Carpe Diem Baby

  • Like the Latin meaning of the song name ("Carpe Diem") and the lyrics, the meaning of the song is clear: Seize the day, live your life like its your last, because you only have one life. >>
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    Nick - Cairns, Australia

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  • Antonio from Brooklyn, NySo the song " Carpe Diem Baby " by Metallica means Seize the day, live your life like its your last, because you only have one life... that sounds like " yolo " ? so that means James Hetfield made or invented " yolo " probably ?... but 15 years later a s--tty tasteless so called artist named " Drake " thinks he made the word " yolo " and claimed it as his own... but sorry my friend, James Hetfield made it 15 years ago, you are just a s--tty artist...
  • Jacob from Jackson, TnThis is a great "sleeper" song of Metallica.
  • Jacob from Jackson, TnUm...Aki? No. This song doesn't have any innuendo in it. It's about enjoying every day to its fullest. "It don't feel good until it hurts" is just depicting how you're not seizing the day unless you've taken everything out of it and you're completely wasted (that not meant alcoholically) from it all, and you feel proud of it. "Squeeze and suck the day" is talking about ringing out the day until there's nothing left of it. You're an idiot.
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlThis song is a poorly disguised sexual metaphor. "It don't feel good until it hurts?" "Squeeze and suck the day?" These lyrics are so sexual it hurts. And that's EXACTLY WHY I LOVE THIS SONG.
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