Michael Jackson

Aug. 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Artistfacts

  • Michael was the seventh of nine children (Janet and Randy are younger). They grew up in a two-bedroom house in Gary, Indiana. The six boys slept in one room, while the three girls shared the other with the parents, Joe and Katherine.

    Here are the siblings, in order of birth: Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, Marlon, Michael, Randy and Janet.
  • He was married twice, first to Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie from 1994-1996, then to Debbie Rowe, who worked at his dermatologist's office, from 1996-1999.

    Lisa Marie explained, "We probably connected because our lives were different to most other people." She said that their marriage fell apart when it became clear that he wanted her to be part of his public life, whereas she shied away from the spotlight.
  • He had two children from his marriage to Debbie Rowe: Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. Macaulay Culkin is their godfather. His third son, Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II (nicknamed "Blanket), was born to a surrogate mother.
  • The actress Elizabeth Taylor was his best friend. She is the godmother of his son, Prince.
  • His idols included Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, The Three Stooges and Walt Disney.
  • Here's his connection with tennis player John McEnroe: his first date was with actress Tatum O'Neal, the daughter of Ryan O'Neal, who went on to marry and divorce McEnroe.
  • As a teenager, he had terrible acne which made him very self-conscious.
  • The "King of Pop" moniker was Jackson's idea, and his label tried to talk him out of it because they thought it would backfire. In the Songfacts interview with Dan Beck, who was in the marketing department of Epic Records at the time, he explained: "Our feeling was that radio was going to just roll their eyes and say, 'Screw you!' This was around the time of Dangerous, the late '80s and beginning of the '90s, and here was a guy that the tabloids were starting to talk about his skin color, they were starting to talk about the plastic surgery and the Elephant Man and the hyperbaric chamber – I guess those were probably the first four aspects of Michael starting to take hits in the media."
  • He suffered from a disease called vitiligo, and he also is allergic to to much sunlight. That's why he wore sunglasses in public and usually had an umbrella with him. >>
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    Johnny - Geneva, Switzerland
  • In 1985, Jackson made perhaps his best financial decision when he bought the publishing rights to most Beatles songs for $47.5 million, using money from the profits of Thriller. This ended his friendship with Paul McCartney, who felt betrayed by Jackson.
  • In 1984, he was awarded a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame directly in front of Mann's Chinese Theatre. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2
  • On June 25, 2009, Jackson collapsed at his rented mansion in Los Angeles. Attempts at resuscitating him by his personal physician were unsuccessful, and he was pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Center at 2:26 p.m. local time. Jackson had been preparing for his This Is It tour, a series of 50 concerts to be held at London's 02 Arena beginning July 8. It was to be his first tour since 1997. >>
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    Steven - La Quinta, CA
  • His memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on July 7, 2009 was a major event, with most TV networks covering it and many celebrities speaking at the service. 17,500 tickets were made available to the public, and more than 1.2 million people signed up for a lottery to get them.
  • Michael Jackson's famous crystal-studded glove was actually just a modified golf glove.
  • Michael Jackson was raised as a Jehovah's Witness and was active until his disassociation in 1987. Despite his tremendous fame and great fortune, the Thriller star was still door-to-door proselytizing for his faith twice a week in the mid-1980s and regularly attending meetings at Kingdom Hall with his mother when he was in town.
  • The actor Marlon Brando was one of Jackson's best friends who would sometimes visit him at Neverland Ranch. Even Brando's son, Miko, was a bodyguard for Jackson for several years and recalled that his dad was treated well by the King of Pop. Brando had breathing problems later in his life and if by some chance he wanted to move around Neverland, Jackson would attach a portable oxygen tank to a golf cart that they would cruise around the ranch in as a means to keep Brando from losing breath.

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  • Marcie from London, EnglandRIP King of Pop, an icon! Honestly, we will never see a talent like that ever again, he was so unique and cool, and he will live forever through his music, dance and the countless forms of art he did. I just love him so much, I will be a fan forever :))
  • Bernard from Ugandawe lost a great singer
  • Country Girl 911 from Unknown Michael Jackson will always be my idol and he will always be remembered for all the things he did
    he made music good in the 70s 80s 90s he vist hospitals during his free time and he respected everyone Evan thou they never respected him
    he will be missed RIP king of pop
  • Jane from Jinan, ChinaI never get tired of listening to Little Michael singing "Ben", "I'll be there" and "who's loving you" etc etc. Even as a kid, he handled his angelic voice and conveyed the proper emotion so well and so artfully that one can only conclude this boy was born for music, his genius was god given, and musicality stemmed from his soul. As adult, he may not have the widest vocal range, but he definitely knew how to use his limited resource smartly to accentuate different characteristics of songs, which I think is more important. Besides, his varying vocal textures combined with his excellent grasp of nuanced emotions produced the most amazing musical effect, by which I mean he was much more adaptive, innovative and versatile in terms of music genres, themes and atmosphere than most other singers I know, and his sense of rhythm and power was simply way beyond comparison. The above is just about the "singing" part, for which I think he was already one of the best. Considering that he also wrote and produced a large amount of his great work, how can anyone turn a blind eye to his brilliance in music? Now that he was also undoubtedly the best performer and ( one of the best) dancer(s) in music history and a genuine humanitarian, I can only say it is real blessing to witness and enjoy what this great person has brought to the world. R.. I. P Michael.
  • Jane from Jinan, ChinaI agree with Adnan from Houston, that Michael "has the music inside of him". I also did not appreciate him much when I was younger, because like many others I held the false impression that his biggest achievement was in dancing and performing, not pure music. As a consequence, I didn't pay much attention to his wide range of music talents until in recent years. Now I would say that let's take away everything ---- all those fancy music videos, jaw-dropping dance moves and complex instruments combinations and top-class session musicians ---- all we are left is his voice, where everything about him begins. I never get tired of listening to little Michael
  • Kunal Somaiya from Mumbai, IndiaAgree with - Valentin, Beijing.
    Im a Mj fan, but comparing him with Beatles or Led Zeppelin is asking a Pussy cat to beat the Lion. The Beatles and Zeppelin are Gods of Music.
  • Valentin from Beijing, Chinayeah yeah, the best point "for" the artist is the amount of the albums sold worldwide...then it means The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who and other GREAT bands are bunch of crap, comparing to MJ isn't it?? haha Mort Rainey from Philly, imagine MJ performing alone on stage without being supported by top-class session musicians...you are so funny MJ fans, I'm not against him, but listen to Live at Leeds by The Who, Live at the Apollo by James Brown or any LZ or RS live...maybe they didn't put huge shows with effects and fancy dancing stuff, but the main thing is the music, and MJ is far behind them all. and when it comes to impromptu stuff...let's not even talk bout it
  • Sue from Hamilton, OnMichael had to send Bubbles away after the children were born as he felt Bubbles was getting too aggressive to have around the children.
  • Cliff from West Palm, FlI just sar a show on the TV about Michael's monkey, Bubbles. Poor Bubbles, Michael sent him away to live on a farm.
  • Jessie from Yellville, ArTHIS ANGEL "mICHAEL jASCKSON" WILL BE FOREVER REMEMBERED FOR HIS MESSAGES AND PATICIPATION FOR WORLD PEACE. MAY YOU FINALLY REST IN PEACE SWEET MICHAEL. To Michaels familt, I wish you to be blessed and for Michaels children never forget what a great father they had.- Jessie Yellville. Ar
  • Cierra from Eaton, Oh(: :( Michael may of been strange through out his adulthood but being a kid at the time and building his career up like he has now he'd never expiercend childhood, like playing with other kids, or anything a child would do being young and all. I think he wanted the best for his kids and not to be where he was at the time being. He wanted something out of this life and i wish he could of been here long enough to reach for what he really wanted. I love you Michael even though i wasn't a big fan of him and i've never once in my lifetime EVER say anything bad about him :( sorry buddy.
  • Becca from Devon, United KingdomGoodbye Michael. I just wish they would bury you by now. I love your music. Maybe you can still entertain us, from up above. I wish your children all of the best, and I hope that your wishes and prayers are answered. We all love you. And we will all see you soon.

    Goodbye. An icon, a father, the King of Pop.

    R.I.P Michael xxx
  • Farrah from Elon, NcRIP Michael.
  • Farrah from Elon, NcMichael Jackson may have been eccentric to say the least, but he was a fine talent, and he will be sorely missed.
  • Mary from Phoenix, AzRest in Peace Michael. You will be dearly missed. Love you!
  • John from Nashville, TnMichael co-wrote the Brothers Johnson album cut "It Had To Be You" from their platinum album LIGHT UP THE NIGHT.
  • Alyssa from Oxford, PaHe is the greatest singer ever. I don't understand why so many people still believe he molests children when he was proven innocent on all ten counts against him.
  • Chinchu from Guayaquil, South AmericaHonestly, I'm not that big of a fan of MJ, but I believe he was innocent from te charges... He's a person who had no childhood because he was performing all the time, with a father who beats the hell out of him when a rehearsal goes wrong; and since he was the center of attention of the Jackson 5, sooner or later you'd crack... Now going back to the child molestations: MJ is a kid inside, that's why he likes to play with kids and does things kids do, that's why he has an amusement park in his backyard!! He's just trying to treat children the way he was never treated...
  • Singlet from London, EnglandMichael Jackson, Is the world's best when it comes to music and entertainment, he's better than any one esle when it comes to stage perfomance when alot of artist do not have, alot lip sync on stage but michael gives his live and direct. to crown it all it is hard to tell which is stage work from studio work, cos of the quality of his stage work.

    every one should respect for that.
  • Mohammed from Jerusalem, Palestine, Otherit is true that michael jackson seems to have a good voice and good singing talent and that his career has always been a success; but his eccentric lifestyle serves only to tarnish his reputation,he did not have to look feminine, going from black to white, nor undergo so many unnecessary plastic surgeries. he was already talented even before he underwent all his so-called changes. he should also try not to grab his crotch as he performs, it is really noticeable on him.
  • Kim from Berwick, Pai love michael jackson. he's the greatest singer i know and adore. he's my sexgod.
  • Mik from Brooklyn, Nyi swear all you people out there hatin on mike need to stop. mike is the biggest selling artist of all time, probably the greatest dancer of all time.i know for sure that he is the greatest entertainer of all time, i mean anyone that has ever seen him in concert will agree.you do not have to like him, but his talent and influence is undeniable.for the people out there saying that he is not a great song-writer you need to buy the bad album.as far as him being weird i do agree that he does do some weird things but that does not take away from this man's talent.
  • Ben from Baltimore, MdOh and for you guys who say Thriller is not the best selling album of all-time.........go to www.guinnessworldrecords.com and search under best selling album. It will SHOW you that Thriller is the best selling album of all-time.
  • Mort Rainey from Philadelphia, PaHis last album, Invincible, sold 8 million copies worldwide. Usher's album Confessions only sold 6 million copies worldwide. Of course the only reason why people thought 8 million copies is bad is because this particular artist is Michael Jackson, and 40 million to 30 million is his range
  • Mort Rainey from Philadelphia, PaJust wanted to laugh at all the people who say those rock bands are better stage performers, MJ HAS THE BIGGEST WORLD TOUR IN HISTORY, which was also funnily named History World Tour.
    And another thing here are some very straight foward facts:

    Michael Jackson has the highest selling album of all time in the World
    Michael Jackson has the most Number 1 songs from one album
    Michael Jackson was the first artist to debut a song at number 1 in 1995.
    Michael Jackson was the first artist to have 7 top 10 singles from one album.
    He has sponsored more charities than any person.
    He is one of the best dancers in the entire world.

    And you can't really judge bands to michael jackson, because bands are a GROUP, whereas michael jackson is a solo performer.


  • Nelson from Melbourne, AustraliaMichael Jackson is a musical genius. I'm not religious but I think God gave everybody some kind of balance. Look into all the genius' you can think of and I can almost garuntee that there is something mentally wrong with each one of them. So Michael Jackson had a problem with Children, look what he has brought into this world to us. Not just what he has created, but he is hugely responsible for turning the sound of pop music into a show with his stage and on-screen entertainment! He will NEVER be forgotten.
  • Damian from Castries, Otherfor that person thattalk about stairway to heaven get acopy of his motown 25 performance of billie jean man there has never been a stage performer like micheal and no other celeb has ever use thier status like he has to help people i am a doors fan but i will fall asleep on jim and even the higly over rated elvis stage performance any day but not michael ask for weird man people are such hypocrites look at kiss ordavid bowie just to mention or boy george and i belived there is a conspiracy to bury michael but have no fear they told us marcus garvey was dead 3 times the truth will always stand the man is simply the greatest of alltime next to the beatles of course ps its about time you americans know you guys are the only ones tha share the opinion that elvis is allthat you say he is the rest of the world think that he is overated.
  • Kelli from Cedar Rapids, IaI don't understand how you guys can keep defending this guy. You don't get accused of molesting children like 20 different times if you haven't done anything wrong! Why does he keep getting off? Well, a) molestation is hard to prove and b) members of these juries probably have the same prejudices as some of the posters in here, which is that if a person is talented, there's no way they could molest children.
  • Bishop from Boston, MaContrary to popular opinion, the ''Moonwalker'' isn't a dance move MJ invented, but is a modification of an LA pop-locking move called the ''Back-slide''. MJ is the greatest pop dancer of all time because he did dance moves in a way no one else could. Many try to imitate him to this day, but they all come up short.
  • Sierra from Hickory, NcI think all these people that come on things like this just to leave negative comments about Michael need to just find a new hobby. Nobody said you HAD to LOVE Michael Jackson. Nobody said you HAD to leave your opinions because you know what? NOBODY CARES. If you don't like him, fine, but keep it to yourself. Go comment about how good The Eagles or AC/DC or The Rolling Stones are, but don't come up and trash other people just because you have issues about RUMORS and appearances. Michael Jackson was, is, and always will be known as the King of Rock, Pop, and Soul. if you disagree, then that's fine, but I think I've made my point.
  • Ashley Jade from Cleveland, GaMichael Jackson may look different, but he still has the moves and voice he had years ago. Give him a chance
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Caokay i'm a way bigger fan of classic rock than of michael jackson, and i do scream every time i see his face he is seriously scary, but i guess i can't deny that Billie Jean is a good song, and the guy can dance. but still i don't think anyone could comfortably compare Billie Jean to say, Stairway to Heaven.
  • Max from New York, United StatesMy fav album is thriller, but i reccomend off the wall and bad too the rest arent nearly as good
  • John from Hk, United Statesscott... you don't know what you're talking about. if you had taken the time to read ANY of the comments, over half of them clearly state that the Eagles only topped album sales over thriller in USA alone. Thriller is STILL THE BEST SELLIING ALBUM in the HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD. and micheal jackson is a friggin weirdo.
  • Fredrick from Chennai, IndiaHi all, I have Been a Michael jackson Fan for more than 10 years....His music is SIMPLY THE BEST...no music can match His...The way he moves, teh way he performs....chills my nervers.. and He is also one of teh best HUMANITARIANs of the world..He has also got GUINESS RECORD FOR, "THE MOST NO. OF CHARITY SUPPORTED"
    Michael's Great... God Bless Michael...
  • Jo from Cincinnatio, Ohsomeone plz tell me who wrote the song "Happy" that m. Jackson sang when he was younger (and black).. got a writing class doing a report on it and can't find anywhere where it will tell me who wrote the song....
  • Brena from Cambridge, Mamichael jackson did sell the most album ever not the eagls greatest hits ever or whatever. they just sold more in the USA not world wide as michael jackson. He is phenomenal and will always be the best 4 ever.His music never gets old, come on who has never heard beat it or billie jean.
  • Adnan from Houston, TxI have been reading comments from different people, namely Scott from Bismarck, who have opinions supporting the fact that rock bands like nirvana and ac/dc are better stage performers, and that eagles album is the best selling one. Well, to start off, a rectification of a crtical error: eagles greatest hits, best selling album IN USA. Thriller, best selling album WORLDWIDE. A HUGE difference, isn't it?? Before i go any further, let me say that i am a great fan of rock n' roll, and i feel it is the best genre of music. As a younster, i hated michael jackson. But as i grew up and reached my late teens, i, being an avid music lover and performer, started to appreciate all the talents that michael jackson has, or had, as a musician and a performer. He truly has a great voice, he has been doing it from a very tender age, he, unlike most of the "pop" artists, wrote many and/or most of his songs and produced them... he has the music inside of him. how wrong are people who say that all mj can do is dance, and people who say he cannot sing and make some great songs do not know what music really is all about. As far as stage performance goes, i can say, hands down, that he is the best stage performer of all... and i've been to many rock concerts, including a woodstock one! I am not a jackson fanatic, i have no attachment to him as a human or as a normal man, i have no personal opinions of him regarding his label as a child molester, or his changing looks. But what I do have to say, as a sensible music lover, with an impartial and sound judgement, is that Michael Jackson IS THE GREATEST MUSICIAN OF ALL TIME.
  • Rajan from Kathmandu, Otherhe is the best singer the world has ever had, no one can ever be michael jackson at least noone in the world has been seen yet like him.
    if he sings he really heal the world and i wish he should not keep quiet and sing as much as he can. he should not let the world miss him
  • Kelly from Halifax, Canadayeah, thriller still is the top selling album of all time, still selling a million copies per year.
  • Terry from Warri, Othermichael jackson is the greatest pop artist of all
    time. But it is very hard to say it. nigerians love him and we all know he is the famous entertainer of all time.the love him more than the
    way americans love him why, tell me why.
  • Daan from Tegelen, Netherlandscomment on people deserting michael jackson in case he is proven guilty:

    Maybe you should find out for yourself whetehr you are a fan of the man or the music

    the latter could still be a fan, but of the man's superb music.

    I am not a fan, Alien Ant Farm made Smooth Criminal about a thousand times better.
  • Kana from London, EnglandIt seems that the criteria of a great talent is to have multiple skills.
    As far as dancing and doing great shows who can argue that MJ is talented in that respect, but that's about it.As far as playing instruments i regret to say that Mj is not a virtuose on any instruments unlike rock singers mentionned above.Well the rock singers are not without flaws either they can hardly move, most of them can't sing properly(Kurt Cobain,Pink Floyd,)
    If You want the whole package ( laying any instruments brilliantly, writing and producing all of his songs, dancing like Mj, well almost, singing like Mj, well better i think...) why not try Prince aka The Artist.
    Soon you'll realise how truly innovative this man really is.

  • Jam Kemal from Lindua, South Africaall you haters should leave him alone, and not to mention THRILLER is still the biggest selling album ever WORLDWIDE, Eagles' worldwide sales don't even come close!

    Get over it, he is a legendary genius.
  • Jam Kemal from Lindua, South AfricaMichael Jackson is a legend and a genius! And probably the biggest star ever. He has written some of the greates songs ever made. From pop to rock, from soul to RNB, to jackswing, to funk...the list goes on, he even wrote a metal song called MORPHINE, check it out.
  • Gordon from Glasgow, Scotlandeveryone seems to forget that michael jackson never had an upbringing with a normal childhood, he has not yet grown up mentally, this doesn't make him wacko or weird, it means that thank god for his talent some people will give him a break. but for those who wont, u are probably more perverted than michael could ever be. he is innocent, there is no evidence against him!
  • Debzi from Manchester, Englandok, so practically every choreographer known is inspired by mj, practically every singer on this earth wants to have nearly half the talent that he dus,and all admire him,no-one can say he isnt one of if not THE best artist of all time, lets face it the guy is incredible,he cant and wont be beated.He dus play instruments and he dus dance n he can actually perform live anytime! (without lip synching like a lot of artists these days)the guy is a musical genius.
  • Joe from Waretown, NjLets face it, Michael jackson has done some wierd stuff but he still is a phenominal artist and performer! But he still has done some wierd thongs!
    But he is still a great singer!
  • Sylvan from Berkeley, CaThe Eagles' Greatest Hits is the biggest selling album in the United States. Michael Jackson's Thriller is the biggest selling album in the World. It's the biggest selling album in every country except the United States. I don't know why, I don't own that Eagles album, but I have Thriller on cassette and CD.
  • Tj from Adfrt, ChinaNO to all of you, thriller didnt sell only 25 millions...lol...it sold 25 only in USA...Its around 59 millions worldwide....yes its the biggest selling ever and accordin to the researches about artists in 2002 MJ has the biggest fanbase in the world :)
  • Tj from Adfrt, ChinaMichael also has an amzing vocal range and a very emotional beautiful voice...!
  • Tj from Adfrt, China1) Thriller IS the biggest selling album of alltime("worldwide" not in USA)and is gonna be for a long, long time

    2) Michael "can" play instruments.. He played almost all the intrument used in Invincible album and he plays: piano,guitar,drums,percussions the best!

    3) He is one of the most amazing pop,rock,soul,r&b song writers of all times...He produced all the songs he has written...Quincy Jones himself said it...Qunincy only produced couple of songs which were not written by MJ

    4) Michael is the most amazing dancer,performer,singer,video maker etc etc ever!

    5) He has many prestigius awards from grammy, AMA and World Music Awards like:
    Artist Of the Millenium, Living Legend, Artist Of the Century..just to name a few...

    Michael is the most talented artist ever and a musical genius! Nobody is as talented as MJ..And nobody will ever be. PERIOD!
  • Jme from Raleigh, Ncno,(to marlow) Thriller sold 25 million copies
  • Byron from Athens, GreeceThriller is the best selling album worldwide, not in the US. Cannot compare his performances with bands like Pink Floyd since MJ is not a rock star. His show has more in common with James Brown, or Fred Astaire ;)
  • Matthew from New York, NySome notes:

    1) The Eagles Greatest Hits is #1 all time in album sales

    2) Michael Jackson could dance, but as a songwriter he was average for a pop star. His vocal range was limited at best, and he often relied on the help of others (Quincy Jones in particular) to polish his songs and give them pop hooks.

    3) He plays no instruments, so you cannot call him a great musical talent.

    4) I have never seen Michael Jackson perform, so I cannot comments. However, I sincerely doubt he could put on a better show than the Rolling Stones. But that is just my opinion.
  • Marlow from Perth, Australiathriller sold 50 million albums
  • Liza from The Dalles, OrNot to mention he cheated Paul McCartney out of all the rights to Beatles' songs. Can't forget that.
  • Scott from Bismarck, NdOh yeah i forgot The Greatful dead did better shows as did B.O.C (Blue Oyster Cult) Nirvana did pretty good shows, Metallica, and who Stevie Ray Vaughn's live shows were epic
  • Scott from Bismarck, NdThis is in response to Liz, Jackson doesn't have the best selling album of all time (Thriller) and I think it might of even been bumped from second but the best selling album of all time is the "Best of the eagles" so in short rock kicked pop's proverbial ass, and plus Hotel California could beat out "Beat It" any day of the week. Then as far as besst stage performer what about bands like Pink Floyd? and AC/DC (they shot off cannons, on stage!) I mean there are tons of artists that have way better stage appeal (KISS!)
    and Kurt Cobain was right when he said that Michael Jackson was toast (Jacko representing pop and all the wickedness it stood for) and rock was here to stay and since then rock has remained (for the most part) the most listened to branch of music
  • Hans from Oakdale, CaLets face it, Michael jackson has done some wierd stuff but he still is a phenominal artist and performer.
  • Tara from London, AzThe reason Michael changed his skin colour
    is not because he wanted to be white, it is
    because he has got a skin condition called
    Vertiligo' which means his skin pigment changes colour from black to pink. It could happen to any black person.
  • Sara from Kallinge, SwedenHi, this Is sara who sent the facts! Im really honored and proud that you used them! Im 13 years old and Im from southern Sweden.I have loved him for as long as I can remember, and my biggest dream is to meet him, or to have an autograph! Well well bye, sara from Sweden.
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