Gimme Sympathy

Album: Fantasies (2009)


  • Frontwoman Emily Haines told Drowned In Sound that this song was inspired by a conversation between her and guitarist/producer James Shaw. She explained: "We opened for The Rolling Stones two nights at Madison Square Garden in NYC and since then analyzing what they represent has become a favorite theme of band conversations. In this song we ask the age-old question, 'Who would you rather be: The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?' Here's Jimmy's answer: 'Neither. One is dead and the other is corporate.'"
  • The title is a combination of two Rolling Stones songs: "Gimme Shelter" and "Sympathy For The Devil."
  • Metric lead singer Emily Haines explained to Cargo Collective where the name of the album stems from: "For me, being the person who is quite preoccupied with the words, that word 'Fantasy' is quite loaded. It can be a dream or ideal but also the idea that you can be living in a dream. Your perception and what you are projecting onto what you see is your personal reality. For us that was the theme: Is a dream coming true perhaps really unpleasant because it is no longer a dream?" >>
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  • Veve from Lorain, OhI love this song!
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