Me and Michael

Album: Little Dark Age (2018)
  • This jaunty ode to friendship stems from MGMT's love of 1980 synth-pop, according to an interview with Q magazine. The band's Andrew VanWyngarden explained that the song's chorus was originally "Me and My Girl" before the duo decided that was too "boring and cheesy." He added that the pair developed the track "into this ambiguous story, and we really liked that – writing a catchy song that gets you pumped up, but you have no idea what the message is."
  • The song's surrealistic music video, directed by Joey Frank and Randy Maitland, tells a fictitious story of how MGMT lifted "Me and Michael" straight from Filipino rock group Truefaith. We see the duo come across a YouTube video of Truefaith performing a song called "Ako at si Michael" and turn it into a worldwide hit before their plagiarism is discovered.

    Not only is Truefaith an actual band, they actually recorded a version of "Ako at si Michael" and filmed a video of their rendition.


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