witnessing a crime, being in a war, alcoholism etc... That you cannot forget. You can deal with it at times but it resurfaces over and over creating conflict within yourself. I'm pushing to stay with something better( are dealing with the issue), this thorn in my side (issue/problem resurfacing), caught under wheels roll (issue/emotion starting to get out of control) I am the beast that feeds the feast
    I am the blood, I am release come make me pure, bleed me a cure i'm caught, i'm caught, i'm caught under (struggle within one's self). I'm digging my way I'm digging my way to something, I'm digging my way to something better (acceptance/hiding of personal issue), but the problem will arise again, again etc....
  • Kaden from New York, BoliviaEvery one is wrong. Bleeding me is a metaphor and can relate to anyone. When he says "im digging my way to something better" that can be anyone who thinks they are doing something to better them selves. Then when he says " This thorn in my side is from the tree I planted" he is saying that he is doing this harm to himself. So there for he is making himself bleed (metaphor) hints the name "Bleeding Me"
  • Hetfield from Port Louis, MauritiusOne of my favouriotes Metallica songs. This song is really awesome. Metallica rules!!!
  • Lydia from Auckland, New ZealandI'm not a big fan of post 'black album' Metallica but this song struck a chord with me - i don't know why. I always interpreted it as being about James' alcoholism, especially the lines like 'this thorn in my side is from the tree i planted'
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaAwesome song, this could be like some of their songs like fade to black, one, and welcome home (Sanitarium) except it propabably doesn't have the best build-up from slow to fast. I don't think it's meant to be one of those songs anyway, oh well. Great solo (especially the intro), that intro riff that follows on is just always stuck in my head
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaI haven't bought any of Metallica's newer albums because I like heavier stuff, but now that I'm getting older (17 already!), I like all music. I like to say "f*ck you" to people who think Metallica suddenly dropped off the deep end after ...And Justice for All.
  • Shane from Tipperary, Irelandas far as i no its about James'alcoholism and him reaching out for help, his dad died in 96 during the load tour but durng this time he took a year off from alcohol he tried hard to stop but couldnt...still long live Metallica and James!
  • Adam from Visalia, Cafirst 5...sorry
  • Adam from Visalia, CaLOVE the old albums (and on the whole they are MUCH better), but HATE those that won't take time to listen to this album. Beginning to end...far weaker than the first four, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better song by these guys. AMAZING tune!! Outlaw Torn must be the second half of this song. In a class by themselves!! Except for the fast stuff (WHIPLASH!! Damage Inc.!!)
  • Levi from Springfield, MaOne of the great (possibly the greatest) songs of the '90s period for Metallica.

    Hasn't James Hetfield said that he looks back on some of his earlier (pre-rehab) lyrics in a whole new light. I think "Bleeding Me" could very well be one of the songs referred to. It's not difficult to read an addiction interpretation into the lyrics ("take the leash that's leading me" => choosing to stay addicted and let it control your life, for instance).
  • Industrial_dolphin from Wakefield, EnglandI hate having conversations with people about music and when the conversation strays towards metallica, the stupid close minded fools always say "after the black album metallica sucked,load and reload were terrible!" i then fight back with same response, "what about bleeding me? outlaw torn? mama said? wasting my hate? fixxxer? prince charming? fuel?....the list is is only limited by the tracks on the albums! i think personally that load and reload are true testaments to the depth of song writing ability.they realised early on,partly thanks to cliff burtons input,that melody and harmonies were the way forward. huge ear bleeding riffs with harmonies and melodies were appearing in as early albums as master of puppets. the reason their still going today is by not pigeon holing them selves to just "thrash".they are true musicians,dont believe me? listen to S and M afetr a joint with the lights off!!
  • Joseph from Marikina, Otherthe other comments here are spot on. Bleeding Me is truly one of the best Metallica songs; great lyrics and emotion all throughout.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaLet us give toast to metallica... Oh Metallica, gods of metal and legends of rock, may you always entertain us with your music and keep rocking until there is nothing left, for you have secured your place in the history of rock as the greatest metal band there ever was... oh and great song.
  • Hildur from Reykjavik, IcelandI love this song. I love the way James' sings it, it's so beautiful. Definitely an underrated song. As the whole 'Load' album is. There are some very great songs on it.
  • Chris from Thessaloniki, GreecePerhaps the best song in the Load album.
  • Michael from Zurich, SwitzerlandTo Katie and Anthony: I'm glad to read your opinion about Bleeding me! I completely agree with you, it's certainly one of their best songs. The problem is that this song insn't known as well as others may be. Compared to other albums, Load has a quite bad reputation.
    My message to all the others: Listen carefully and keep on worshipping Metallica!
  • Ian from New York, NyThis was also one of the best songs on S&M, same with Outlaw Torn
  • Tim from Leuven, Belgiumbest song of a bit disappointing Load
  • Katie from Australiacouldn't agree with you more anthony of melrose park. Bleeding Me and Outlaw Torn are two fantastic songs which are often underrated. I just wish more people shared our opinion!
  • Josh from El Paso, TxBleeding Me is also about wanting to throw away all the evil that is inside one's soul. Wanting to cleanse one's self. Be rightous again. And to do all of that, you have to bleed your soul dry to start over again. Take responsibility for your actions (I take the leash that's leading me). James is a brilliant songwriter!!!
  • Mike from Drayton Valley, CanadaThe lyrics in this song are basically trying to tell us that we should not abuse eachother unless we are willing to be abused ourselves... its like we were tought when we were little... do onto other as we want done onto us.
  • Anthony from Melrose Park, IlBleeding me.. wow.. what can ya say? The song is absolutely amazing all around. Without a doubt some of Hetfield's best lyrics paired with a downright superb vocal performance. Funny too, because a lot of jackasses walk around saying that Load sucks, the band can't jam anymore, Metallica is dead These are obviously people with no musical insight whatsoever. As far as I'm concerned, Bleeding Me and Outlaw Torn are the most amazing Metallica songs ever. Both from the album Load. The band comes full circle on this album, and particularly in the song Bleeding Me. The song has tons of feel to it, amazing lyrics, and a jamming flow that makes you wonder how James ever got so damn good at playing and writing rhythm guitar. If you asked me I'd say that the lyrics are about a man haunted by his own fair share of demons. James is basically saying that he's tortured on the inside and is feverishly seeking to lay some of his demons to rest. The decisions he's made in life have led to his unrest and now he is fighting to be at peace. James is the man, what else can you say?
  • Luke from Memphis, TnI feel that even though this song was written during Metaliica's "dry spell", it was a very good testament to their creative songwritting and longevity. may you rock on forever, Metallica.
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